Chapter 1086 - Straight To The Main Topic (Teaser)

MGA: Chapter 1086 - Straight To The Main Topic

“Chu Feng!!!”

“Junior brother Chu Feng, it’s truly a blessing that you’re alright!!!”

When they saw Chu Feng, Elder Gongsun, Wang Wei and the others that were previously filled with grief and indignation, displayed ecstatic smiles.

That moment when they had determined that Chu Feng might be dead, that their Southern Cyanwood Forest’s hope might be extinguished, Chu Feng arrived before them, alive and kicking. This was truly a pleasant surprise to them, causing them to be extremely excited and overjoyed.

“This guy is actually alive. Could it be that Qin Guang…” Compared to the joy of the people from the Southern Cyanwood Forest, Yuan Qing’s expression turned ugly.

“Elder Gongsun, senior martial brothers and sisters, I lost my direction in the depths of the Immortal Pond. That’s why I came out from a different location. I am truly sorry for worrying you all.” Chu Feng saluted to Elder Gongsun and the others...

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