Chapter 996: The Powerful Ling Wuyue

He was taking this battle extremely seriously, and specks of golden light lit up all over his body as his spectacular Dragon Moon battle armor quickly appeared to encapsulate his entire body. After the golden visor rose up to obscure Tang Wulin's face, the aura emanating from his body instantly drew a slight change in Ling Wuyue's expression.

Her gaze reflexively focused on his right arm, and she naturally caught sight of his massive golden dragon claw.

In his Dragon Moon battle armor, Tang Wulin was close to three meters tall. A pair of massive dragon wings had spread open on his back, and his entire body was radiating dazzling golden light. His Golden Dragon Spear extended to its original size, and even the air around him was twisting and warping slightly.

Only now did Ling Wuyue begin to believe what Jiang Wuyue had told her. Jiang Wuyue had disclosed to her without any euphemisms that he was inferior to Tang Wulin in power, and that Tang Wulin's martial soul was also more powerful than his.

A streak of black light descended from the black mecha's chest before enshrouding Ling Wuyue's entire body. In the next instant, she had already been drawn into the black mecha. The black mecha began to emit a faint light, and its aura also abruptly began to swell at a dramatic rate following Ling Wuyue's entry.

Tang Wulin was carefully appraising Ling Wuyue's black mecha. He wanted to construct a black mecha for himself as well, so he'd been paying particularly close attention to mechas lately.

Ling Wuyue's black mecha was around eight meters tall. It was very sleek and appeared to be quite powerful. It wasn't carrying cumbersome long-range offensive weapons, and there was a pair of foldable wings on its back. The wings were currently in their folded state, so Tang Wulin couldn't see exactly what they looked like. However, what he did notice was that her black mecha had more than twice the number of propellers of normal black mechas, and there were even many of them on the front of the mecha.

There were two massive boomerangs on the mecha's back, and these ones were slightly smaller than the boomerangs that had been equipped to the generic mecha in the competition. The two boomerangs were inky-black in color, and no light was reflecting off them at all, indicating that a matte finish had been applied to them.

This black mecha seemed to have sacrificed all other offensive options and only retained this pair of boomerangs. That was a clear indication of just how confident Ling Wuyue was in those boomerangs of hers.

As the main weapons of a black mecha, Tang Wulin firmly believed that those two boomerangs definitely weren't any less powerful than her martial soul. He was going to face a true triple threat.

"Are you ready?" Ling Wuyue's voice rang out from the mecha's speakers.

"Please enlighten me!" Tang Wulin yelled as he raised his Golden Dragon Spear.

Ling Wuyue's black mecha sprang into action. It squatted down in an extremely nimble manner, and in the next instant, it had already sprung up into the air. As opposed to hurling the two boomerangs on the mecha's back from the get-go, Ling Wuyue's mecha raised its right hand and pulled out one of the boomerangs before accelerating directly toward Tang Wulin.

Was she planning to engage him in close-quarters combat?

Tang Wulin's heart stirred slightly, and he flapped his wings as he rushed toward her.

A distance of 100 meters was next to nothing to them, and the two of them quickly approached one another. Tang Wulin thrust his Golden Dragon Spear forward. It was a simple and completely straightforward thrust that wasn't enhanced by any of his soul skills.

He had been practicing this exact same movement for over three hours before this, and with the enhancements from his battle armor, soul power, and bloodline power, the Golden Dragon Spear immediately began to radiate brilliant golden light. A spear projection that was around three feet in length was released of its own accord, and the spear was imbued with powerful unyielding will. The air was torn apart by the golden light, and it occurred to him that a spear thrust should be indomitable and constantly advancing with absolute courage and determination!

A hint of enlightenment immediately appeared in his heart, and he was ecstatic. Enlightenment that appeared during battles would undoubtedly be immensely beneficial to him, and it was what he hoped for the most during his cultivation.

An explosive boom rang out in mid-air, and golden light flashing before instantly reaching the mecha.

