Chapter 995: Rematch

Jiang Wuyue made the call, but he was only greeted by the sound of a busy signal.

"He's not picking up. He probably turned off his Blood God Bracelet so he could focus on training." Jiang Wuyue gave a resigned shrug.

"I don't care! If you can't track him down, then I'll fight you today!" Ling Wuyue threatened.

"Why are you so unreasonable?" Jiang Wuyue was also getting angry.

"When have I ever been reasonable with you? What are you going to do about it? Fight me if you don't like the look of me!" Ling Wuyue was also at the height of her rage.

"Fine! I'll call him a few more times, so have some patience. I'm telling you, you better not take your anger on me! I'm already helping you and this has nothing to do with me, so don't try to get me involved! Also, don't think that you'll win just because you have access to your own mecha now. That guy's a two-word battle armor master as well, and he's even more powerful than I am. Even if he fights you without a mecha, you have no chance."

"Hmph, just track him down, and I'll worry about the rest." Ling Wuyue's fury abated slightly. Jiang Wuyue was right; this didn't have anything to do with him, so it wouldn't be right for her to vent her fury on him.

Jiang Wuyue called Tang Wulin a few more times, all to no avail.

Tang Wulin had indeed turned off his Blood God Bracelet. He was currently cultivating, and he didn't want to be distracted by anyone. At this moment, he was in the gravity training chamber, thrusting his Golden Dragon Spear forward over and over again.

There were a few basic spear movements that he'd learned from the Tang Sect, and the thrust was the most basic one.

Thrust, sweep, whip, and jab; those were the most basic spear techniques.

Following his recently concluded battle against Ling Wuyue, Tang Wulin had discovered that his main flaw was his lack of mastery in these basics. If he wanted to truly master Fury of the Masses, then he had to perfect his basics. Only with a stable foundation could he better understand the true meaning behind Fury of the Masses.

As such, he was toiling away in the gravity training chamber at five times the normal gravitational force, practicing the most basic spear movements over and over again.

On average, he completed 30 thrusts per minute, and each and every thrust was unleashed with full concentration. He was completely immersing himself into learning about his spear, and he was unleashing one thrust after another without using any soul power or bloodline power; he was solely familiarizing himself with the feeling of thrusting his Golden Dragon Spear forward.

He didn't know how long he would have to train for in order to truly find the feeling that he was searching for, but he firmly believed that as long as he was constantly training, his foundation would definitely become more stable.

He was only practicing the thrust without any other movements thrown into the mix, and he was like a tireless automaton. With his energy reserves, it wasn't difficult to keep up this type of training. His dragon core was naturally circulating his blood essence power to constantly replenish his energy, and even under five times the normal gravitational force, he was only expending slightly more energy than normal This was already the maximum setting in the gravity training chamber.

After an indeterminate period of time, he finally stopped after his arms began to throb with a dull pain, and at this point, he had attained some enlightenment through his spear practice.

He exhaled as he wiped the sweat from his face before nodding in a pleased manner. He had found some of the feeling that he was searching for, and it was time to take a rest before continuing.

He still had upcoming battles in the competition to participate in, so he naturally couldn't constantly cultivate in here.

As soon as he emerged from the training chamber and turned on his Blood God Bracelet, it immediately began to vibrate.

"What's up, Wuyue?" Tang Wulin asked as he accepted the call.

"What's up? You've screwed me over big time! Where are you right now?" Jiang Wuyue sounded as if he were on the brink of death.

"Huh?" Tang Wulin was quite surprised to hear this, and he replied, "What happened to you? I'm at the gravity training chamber; where are you?"

"Wait for me at the entrance; we'll come to meet you right away."

After the call was cut off, Tang Wulin was still completely in the dark. What was going on? Could this be related to the match that Jiang Wuyue had conceded the day before? That didn't make any sense! Jiang Wuyue had conceded the match of his own accord, so how had Tang Wulin screwed him over?

He wiped away the sweat on his forehead, and it didn't take long before two people came rushing over toward him.

The one who was leading from the front was a female military official. She was quite tall and slender, and her shoulders were quite wide. She wore a stern look on her face, but her eyes were very bright and piercing, and she had a head of cropped hair that stood up like steel pins.

Jiang Wuyue was trailing along behind her with a depressed and soulless expression in his eyes.

"You're Tang Wulin? Are you Little Tang?" Ling Wuyue asked as she rushed over to Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin faltered slightly upon hearing this before turning to Jiang Wuyue for an explanation.

A wry smile appeared on Jiang Wuyue's face, and he asked, "You faced a boomerang-wielder in your mecha battle, right?"

"How did you know?" Tang Wulin blurted out in response.

