Chapter 986: Blood One's Hopes

Zhang Huanyun faltered slightly before replying, "Don't talk about unrealistic things like this; what's the point?"

Blood One insisted, "But what if it really happens?"

Zhang Huanyun replies, "Even then, I'll have to analyze the situation before making a decision. If he can completely eradicate the threat of the abyssal plane, then I'm willing to even hand over the entire Blood God Legion to him! After all, our Blood God Legion solely exists to guard the abyssal passageway anyway, so in the absence of the threat from the abyssal plane, there would no longer be any purpose in the legion's existence. After that, the future would no longer matter to me, and I'll finally be able to relax. Of course, this is all based on the assumption that I can live until that day."

Blood One nodded in response. "That's all I needed to hear."

Zhang Huanyun couldn't help but ask, "Do you really think that kid can eradicate the threat of the abyssal plane?"

Blood One smiled, and replied, "Why not? There's a chance that he could be able to accomplish this, at the very least. His Golden Dragon Spear is even more useful than you imagine it to be. Not only is he already very powerful for his age, his bloodline power is also extremely immense. Do you think it's that easy to become the leader of Shrek’s Seven Monsters? On top of that, he's also a Saint Blacksmith; the youngest Saint Blacksmith in the history of the entire continent. You didn't know that, did you?"

"No way!" Zhang Huanyun was truly stunned this time. There wasn't a single Saint Blacksmith in the entire Blood God Legion!

Blood One shrugged, "I'm telling you, if it weren't for the fact that Long Tianwu released an order that prohibits him from using his forging accolades for promotions, he can get to the major general rank in a year!"

A contemplative look appeared on Zhang Huanyun's face. "Then what about your plan?"

Blood One replied, "Before he attains a sufficient level of power, we have to hide him and protect him. The abyssal plane has already been alerted to the ability of his Golden Dragon Spear, and even the Enchantress Empress unleashed a direct attack against him, despite the vast amount of energy that she would've had to expend to do so. If we continue to let him participate in battles, then the abyssal plane could try to eliminate him at all costs, and it'll be very difficult for us to stop them. 

"I ordered him to participate in the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition so he can hone his abilities through the course of the competition. As soon as he becomes powerful enough to take care of himself, we announce all-out war on the abyssal plane. I really want to see what would happen after he kills one of the 108 abyssal emperors with that Golden Dragon Spear of his. 

"The 108 abyssal emperors are essential to the abyssal plane, and if we can destroy a few of them, perhaps we'll be able to make the abyssal plane completely collapse or permanently cut off its connection with our world. Even if that doesn't happen, the abyssal plane will have to think long and hard about trying to invade our world if we kill a few of the abyssal emperors. The main problem we're facing in our struggle against the abyssal plane is our inability to truly chip away at their power. Otherwise, why would we still be struggling so much to keep them at bay even though our Blood God Legion has already been battling them for thousands of years?

Zhang Huanyun's eyes flashed, and he said, "I see what you're saying. You're not hoping for him to kill all of the 108 abyssal emperors with that weapon of his; you just want him to try and destroy a few of the 108 abyssal levels to cut off the abyssal passageway."

"That's right." Blood One nodded in an earnest manner.

Zhang Huanyun took a deep breath. "That's a great plan, and I give you my unconditional support. Feel free to raise any requirements that you have, and if there really comes a day when we no longer need to guard this place, then the Blood God Legion will stand firmly with Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect. Everything in the legion is purchased using accolades, and completely eradicating the threat of the abyssal plane is a monumental achievement that's worth infinite accolades. If that really does eventuate someday, I won't raise any objections even if you want to take the Blood God Legion as your private army. You haven't left the legion for even a single day during the past few decades; you didn't even leave after the Tang Sect headquarters was destroyed, and trust me when I say that I remember everything you've done for the legion."

