Chapter 1029 - The Difference Between you and I (Teaser)

MGA: Chapter 1029 - The Difference Between you and I

“Ah, what’s the matter, Shen Lang? Do you only know how to be a coward in public and be a tyrant at home? You actually didn’t even dare to do anything when your own sister is being publicly assaulted.”

“It was one thing for others to not do anything. However, you, as her elder brother, how could you also stand there and watch without doing anything? You must know that your sister had only reached such a state because she was standing up for you.”

“Carefully look at it. That Han Shi merely has the cultivation of rank three Martial Lord. You, a rank four Martial Lord, how could you possibly not be a match for him? What happened to the might that you displayed when you shattered the dining table and forced someone to eat the leftover food yesterday?”

“You, are you f*cking even human? In my entire life, this is the first time that I’ve seen such a spineless coward like you.” Chu Feng said...

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