Chapter 994: Unwilling to Accept Defeat!

That huge monster had been rather familiar to her, and it possessed terrifying strength. If she had been piloting her own mecha, then she was confident that she would've been able to oppose that thing. However, not only did those generic mechas possess extremely lackluster offensive and defensive abilities, their speed was also far inferior to that of her own mecha. As a result, she had no chance to evade at all, and was completely destroyed by her opponent.

This was blatant cheating!

Also, her opponent had caught her boomerang with his bare hand; what were his hands made of? The offensive prowess of her boomerang definitely ranked among the best of all tool martial souls of the same caliber.

At this point, she had already deduced that she hadn't lost in a mecha battle; she had lost in a clash of martial souls, and her opponent was most likely a powerful Soul Master with twin martial souls.

However, it didn't take her long before she realized why she had found that massive monster to be so familiar.

"Jiang Wuyue!" she spat through gritted teeth before quickly making her way outside.

The epaulets on her shoulders each had two bars and two stars, indicating that she was a lieutenant colonel.

"Jiang Wuyue, where are you right now?" Ling Wuyue completely ignored the military officials extending greetings toward her in the Star Battle Net area and immediately dialed Jiang Wuyue's number.

"What do you want?" The tone of Jiang Wuyue's voice clearly indicated that he didn't want to speak with her.

Ling Wuyue took a deep breath to repress her fury, and asked again, "I have something I need to ask you. Where are you?"

"Oh, so I have to meet you just because you want to ask me something?" Jiang Wuyue scoffed.

"Do you wanna die?" Ling Wuyue finally flared up with rage as she threatened, "I'll give you one minute to come and meet me. Otherwise, I'm going to challenge you to one-on-one mecha battles every single day in front of your entire battalion!"

"Tch, I don't even have to use a mecha to beat you!" Jiang Wuyue said in a nonchalant manner.

"Is that right? I'm going to your first battalion right now to see if you can back up that big mouth of yours!"Ling Wuyue was just about to cut off the call when Jiang Wuyue hurriedly said in a resigned voice, "Oi, that's enough! What's gotten into you today? Where are you? I'll go and find you."

Ling Wuyue was the last person that he wanted to meet, but he had no choice. Not only was she extremely powerful, she had the nickname of Demonic Madwoman in the legion, and no one ever knew what she was going to do next.

She had actually already reached the senior colonel rank, but she had been forcibly demoted precisely because her temper had gotten the better of her, and she'd ended up doing something reckless.

Jiang Wuyue was also reluctant to see her because there was some history between them. To put it more accurately, there was a feud between the two.

Ling Wuyue wasn't ugly, but she wasn't particularly beautiful, either. She was a very overbearing and headstrong woman who was quite tall and slender with a skeletal structure that was slightly larger than that of the average woman. She was of a similar age as Jiang Wuyue, and they'd known each other ever since they were small children.

They fought all the way through their childhoods, and back when Ling Wuyue was 25 years of age, she suddenly sought out Jiang Wuyue and told him that she wanted to enter a relationship with him. The reason that she cited was that only a strong man like him was worthy of her. [*Cough* Xu Mi'er *Cough*]

However, just because Jiang Wuyue was strong didn't mean that he necessarily liked strong women! He immediately turned her down as he preferred beautiful maidens like Long Yuxue.

Ling Wuyue flew into a thunderous rage at the time and picked a fight with Jiang Wuyue there and then. Jiang Wuyue's cultivation rank had already exceeded hers at the time, and his Tyrant Dragon martial soul was astonishingly strong. In a one-on-one battle, Ling Wuyue had no chance against him and was subdued in the end.

However, she was far too stubborn and competitive to let things slide after that. She returned with her mecha to challenge Jiang Wuyue again, and on that occasion, he was no match for her.

There wasn't much of a cultivation rank disparity between the two, and Jiang Wuyue was quite a lackluster mecha pilot, while Ling Wuyue was one of the best mecha pilots in the entire legion. Jiang Wuyue was only a one-word battle armor master at the time, yet Ling Wuyue was already a black mecha pilot. As such, even with the enhancements from his mecha and battle armor, he was still given a comprehensive beating by Ling Wuyue.

Right after that battle, she told him that if he didn't agree to enter a relationship with her, she'd challenge him to a battle every time they met.

Ling Wuyue wasn't from the Blood Division. Her forte lay in long-range combat, and she had climbed up the ranks faster than Jiang Wuyue; she was already a vice-corps commander. Jiang Wuyue's military rank outstripped hers, but she actually had more jurisdictive power in the legion than he did.

