Legends of Ogre Gate



Dreams and poems are the stuff that legends make
But in the end, legends are little more than people

In some tales, Sunan and Bao are heroes. In other tales they are martyrs. In some songs they become gods. In other songs they die horrible deaths. In all stories, they are heroes, lovers, legends. After a thousand years, it can be difficult to separate the myth from the reality, to extract the fact from the fantasy. This is the true story of Sunan and Bao, who became the legends of the Ogre Gate.

Novel Announcements
Legends of Ogre Gate COMPLETE (Chapters 80-98)

Legends of Ogre Gate is concluding with a bang, an 19 chapter mass release! For a while now I'd been aiming to end with chapter 100, but as the story moved along, I realized that to do that would have required putting in unnecessary filler, so I opted for...

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