The black mecha suddenly paused in mid-air while sweeping its boomerang around in an arc. At the same time, it shifted horizontally sideways, which was a maneuver that shouldn't have appeared under normal circumstances. In other words, Ling Wuyue's black mecha had abruptly changed directions at a 90-degree angle, thereby allowing it to completely evade Tang Wulin's formidable spear thrust. At the same time, the boomerang in its hand was slashing directly toward Tang Wulin's side.

There was no time for Tang Wulin to withdraw his Golden Dragon Spear as the black mecha was simply too fast, so much so that Tang Wulin felt as if he were facing an agility attack system Soul Master.

However, Tang Wulin was no longer operating a mecha in this battle. Instead, he was battling in his suit of battle armor, and this was his most powerful form.

As opposed to adopting any evasive measures, Tang Wulin reached out toward the boomerang with his left golden dragon claw.

"Bam!" The boomerang was repelled, but Tang Wulin's left hand also shuddered from the impact of the clash.

The boomerang was vibrating at an extremely high frequency, and shockwaves that were completely untraceable to the naked eye instantly spread through his entire body from his left hand. However, brilliant golden light then flashed from his Dragon Moon battle armor, and the force of the shockwaves was instantly nullified.

After having its boomerang repelled by Tang Wulin's left golden dragon claw, Ling Wuyue's black mecha instantly twisted around, and the boomerang on its back suddenly sprang into action. It descended directly from her shoulder and crashed straight down toward Tang Wulin's shoulder.

She had evaded Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear, drawn his left hand away using her first boomerang, then borrowed the force of the clash to twist around before unleashing a lethal attack with the boomerang on her back. This process sounded like quite a slow and lengthy one, but in reality, all of these maneuvers had been completed within the span of a single breath.

The technique being displayed was simply extraordinary!

Tang Wulin had donned his Dragon Moon battle armor, but he still definitely didn't want to be struck by her attack. He gently flapped his dragon wings, and his body instantly flew back in retreat. Without a mecha to weigh him down, he was now a lot faster.

However, just as he was retreating, the third boomerang appeared almost at the exact same moment, and it instantly accelerated, reaching his waist in a flash. On this occasion, the third soul skill of the boomerang had been activated right away, and it struck Tang Wulin's waist in a completely soundless wraith-like manner.

It was simply far too fast!

Not only did this boomerang possess astonishing offensive power, it also had extraordinary speed and self-concealment abilities. Tang Wulin had already been extremely cautious, but the boomerang had still reached him, and it was already beginning to grate against his Dragon Moon battle armor.

Tang Wulin withdrew the rear tip of his Golden Dragon Spear, bringing it down in front of him, and at the same time, his eyes abruptly lit up as a series of Bluesilver Emperor vines erupted from his body. The vines formed a massive net to repel the oncoming mecha boomerang that had just been hurled at him as well.


The martial soul boomerang still struck his Dragon Moon battle armor in the end, and only after that was it struck by the rear tip of Tang Wulin's spear. The boomerang sank downward before abruptly being withdrawn, tearing through his Bluesilver Emperor net and returning to the black mecha.

Tang Wulin was completely astonished by the fact that he had already been struck after just the first series of exchanges. He was wearing a suit of two-word battle armor, so he was already extremely fast, yet he was still unable to evade his opponent's attack, and that was sufficient testament to just how brilliant her control was.

Meanwhile, Ling Wuyue was also quite shocked, and her shock was stemming from Tang Wulin's extraordinary defensive prowess.

Even though her attack had struck him, she could see that her boomerang had only left a white mark on the surface of the battle armor, and it hadn't managed to break through the battle armor at all. Furthermore, even as the boomerang was flying back to her, the white mark had already disappeared, and it was as if he'd never even been struck in the first place.

Did this level of defensive prowess really belong to a suit of two-word battle armor? She was one of the most proficient attackers among five-ring Soul Kings, yet she felt as if her boomerang martial soul had struck an impenetrable fortress.

Both of them were mulling over their own respective thoughts, and right at this moment, the black mecha sprang into action. Powerful energy fluctuations abruptly erupted from it, and Tang Wulin could clearly see that its two inky-black boomerangs had lit up with a bright purple color. As they were sent flying through the air, extremely fearsome energy fluctuations instantly erupted from them.

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