Leveling Up Alone

Leveling Up Alone

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Han-Yeol worked as a Porter, and one day experienced an unforgettable awakening, turning into a Hunter!
But... What?
He had to hunt monsters to level up, and could only gain skills by repeating actions?
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Original work copyright ⓒ Sinfeel / Golem Factory

Disclaimer: The plot, characters, and opinions presented in this novel are purely fictional and do not necessarily represent the views of Wuxiaworld, our translators or partners.

53 Reviews
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a year ago
Not recommended
Original review first, update further below.

It's quite lacking for the first 21 chapters but hope is not lost - yet.

This review is very liberal in spoilers of things that are revealed within like the first 3 chapters.

Author starts off with a rather general information dump about what happened to earth. And that's about everything we get for the world building at the start. Nothing about the general effects on society, living situation, agriculture, health care, public safety. Not that it's the biggest thing you'd want to talk about but author immediately presents MC in a situation where more information about health care (his father is hospitalized from ch1), living situation (he starts out living in a poor neighborhood) or public safety in regards to monster attacks would be absolutely fantastic to understand the environment MC acts in. Author leaves a lot to imagine and in my opinion way too much. Personally I'm struggling to properly piece everything together and see some incongruencies but we'll see.

For starters MC seems a bit naive and dumb which I actually kind of like because it makes it more realistic. What I don't like quite as much is the way he is portrayed as talking himself down for no real apparent reason or even in contexts where it seems to go against his character. Like he's basically spending all his money on his father while being indebted and then laments about how unfilial he is at the same time. Doesn't really make sense.

Overall there is not really any identifiable plot so far. MC gained his growth system, cool. MC does all sorts of things to build his initial skills, also cool. But there is no real direction so far. Sure, there's his dad but the novel is still lacking that magnet-like thing that pulls one in and raises the tension. There is no real depth to his enemies, nor to his mechanism of acquiring skills and as of now, MC tends to succeed very fast in whatever he does so it's kind of boring.

Author uses a lot of clichés about people being assholes and hunters obviously being the biggest and dumbest assholes and it's all not very novel or exciting or anything like that. So far there has not been a single character I would have considered interesting.

Finally I don't really like author's presentation of women in the novel. In the short 21 chapters, there have been at least 3 mentions of women being thirsty for MC and I'm like...bruh. He's not even fame or hasn't achieved anything yet, are later chapters just going to consist of women doing catfights for him when he actually becomes a big fish?!

So all in all, this is a weak start but certainly still salvageable. I'll give a thumbs down for now because the novel truly isn't doing anything great to convince me so far.

If you think this is unfair judgement for a slow start, consider novels like City of Sin or The Prodigies War or even Yama Rising. That's how you start a novel with decent world building and something to hook the reader. When just taking the first 21 chapters of either of these, this novel cannot compare favorably at all and the issue isn't even necessarily the way things developed so far, it's the overly hasty development and the lack of patience in writing that makes the novel fail to make me immerse myself into author's world.

I will update this review when a legit plot has been introduced or I dropped the novel.

PS: Translation and TL comments look great so far.


Update at chapter 73:

I'm throwing the towel. This is just not getting better.

None of the negative points mentioned above get better - worse, even.

MC is grooming a 16yo girl (according to western age system).

MC is very selectively stupid for various things making him feel very inconsistent.

There is still no semblance of a plot.

The writing style is just bad - author adds so much useless filler conversation, so much tell, not show, parrotting in description what happens in dialog, etc. It's just not good by any means. It would need extremely heavy editing to become good and I think that's not something you can expect from a single translator.

Author shows next to no willingness to invest into any convincing world building whatsoever.

And author just dropped a full load of populism on our heads that even WW felt obliged to add a disclaimer to chapter titles that stuff is purely fictional and does not represent the views of WW/translator/licensed partners.

Really, save yourself this novel. If you want to read a good novel with a dumb MC, there's always Overgeared and if you want to read a novel translated by Tokki, Record of a Thousand Lives is right up the corner and better in every way than this train wreck. And for the cliché gates and stuff setting, there's Solo Leveling and probably countless others out there in the wild, I think we even have some on WW so no need to look at this one.

a year ago
Not recommended
I usually try to give a novel around 100 chapters before committing to dropping it, but this author has proven chapter after chapter that they have zero talent.

First and most importantly, the author is a groomer. The main character i believe is purported to be in his late 20's and is actively developing, what he hopes becomes, a romantic relationship with ba high schooler. This is made worse by the author writing the high schooler in such a way that she's in favor of this. There's also strong undertones of him "shaping" her how he wants: getting her used to his likes and dislikes as well as signing an exclusive contract to work together for 5 years, when the author goes out of his way to mention that 5 years is unheard of. The industry standard is 2 years. Why explain all of this to us if not to showcase the relationship between these two characters which is *clearly* a wish fulfilment for the author. Disgusting.

Second, the author is just a bad writer thats phoning it in. There's a lot of extremely redundant descriptions and superfluous information that's given for the sole reason of increasing a chapter's word count. You ever see Emperor's New Groove? Know that scene with Kronk about poison? The poison meant for Cuzco? Cuzco's poison? The poison specifically chosen to kill Cuzco? That poison? ... yeah every chapter has 2, sometimes 3 or 4, instances of that.

Third, the main character is irredeemably stupid. This isn't a problem in itself except that he's selectively stupid and it's *always* for plot reasons. He has an AI that travels inside him that he could ask ANY QUESTION about his abilities or how to get stronger or literally *any thing* but he never does. In fact, the AI only randomly chimes in when the author has no other vehicle to deliver knowledge to the character. And we're never told that the AI is limited in its capacity to give information. MC just doesn't ask.

Fourth, the world thats been built so far is extremely flimsy and inconsistent. This is par for the course for this genre because USUALLY it fleshes itself out the further you go, hence why i normality wait until around 100 chapters. However, that's not the case this time and to be honest, I'm not confident the author will suddenly gain the requisite skill to match his peers in the genre. Maybe this point will be proven wrong as more chapters come out, but as of chapter 62, no. Its garbage.

In closing, stay away from this novel. Theres better out there, and you're only hurting yourself be reading it.

a year ago
I like the leveling system in this world setting. You could potentially come up with hundreds of actions that become a skill, even combine certain actions with personality traits and thought processes to create a skill. I think I came across something like this before in another novel or comic and I'm interested to see how it's applied here.

It looks like the MC is going to be leveling somewhat slowly because he seems to be literally creating his own version of new or existing skills. I hope there will be sci-fi elements in this too considering the other worlds, dimensions, and races that are part of the storytelling.

I'm enjoying this so far, thank you translator Tokki for your work!

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a year ago

Tokki Record of a Thousand Chapters

5 months ago

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