Love Code at the End of the World

Love Code at the End of the World

29 Reviews
Octahedral Kitsune (八面妖狐)
Strawberry Shortcake
Sixteen-year-old Luo Bing makes a playful prayer and ends up crossing time and space to land on Kansas Planet, right when Kansas Planet is experiencing the end of the world.  
Clueless about this alien world, Luo Bing is terrified. Fortunately, Noah City gives her sanctuary and she eventually gets a chance to explore this new world.
The end of the world is marked by extreme scarcity. Ubiquitous radiation has heavily limited the food, water and resources, and danger lies at every turn. As a result of this extreme environment, some humans have evolved and developed superpowers, while others have turned into monsters and even spirits. Humans who naturally possess an anti-radiation constitution are called radiationers. Most of the radiationers have unique superpowers, and they are referred to as metahumans.
With no clue on how to return to her own world, Luo Bing is stuck here and must survive against all odds. Armed with the combat skills she has learned from her dad and her newly developed superpowers, as well as help from the guys she has developed feelings for, can Luo Bing save this strange new world? 
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Editors: Autumn Lily & Sim

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29 Reviews
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4 years ago
Honestly, instead of Kansas, calling it Florida wouldn't have been too bad. Florida Planet. What a nice ring to it lol. The end of the planet Florida, but then all the inhabitants of the planet decided to wrestle their way out and using alligators as tanks, they managed to save the world lol.

That aside, the novel isn't that bad, we'll see how it develops. I'm in need of more action and smacks!~

I don't have that much to say, but the review must be 100 words at least. So... How's your day? I have been spending my quarantine reading webnovels all day.

4 years ago
Love code at the end of the world is about a girl who gets transported to another world. But unlike other novels like this she isn´t instantly a badass who can do nearly everything, she has trouble adapting and misses home. For now (chapter 24) she hasn´t developed any superpower. She is only a somewhat trained person, which makes her more capable than the averange, but less than the gifted.

So far I really like how it was written. Every more importend character fells alive and believable. They all have goals to work toward and problems that hinder them.

All in all we will see in the future if it holds its promise, but for now I am hopefull.

4 years ago
Not recommended
This isn't a bad novel at all, but the addition of Harry for god knows-what-reason really drained all of my energy.

I didn't want to see him 'better' himself eventually or anything like that. Ridiculous, right? "Who the hell reads a book and doesn't want to see characters develop?" That's me! This went on all the way into Book 2 with his "Waifu, Waifu" shenanigans that it eventually just turned me off from the novel despite how intriguing it was.

Maybe he gets better, like everyone says. But I'm not planning to stick around for it. I put the novel down a few weeks ago to take a break from it, and I haven't since picked it back up due to lack of interest.

Harry is not endearing to anybody besides maybe a specific audience, to the point where it feels like he's a far-out-of-place character that exists in order to build up... some redemption arc. While it would sound interesting, I want nothing to do with it. If you can stomach his nonsense, give the novel a try. It's definitely not a bad read otherwise.

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4 years ago

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