Chapter 1161 - Know Yourself, Know Your Enemy (Teaser)

MGA: Chapter 1161 - Know Yourself, Know Your Enemy

Currently, Chu Feng did not have a lot of followers. However, he still felt extremely gratified as he saw these people in the palace hall.

Presently, what sort of situation were they in? It was right after their Asura Division had been challenged. To speak in exaggerations, it was the moment of calamity for the Asura Division, the time where its members’ loyalty would be tested.

However, in this sort of situation, not only were all the members of the Asura Division present, many more actually joined. This was enough to make Chu Feng feel gratified and honored.

“Our Asura Division, including me as the head, numbers only several tens of people right now. At a glance, we do appear to be pretty wretched. It is no wonder that we would be looked down upon by others.”

“However, everyone, I guarantee to you all...

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