Chapter 1137 - Blood Racing (Teaser)

MGA: Chapter 1137 - Blood Racing

After those five men fled from the scene, the entire plaza became oddly quiet. Everyone was looking at Chu Feng with stunned expressions.

What sort of situation was this? Where did this brat came from? The five people that he had beaten earlier were not only members of the Tiger Dragon Division, they were also rank two Martial Kings.

This young-looking brat who just entered the Cyanwood Mountain was actually able to instantly beat up five rank two Martial Kings to pig-heads, causing them to flee in terror, with his cultivation of a rank one Martial King. What sort of strength was this?

Especially after they recalled the terrifying oppressive aura displayed by Chu Feng the moment before he started attacking them, the crowd started to fear Chu Feng even more. After their period of fear, they realized that this brat from the Southern Cyanwood Forest appeared to be substantially different from other disciples;...

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