Chapter 1011 - Three Palaces, Four Clans, Nine Powers (Teaser)

MGA: Chapter 1011 - Three Palaces, Four Clans, Nine Powers

Not long after Chu Feng sat down, the elderly man brought over a bowl of delicious soup and placed it on the table. Moreover, he courteously poured a cup of wine for Chu Feng and asked. “Friend, what is your name?”

“Junior is called Chu Feng. How should I address Senior?” Chu Feng asked respectfully.

“This old man is surnamed Luo. Little friend Chu Feng, based on what that boy Zhao Shaoqiu said earlier, it seemed that you have sought for me to ask about a matter? Might I know what matter it is that you wanted to ask?” The elderly man asked with a smile.

“Senior, have you heard of the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest?” Chu Feng asked honestly.

“Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest.” Hearing those words, the elderly man was slightly startled. He began to ponder and then suddenly laughed. “Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest, I’ve been to that place before. It is a beautiful piece of land that possesses a rare beautiful scenery. Little friend Chu Feng, might you be preparing to go to that place?”


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