Chapter 1128 - Request (Teaser)

MGA: Chapter 1128 - Request

“At the beginning, Zhang San was confused by his wife’s strange request. However, because his wife was very diligent when making the green hat, and because he was also truly fond of this green hat, Zhang San decided to listen to his wife; wearing the green hat every time he left the house to conduct business.”

“However, Zhang San did not know that this green hat had become the signal for adultery between his wife and Li Si.”

“After this, whenever Zhang San would leave the house with the green hat on, Li Si knew that he had left on a business trip. Thus, when night came, Li Si would climb over the wall, enter Zhang San’s house, and conduct all kinds of illicit behaviors with Zhang San’s wife.”

“This was the story of the green hat. Ever since that, whenever one’s wife does something unfaithful to that person,...

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