However, he couldn't just run to the legion center and tell his higher-ups that he was being bullied by a woman! As such, he had no choice but to work even harder in his cultivation. In doing so, he was finally able to break through to the Soul Emperor stage and also attained his suit of two-word battle armor. Only then was he able to avoid being abused by Ling Wuyue every time they met.

After losing to Jiang Wuyue on many occasions, Ling Wuyue also vowed to work harder in her cultivation, and she was undoubtedly going to challenge him again once her powers outstripped his.

Jiang Wuyue was quite resigned to the entire situation, and there wasn't any good way for him to defuse it. As such, he was immediately struck by a sense of rage after identifying that it was Ling Wuyue who had called him.

Of course, this hadn't entirely been a bad thing. At the very least, he was more conscientious in his cultivation now, and he had Ling Wuyue to thank for that.

Ling Wuyue disclosed her location to Jiang Wuyue, and it didn't take him long to appear before her.

Jiang Wuyue was rather amused by the enraged look on her face, and he chuckled, "Oh? What's going on with you today, you crazy hag?"

There was no one else in the legion who dared to talk to Ling Wuyue like this. She was very respectful to all of the officials who ranked above her, and none of the people who ranked below her were a match for her in battle, with Jiang Wuyue being the only exception.

Ling Wuyue grumbled, "Cut the chit-chat! Is there anyone in our legion with the same martial soul as you?"

Jiang Wuyue faltered slightly before replying, "No, I'm the only one!"

Ling Wuyue countered, "That's impossible! I came up against a guy today, and his mecha piloting skills were far inferior to mine, but he summoned a massive monster that looks exactly like your martial soul. I can tell that it was just a projection or perhaps even a soul spirit, but it was extremely powerful and destroyed my mecha with a single attack."

"Hah?" Jiang Wuyue was astonished to hear this, and he couldn't help but ask, "Are you sure this guy is from our western competition region? You didn't battle the wrong guy, did you?"

Ling Wuyue flared up with rage. "Of course I'm sure! All of those guys from Bright City are either competing in the central competition region or the northwestern competition region; none of them are competing in our region. Are you trying to tell me that there's someone who can compete against us in the Scorching Basin? His mecha piloting skills were pretty shoddy, but that thing that he summoned looks exactly the same as your martial soul, except it's a lot more massive. It was around 60 meters tall, and it was extremely powerful."

Jiang Wuyue's brows were tightly furrowed. "But that's impossible! You know this; I only attained my Tyrant Dragon due to a bloodline mutation when I was conceived. I'm the only one in my family's history with this martial soul, and Tyrant Dragons are unyielding soul spirits that definitely wouldn't fuse with any Soul Master. Besides, they've been extinct for many years already! How could a Tyrant Dragon soul spirit have appeared in the competition? Don't tell me you haven't learned such a basic history lesson before."

Ling Wuyue said in a cold voice, "I only believe in what I see. Do you really not know who I'm talking about?"

Jiang Wuyue replied, "You haven't given me enough information. Give me some more details about your opponent."

He had always been very interested in Tyrant Dragons, so he had become very intrigued upon hearing what Ling Wuyue had said, and he decided to help her in her search. 

Thus, Ling Wuyue gave him a recount of her battle against Tang Wulin.

A peculiar expression immediately appeared on Jiang Wuyue's face upon hearing about how a golden clawed hand had emerged from the mecha to catch her boomerang. At the same time, a thought began to occur to him.

"Is that enough information?" Ling Wuyue asked.

Jiang Wuyue nodded, and said, "There's a freak that I know, and if anyone could possibly match that description, and it can only be him."

"Is he from our legion?" Ling Wuyue asked.

Jiang Wuyue nodded in response. "Yes, he's a new soldier at our legion, and if you ask me, he's more of a freakish monster than a human. I wouldn't be surprised at all if you'd lost to him; even I can't beat him. I didn't know that he could summon a Tyrant Dragon, though."

A hint of curiosity appeared on Ling Wuyue's face. "Who are you talking about? A new soldier? Why don't I know about him?"

Jiang Wuyue explained, "That's only normal; he's only been here for less than two months. Hold on, I'll give him a call and ask him if he's the one."

Ling Wuyue spat through gritted teeth, "If it really is him, then I'm going to teach him a lesson! He took advantage of my low-quality mecha and used his martial soul to beat me! What a coward!"

Jiang Wuyue scoffed, "The abilities of Soul Masters have always been a part of mecha battles, so what you're saying is completely unfair. You make it sound like you've never used your martial soul in a mecha battle before. You're just envious because he's got a better martial soul than yours!"

"Ptui! Shut up and call him!" Ling Wuyue grumbled with her hands on her hips.

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