Chapter 985: The Astonished Zhang Huanyun

He was naturally able to identify that Tang Wulin was only a Soul King, but it was exactly because of this that he was even more surprised. How could a mere Soul King possess such immense strength? That was what he was most perplexed about.

After hearing Tang Wulin's self-introduction, Zhang Huanyun's smile had completely disappeared. He was the captain of the current generation of Shrek's Seven Monster?

That meant that this young man was the most important seed left behind by Shrek Academy. It was no wonder that the Amorous Douluo had sent him to his Blood God Legion.

However, what was even more surprising to him was Tang Wulin's self-proclaimed ability to absorb abyssal energy. The fact that Blood One was prohibiting him from taking part in further battles was sufficient testament to just how valuable his ability was.

Zhang Huanyun had dedicated his entire life to the Blood God Legion, so this place held an extremely special place in his heart. He had also been battling abyssal creatures his entire life, so he was well aware of just how terrifying those enemies were. If they were to breach the defenses of the Blood God Legion, then they'd lay waste to the entire continent!

As such, his eyes immediately lit up after hearing about Tang Wulin's ability to prevent abyssal energy from being recycled. This was something that he was still unaware of!

He had just returned from the federation, and the Blood God Battalion was relatively independent of the legion. Furthermore, Blood One was someone who was an equal to him, and he hadn't met the Blood Gods yet following his return. As such, he was extremely intrigued to hear all of this.

"Give me a moment." Zhang Huanyun immediately pressed down on his Blood God Bracelet as he spoke.

His Blood God Bracelet was also different from the normal Blood God Bracelet. It was entirely crimson in color, but there was a golden line running around its entire circumference directly down the middle. This was a Blood God Bracelet that was exclusive to the legion commander; the vice-legion commander and the division commanders each had a silver line running around their bracelets instead.

The call connected very quickly. "Blood One, do you have time to meet me now? There's a kid here by the name of Tang Wulin; it's about time you told me about him, right?"

"You're already back? I was planning to tell you about him as soon as you returned from the federation. Are you in your office right now?" The Heartless Douluo's voice rang out in response.

"Yes, come on over," Zhang Huanyun replied.

Tang Wulin was slightly taken aback. He was only trying to leave a good lasting impression on the legion commander; he didn't think that even Blood One would be summoned to the scene. The fact that Blood One was coming to them rather than the other way around indicated that the legion commander ranked above Blood One! The Heartless Douluo was the master of the Tang Sect, but here in the Blood God Legion, Zhang Huanyun was undoubtedly the one who called the shots.

Tang Wulin had chosen to tell him everything without omitting any details as it wouldn't be difficult for Zhang Huanyun to get his hands on this information on his own, and Tang Wulin was also hoping to gain this man's support in the future. He was a federal general and the commander of the Blood God Legion; if he could receive this man's support, then it would become so much easier for him to revive Shrek Academy in the future.

Not long after that, Blood One pushed open the door, and he caught sight of Tang Wulin as soon as he walked in.

Tang Wulin immediately rose to his feet before extending a military salute. Long Yuxue also hurriedly rose to her feet beside him, and she was still feeling rather disoriented.

She was currently in the presence of the two most revered figures in the entire Blood God Legion!

Blood One took a glance at Tang Wulin before taking a seat beside Zhang Huanyun.

"This kid tells me that he possesses an ability that's very effective against abyssal creatures; just how powerful is this ability?" Zhang Huanyun asked.

Blood One replied in a calm voice, "Take a look for yourself."

He pressed down on his Blood God Bracelet as he spoke, and a beam of light was emitted, projecting an image onto the white wall beside him. This was none other than the video footage of Tang Wulin's performance during the last abyssal tide.

Zhang Huanyun appraised the footage with rapt focus, and his expression didn't change much. However, the look in his eyes clearly changed slightly after he witnessed the emergence of that giant finger and the Enchantress Empress.

