Chapter 993: Unwilling to Lose

Under the enhancement of his Bluesilver Overlord Transformation, his Bluesilver Impaling Array had become very powerful and possessed superb defensive properties.

Just as Tang Wulin thought that he'd be able to catch his breath, an indescribable sense of peril suddenly appeared in his mind once again.

He forcibly activated his mecha's propeller without any hesitation. Furthermore, he finally refrained from holding back any longer as the dragon core within his body quickly sank downward to fuse with his soul power vortex. All of the Bluesilver Emperor vines around him instantly turned golden in color.

"Ding ding ding ding ding..." A string of loud clangs rang out in rapid succession, and Tang Wulin was stunned to discover that the Bluesilver Emperor vines in his Bluesilver Impaling Array were quickly being brushed aside, and his opponent's martial soul boomerang was already right in front of him.

After being enhanced by his dragon core bloodline power, his Bluesilver Emperor vines managed to remain intact, but they were being forcibly brushed aside by the boomerang. The boomerang's first, second, and third soul rings were all glowing, indicating that three of its soul skills had been unleashed at once.

However, with the injection of his Golden Dragon King bloodline power, the Bluesilver Emperor vines were able to greatly nullify the boomerang's power, but its terrifying destructive force was still making the air around it tremor violently. There was warped light shimmering all around the boomerang, and Tang Wulin thrust his spear directly toward it.

All of a sudden, the fourth soul ring on the boomerang lit up, and it suddenly turned into a scorching white color from its original silver hue.

It was as if a white-hot flame had been ignited along the entire surface of the boomerang, and Tang Wulin could only look on in astonishment as his mecha's spear was instantly cut in half. Even the Bluesilver Emperor vines that were quickly rising up from the ground had been blasted aside, and the rapidly rotating boomerang instantly reached his mecha, hurtling directly toward the pilot room that he was situated in.

This thing was way too powerful!

Thankfully, Ling Wuyue didn't dare to approach him in her mecha due to the presence of the Bluesilver Impaling Array. Otherwise, Tang Wulin really wouldn't have any spare capacity to deal with her.

The scorching white boomerang was releasing an unparalleled aura, causing the surrounding air to twist and warp violently. It wasn't able to sever the Bluesilver Emperor vines that had been infused with Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon King bloodline power, but it was producing a type of strange shockwaves that were blasting the Bluesilver Emperor vines away. Its speed was only hampered slightly before it reached Tang Wulin.

At this point, only half of his mecha's spear remained, and there was no evading this attack. Tang Wulin could already hear the sound of his propeller being damaged, and all of the spectators had erupted into a frenzy. Everyone was of the opinion that Tang Wulin's mecha was about to be completely destroyed.

At the same time, they were thoroughly stunned by the boomerang-wielding mecha pilot's extraordinary control. It was incredible to think anyone could wield boomerangs with such incredible proficiency!

However, right at this moment, Tang Wulin heaved a faint sigh that wasn't audible to anyone else within his mecha's pilot room.

"Clang!" The protective armor around Tang Wulin's melee combat mecha pilot room was abruptly shattered, and golden claws extended out from within.

Compared to the massive boomerang that was over five meters in length, the golden claw wasn't anywhere near as huge and intimidating. However, in the instant that the hand gripped onto the rotating boomerang, a resounding clang rang out, and the scorching white boomerang was stopped cold in its tracks!

It was as if time had suddenly been stopped, and all of the spectators' expressions immediately stiffened.

They had thought that this match was already over, but what was happening here? Why had a hand just emerged from within the melee combat mecha to block that attack?

Using a mecha's protective barrier or alloy armor to block attacks was very common, but this was the first time that they'd seen a mecha pilot tear through their own mecha with their bare hands to stop an attack!

Ling Wuyue's long-range attacking mecha clearly faltered momentarily in mid-air. The light emanating from the boomerang began to glow even brighter, but no matter how much it shimmered and flashed, it was still unable to struggle free from the golden dragon claw, which appeared to be downright tiny in comparison.

I didn't want to have to do this, either! 

Tang Wulin heaved an internal sigh. Right at this moment, a gargantuan figure suddenly appeared behind his melee combat mecha.


"My God! What the hell is that?" The spectators had already erupted into a frenzy once again. Meanwhile, Ling Wuyue's mecha hurled its two massive boomerangs through the air almost without any hesitation.

However, the gargantuan figure that was over 60 meters didn't even bother to stop the oncoming boomerangs; it merely allowed them to strike its body. The two boomerangs were then repelled away like a pair of toys.

The gargantuan figure abruptly accelerated before letting loose a roar of fury in Ling Wuyue's direction.

The deafening roar drowned out all of the other sounds in the entire competition venue, and Ling Wuyue's long-range attacking mecha clearly faltered slightly. In the next instant, the enormous figure's tail swept through the air and crashed viciously into her mecha.


Ling Wuyue was really unwilling to lose like this. She was one of the top mecha pilots in the entire Blood God Legion, and in terms of mecha handling abilities, she was undoubtedly among the best of the best.

However, all she could use in this competition was the most ordinary generic mecha. Even its soundproofing capabilities were quite limited, and there was no way that she could display the full extent of her abilities in this thing.

She could only look on as her mecha was completely destroyed before she was teleported out of the competition venue.

Less than 10 seconds had passed from the moment that the Tyrant Dragon appeared to the instant that the battle concluded. During these brief few seconds, the same thought appeared in the hearts of all of the spectators present.

That's not fair! 

The long-range attacking mecha had clearly held the absolute upper hand, but the opposing mecha pilot had summoned that terrifying giant beast out of nowhere to win the match. This was a mecha battle, yet Little Tang had used power that was completely outside of the realm of mechas!

Tang Wulin didn't want to do this, either. He knew that his mecha piloting skills were definitely far inferior to that of his opponent, but in reality, what he had done wasn't all that unfair. The weapon that had truly posed a threat to him had also been his opponent's martial soul, rather than the boomerangs that the mecha had been equipped with. There was no way that those generic boomerangs would've been able to break through his Bluesilver Emperor vines.

However, after everything was said and done, he genuinely admired his opponent's abilities.

This was the first time that he'd been reduced to such a sorry state in this competition. The opponent that he had faced today was truly very powerful. Not only did she have extraordinary mecha piloting skills, even more importantly, her martial soul was also very powerful. The two high-frequency vibrating boomerangs and her martial soul boomerang were being controlled by her like puppets on a string, and she'd dominated Tang Wulin throughout this entire battle.

Tang Wulin had already been extremely careful and cautious, but there was no way for him to unleash his half-baked spear techniques at all.

After identifying his weaknesses and the areas he had to work on, Tang Wulin was feeling very elated, despite the chorus of boos that he was hearing. It was the first time that he'd realized that one could hone their mecha piloting skills to such an extraordinary level. He had constantly been practicing his spear techniques and striving toward master Fury of the Masses, but looking back at his cultivation now, he realized that there hadn't been enough diversity. He couldn't only aim to constantly forge ahead with his spear techniques; prior to forging ahead, he had to build up a strong foundation first. 

After organizing his thoughts, Tang Wulin departed from the competition venue and quickly logged out of the Star Battle Net.

After emerging from his Star Cabin, he picked up his Golden Dragon Spear and rushed directly toward the legion's training area. He had suddenly realized that he had to become more powerful in certain areas.

Ling Wuyue put on her military uniform, concealing her exquisite figure, and her expression was extremely sour.

It wasn't a big deal to lose a match in the round-robin stage, but losing in this manner was a very bitter pill for her to swallow.

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