Chapter 1095 - Shocking Everyone (Teaser)

MGA: Chapter 1095 - Shocking Everyone

Once Chu Feng said these words, not only the people from the Ascension Sect, even Sikong Zhaixing breathed in a mouthful of cold air.

Who was the Madam Sectmaster? In the Ascension Sect, she was a great character that stood above tens of thousands of people. It was so much that even the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster only stood on equal footing with her.

For Chu Feng to dare to speak to her in such a manner, it was truly an outrageous and serious crime that the people from the Ascension Sect could not tolerate.

However, it appeared that Madam Sectmaster was not displeased with Chu Feng. Thus, even though Chu Feng rudely refuted her, she did not get angry and a calm smile continued to remain on her face.

Such a smile on her beautiful face truly gave off a graceful mature charm.

“You’ve merely stepped foot onto the outer circle. Do you truly believe...

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