Jiang Wuyue pointed at Ling Wuyue. "She's the one you fought. Since when did you possess a Tyrant Dragon martial soul? And why don't I know about this?"

Ling Wuyue was staring intently at Tang Wulin, yet there was a lot more curiosity than rage in her eyes.

No matter how she looked at him, Tang Wulin appeared to only be a young man in his early twenties. Furthermore, he was extremely handsome. His eyes were even prettier than hers, and if he were to put on a wig, his face would definitely be able to pass as one that belonged to an exquisite beauty.

He was quite tall and well-built, and his back was ramrod straight. Ling Wuyue was quite a picky individual, but she couldn't identify any flaws in Tang Wulin's appearance.

"That's right, I'm Little Tang. Are you the boomerang wielder, Ling Wuyue?" Tang Wulin asked.

Ling Wuyue harrumphed coldly, "That's right!"

Tang Wulin asked, "Is there something I can help you with?"

Ling Wuyue demanded, "Fight me again! I'm unwilling to accept my defeat against you."

"Sure!" Tang Wulin agreed without any hesitation.

Ling Wuyue was quite surprised to hear this. She had thought that Tang Wulin would refuse, but much to her surprise, he seemed just as eager for a rematch as she was.

Jiang Wuyue said, "Alright, looks like my work here is done, crazy hag; you two can go and play now."

"I'll kill you if you call me crazy hag again!" Ling Wuyue threatened in a menacing voice.

Jiang Wuyue rolled his eyes in response. "I hope I never see you again. If you don't come to find me, you won't have to hear me calling you crazy hag. I'm going now." He then immediately fled the scene.

Tang Wulin had been practicing his spear techniques for three hours, and Ling Wuyue had constantly been nagging him during that time, forcing him to dial Tang Wulin's number over and over again. Jiang Wuyue had no choice but to comply, and he'd been thoroughly tormented during the past three hours.

Tang Wulin glanced at the fleeing Jiang Wuyue before asking, "Where do you want to do this?"

He had already grown accustomed to his identity as a Blood God Battalion fringe member, so he wasn't referring to her as superior. During the three hours that Tang Wulin had been practicing his spear techniques, Ling Wuyue had forced Jiang Wuyue to tell her everything he knew about Tang Wulin.

"We'll go to the mecha combat area. Come with me."

The Blood God Legion had all types of facilities, so they naturally had a mecha combat area, and it was a very advanced facility as well.

The mecha combat area was far larger than the combat room in which Tang Wulin had sparred with Jiang Wuyue, and the ceiling was also a lot higher. The area was around 200 meters in diameter, and over 70 meters tall. It was situated underground, which was why Tang Wulin had never seen such a massive building above the ground.

Accolades were required to access the mecha combat area, and Ling Wuyue issued the required accolades before entering the area with Tang Wulin.

"I heard from Jiang Wuyue that you possess powerful defensive prowess; I won't be holding back in our battle," Ling Wuyue said as she appraised Tang Wulin with an intense gaze.

"Sure." Tang Wulin's reply was still just as concise and straightforward. He was very much looking forward to seeing the full extent of Ling Wuyue's powers. With her mecha piloting skills, she would undoubtedly be extremely powerful in her own mecha.

Of course, Tang Wulin wasn't planning to also battle in a mecha against her; that would simply be inviting a thorough beating. He was going to face her in his most powerful form to hone his own spear techniques.

The two of them stood across from one another around 100 meters apart, and Ling Wuyue took a deep breath. Her intense gaze quickly turned cold and calm. Just because she had a short temper didn't mean that she was also reckless in battle. Instead, she had always been able to keep her cool during battles. She was renowned as one of the best mecha pilots in the legion, and that reputation had been earned purely through skill and merit.

One had to realize that one of the top mecha pilots of the Blood God Legion was completely different from one of the top mecha pilots elsewhere.

She raised and tossed something up into the air, following which a black ball of light appeared before her. The black ball of light quickly expanded, transforming into a black mecha that was around eight meters tall.

Even though Tang Wulin had already predicted that this would be the case, he still couldn't help but draw a sharp breath now that it was confirmed that Ling Wuyue was going to be using a black mecha.

A black mecha wasn't all that fearsome in itself, but it was an entirely different story if the mecha were to be used by a superb mecha pilot.

Regardless of whether it was speed, offensive and defensive prowess, or weapons and equipment, there was simply no comparison between a black mecha and a generic mecha. It would be like trying to compare a 10,000-year-old soul ring with a 100,000-year-old one!

In the face of such a powerful opponent, a serious look immediately appeared on Tang Wulin's face. He was completely focused, and a faint layer of golden light had risen up around his body.

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