The Heartless Douluo rose to his feet with a smile on his face. "Don't get all sappy on me; we share the same ultimate objective, and you've also lived here for six whole decades to work toward our collective goal. At the very least, a glimmer of hope has been presented to us for the first time in 60 years, isn't that right?"

The two most revered men in the Blood God Legion exchanged a knowing smile, and nothing else needed to be said.

Tang Wulin was naturally unaware of the agreement that the two of them had arrived at, and nor was he aware of how important he was in their hearts. After treating Long Yuxue to a meal, he returned to his dormitory room and continued to work hard in his cultivation.

He had benefitted immensely from his battle against Long Yuxue as he'd managed to truly enhance his martial soul with his bloodline power for the very first time. This was a monumental achievement for him, and his overall power had taken another massive forward stride.

He held onto his Golden Dragon Spear as he meditated in a seated position with his legs crossed, and he was silently experiencing the support that his dragon core was lending to his soul power. A natural hint of golden color had already appeared in his soul power vortex, connecting it to his dragon core in an intimate manner.

He could even sense that a wisp of the dragon core's aura had descended into his soul power vortex. With this resonance between the two, it would most likely be a lot easier for him to use his bloodline power to enhance his martial soul in the future.

Tang Wulin meditated for a particularly long time on this occasion as he wanted to collate some of his thoughts and the things that he'd learned and observed about the Fury of the Masses.

As expected, engaging in practical battles was the best way to improve. With the integration between his soul power and bloodline power, he was a lot more confident about his chances in the rest of the competition.

Old Tang had told him that he had to create the last three techniques of the Nine Arts of the Golden Dragon based on his own powers. Following the enhancements brought to his martial soul by his bloodline power, he had already been somewhat enlightened. Of course, he required more time to arrange and organize everything, but this was at least a good beginning.

Faint light flashed, and Tang Wulin slowly awakened from his meditation. He opened his eyes, and everything around him seemed to have become clearer. Even though there was no marked improvement in his cultivation rank, he still felt as if he'd been completely reborn.

He reflexively tensed his body, and all of his muscles instantly contracted while dazzling golden light erupted from his dragon core. A layer of faint golden color quickly appeared over the soul power, and the two of them maintained a state where they were ready to be fused together at any moment.

It was just a pity that his soul power wasn't on the same level as his bloodline power. Once he attained his soul core, Tang Wulin was confident that the fusion of the two major energy cores would definitely generate an even more intense chemical reaction.

He was very much looking forward to the arrival of that day. At the very least, as things currently were, that day didn't appear to be very far away. Perhaps he'd be able to successfully materialize a soul core when he made a breakthrough to the Soul Emperor stage. He had a trump card up his sleeve as he'd completely fuse himself with the Beautiful Silk Tulip during his breakthrough to attain a 100,000-year-old soul ring. The Beautiful Silk Tulip was going to become his soul spirit rather than directly become his soul ring, so it wouldn't be able to improve his soul power by much, but it would be quite appalling if he couldn't manifest a soul core even after attaining a 100,000-year-old soul ring.

Hence, on the surface, it appeared that Tang Wulin's soul power rank hadn't improved by much, but during the time he'd spent in the Blood God Legion, which had only been just over a month, he had already attained his dragon core. If he could attain a soul core as well, then the two of them would definitely be able to integrate with one another to significantly enhance his power. Even he couldn't predict just how powerful he would become when that time came.

A faint smile appeared on his face as he rose to his feet. He glanced at the time and was immediately given quite a fright.

It was almost time for his next battle, and he'd originally planned to have some food, but there wasn't enough time left.

He hurriedly entered the Star Cabin before logging on to the battle net.

The upcoming battle was another mecha battle, and Tang Wulin was taken into the competition venue as soon as he logged on.

He chose a melee combat mecha with a spear as a weapon.

Tang Wulin originally participated in the mecha segment of the competition to hone his long-range attacking prowess, but ever since he began practicing his spear techniques, the plan had changed. Prior to mastering Fury of the Masses, he was going to use a spear in all of his matches.

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