Chapter 1180 - The Situation Turning Bad

MGA: Chapter 1180 - The Situation Turning Bad


Once Chu Feng’s palm landed on Lei Yao’s head, Lei Yao immediately started to scream. However, after the scream passed, his eyes closed and his body leaned to the side. He had lost the ability to fly in the air and began to fall from the sky.

“Senior brother Lei Yao!”

Seeing this scene, the members of the Orion Division shouted loudly. They were able to sense that although Lei Yao’s body was unharmed, he had lost his breath, and was already dead, killed by Chu Feng’s palm strike.

“Chu Feng, you bastard!”

At this moment, many members from the Orion Division flew over. As for Yuan Qing, he directly caught Lei Yao’s falling corpse. After they received Lei Yao’s corpse, the members of the Orion Division started to gnash their teeth in anger and display extremely intense killing intent from their eyes.

While Chu Feng might have left Lei Yao’s body intact, he had devoured all of his internal energy....

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