"You two can go back for now," Zhang Huanyun said to Tang Wulin and Long Yuxue.

"Yes, Superior." Tang Wulin rose to his feet before taking a glance at Blood One. Blood One gave him a quick nod, and only then did he depart from the room.

Long Yuxue hurriedly followed him out of Zhang Huanyun's office, and as soon as they left, she asked, "What's going on? Did the Blood God Battalion enlist you because the ability of your Golden Dragon Spear caught their eye?"

Tang Wulin nodded in response. "You can put it that way."

Long Yuxue's brows furrowed slightly as she asked, "Why was the legion commander willing to let you off the hook so easily?"

Tang Wulin turned to her with a speechless expression. "Your EQ is of great concern! Do you really think that the legion commander would pick on a second lieutenant like me? You think far too highly of me! He's merely interested in me and intrigued by my abilities. I've shown him everything that I want to show him, so I'm going back to cultivate now."

"My EQ is of great concern? Who was the one that destroyed my entire body during the competition? This is what I get for helping you out so much ever since you joined the legion! Hmph!"

"I'm sorry, Superior. How about I treat you to a meal?"

"I want 10 portions of food from the first window!"

A wry smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face. "You won't be able to eat that much, Superior!"

"I'll invite others to help me eat! Don't you worry; I won't waste any of that food!"

"Alright, whatever you say then."

Following Tang Wulin and Long Yuxue's departure, Zhang Huanyun and Blood One were staring at one another in the office.

"Cao Dezhi, you sly old fox! You sure swooped in quickly to steal him from me!" Zhang Huanyun was glaring at Blood One.

The Heartless Douluo replied in an expressionless manner. "How can this be considered as stealing? Don't forget that he was recommended here by our Tang Sect."

"I don't care! He's joined our Blood God Legion, so he's mine! It doesn't matter who sent him here. The ability of his Golden Dragon Spear is an extremely important matter to the entire legion; how could you enlist him into your Blood God Battalion just like that? I don't care what you say, you have to return him to me right now! I'll give him a special military rank and get him to follow me so I can ensure his safety."

"Don't even think about it! There's no way I'll be able to get him back if I agree to let you take him," Blood One refused without any hesitation.

Zhang Huanyun countered, "What's so bad about getting him to follow me? Don't you know that I'm an old man who needs to begin grooming a successor? Our Blood God Legion is different from other places, and as the legion commander, there's a huge burden on my shoulders. I need someone who's powerful enough to replace me in the future, and as long as I file a report to the military in person, it'll definitely be approved. I haven't found a suitable successor yet, but I'm really liking this kid. He's still very young, and he possesses an ability that created a perfect counter to the abyssal creatures. If I can make him my successor, perhaps he'll be able to dominate the abyssal passageway for over 100 years! When that time comes, I'll be able to go into happy retirement."

Blood One pursed his lips, and scoffed, "Keep dreaming! It's not that I'm unwilling to hand him over to you; even if I do, he won't be able to become your successor. Don't you know the responsibility that he's carrying on his shoulders?"

Zhang Huanyun replied, "You're talking about Shrek Academy, right? Of course I'm aware of that. However, you and I both know that there were many powers behind the destruction of Shrek Academy. No matter how exceptional he is, there's no way that he can rebuild Shrek Academy on his own; the federation definitely wouldn't allow that to happen. I don't know just how dirty and corrupt the federation currently is, but what I do know is the federation definitely doesn't want to see the emergence of another independent empire. Even the almighty Shrek Academy was destroyed; what do you expect a young man in his early twenties to be able to do? How will he be able to support the rebuild process? It'll be impossible even with your Tang Sect's full support."

Blood One countered in an indifferent voice, "There has never been a lack of miracles in this world, and I believe that there's a chance that he'll create a miracle. Let me ask you this; if we can completely resolve the issue of the abyssal passageway someday so we no longer have to worry about the abyssal plane, would you be willing to support the revival of Shrek Academy?"

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