Chapter 983: Flabbergasted

Eight golden dragons rose up from the ground, and all of the Bluesilver Emperor vines gathered around them like devout worshipers. Only then did the Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens finally explode, sending violent shockwaves surging toward all directions and sweeping up gusts of fierce winds within the competition venue.

The eight golden dragons flew away in different directions, Tang Wulin was feeling very elated as he abruptly let loose a thunderous roar. It was none other than his Golden Dragon Roar.

A massive golden dragon head that was three times larger than that of the Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens appeared, and initially, this golden dragon head was only two meters in height. However, as the countless Bluesilver Emperor vines began to inject their energy into it, it abruptly swelled to over four meters tall.

The terrifying soundwaves made the entire competition platform tremor violently, and on this occasion, Tang Wulin failed to notice that this Golden Dragon Roar was being unleashed in Long Yuxue's direction.

Even though Long Yuxue was situated over 100 meters away from Tang Wulin, she could still feel an unparalleled scorching aura surging toward her in a frenzy. The fearsome soundwaves, the formidable spiritual impact, and the purple light being released from the giant dragon head's eyes instantly made her mind go completely blank.

She stumbled and almost fell onto the ground.

In the next instant, her simulated body was completely destroyed and vanished from the competition stage.

The Golden Dragon Roar was an attack that relied heavily on one's intent. Tang Wulin had been constantly practicing his spear techniques at the center of the competition stage, thereby elevating his aura to an unprecedented level. In conjunction, he had integrated his martial soul and bloodline power for the very first time to further enhance his aura, and all of that worked to significantly boost the power of his Golden Dragon Roar. 

The entire space had just been shattered by the force of that Golden Dragon Roar, and Long Yuxue was completely caught off guard. She didn't even get an opportunity to react before she was evicted from the competition platform.

If they were in the real world, her battle armor would've automatically been released to protect her, but this was a simulated world, so her battle armor wouldn't appear unless she actively released it.

"Victory goes to Little Tang!"

Tang Wulin was still full of excitement when he was suddenly teleported out of the competition venue.

I won? 

He looked down at his Golden Dragon Spear with a blank expression while quickly sifting back through his memories. Thus, he recalled the final moments of the match, during which his Golden Dragon Roar had completely detonated Long Yuxue's body.


He quickly logged off the battle net before clambering out of his Star Cabin in real life. He then immediately put on his military uniform before rushing outside.

He had never died before in the simulated battle net, so he didn't know if dying in it felt just as terrible as dying in the Spirit Ascension Plane did.

Having one's body completely destroyed by a soundwave attack was definitely one of the most painful ways to die, and if the simulated battle net hadn't been designed to lessen the pain of the competition's participants, then Long Yuxue could have suffered severe psychological trauma.

As such, as soon as he emerged from his dormitory room, he rushed toward the resting area of the legion as quickly as he could.

Snow and ice were flung in all directions in his wake, attracting a lot of attention from passersby.

After just a few minutes, he rushed into the area where the Star Cabins were situated in the legion's recreational area. This place was already completely packed to the rafters.

Tang Wulin was just about to try and squeeze into the crowd when he was immediately stopped in his tracks.

"What are you doing? Are you trying to push through the line? Where's your respect and moral compass?" A tall and broad man stood in front of Tang Wulin to block his path.

However, Tang Wulin's heart was filled with urgency, and he certainly wasn't in the mood for a chat. He grabbed onto the man's shoulder and tossed him away.

The man had to be over 100 kilograms, but he was tossed away like a twig.

The bustling recreational area instantly fell silent. No one else tried to stop Tang Wulin, and he was quickly able to squeeze his way to the front of the crowd, where he immediately caught sight of Long Yuxue.

Her face was slightly pale, and she seemed to have only just emerged from the Star Cabin. No clothes could be worn in the Star Cabins, so each Star Cabin had a room that was dedicated to it, and prior to each usage, it would be sterilized and disinfected before the next person was allowed to access it.

"Are you alright?" Tang Wulin stepped forward and grabbed onto her shoulders to detect whether her blood essence fluctuations were in disarray.

Long Yuxue was immediately given a fright after having her shoulders grabbed onto. She looked up with a surprised expression to find that it was Tang Wulin, and a surge of warmth flowed through her heart as her rage instantly faded away.

She nodded, and replied, "I'm fine."

Tang Wulin heaved a sigh of relief. "Doesn't it hurt to be injured in the Star Cabin? Is it just as painful to die in there as it is to die in the Spirit Pagoda's Spirit Ascension Plane?"

Long Yuxue shook her head. "Why would the federation be as extreme as the Spirit Pagoda? The sense of pain in the simulated battle net is decreased to 20%, so it's quite safe. Even so, it still really hurt! How could you do that to me, you heartless bastard!"

All of a sudden, Long Yuxue sensed that the surrounding atmosphere seemed to be a little off, and she reflexively looked up to assess her surroundings. In doing so, she discovered that all of the people gathered in the area, of which there were more than 100, were staring at them in complete silence.

Some were completely flabbergasted, some were struggling to pick their jaws up from the ground, and some wore peculiar expressions on their faces.

"What's going on? What are you all looking at?" Long Yuxue asked in an embarrassed manner with a blush on her face.

Zhang Huanyun was currently in a very, very foul mood.

He had originally been in very high spirits. He had already experienced the federation's Star Battle Net for himself. He had traveled to the capital of the federation, Bright City, not too long ago to attend a meeting. During that meeting, he heard a report from the development and research department, and he'd experienced the simulation for himself to find that it was quite exceptional. Not only had the federation integrated artificial intelligence into the new system, it was suitable to be used by virtually anyone, and it would definitely be greatly beneficial to improving the overall practical combat skills of the entire legion.

As a federal general and the commander of the entire Blood God Legion, he had always held a very lofty position in the military. The Blood God Legion had a similar level of influence in the military as Shrek Academy had in the Soul Master world. Many of the highest-ranking officials in the military were past soldiers of the Blood God Legion who had completed their full decade-long stints of military service. As such, as the commander of the Blood God Legion, he was highly respected and revered in the military.

There were 30 Star Cabins in this recreational area, and everyone had to line up to use them regardless of their military rank. The order that the Star Cabins were being used in was based on the scheduled times of the participants' matches, and that was a rule that he'd devised.

As the person who had implemented this rule, he wanted to come and encourage his subordinates to follow the rule by coming here to also use the Star Cabin along with everyone else. In reality, he had a private Star Cabin in his own office, so there was no need for him to do this.

He was lining up while chatting with the soldiers of the Blood God Legion around him, asking them about their experiences in the last abyssal tide in a very benevolent and approachable manner. He felt as if he were learning a lot through their conversations, and he was in a very good mood.

However, all of a sudden, a second lieutenant suddenly rushed in and tried to squeeze through the crowd like a madman. He seemed to be quite strong as well as he was able to brush many people aside. No one else tried to stop him, but so he decided to step in his way, more as a joke than anything else. After all, it was quite comical to see the legion commander blocking a second lieutenant.

He was just about to ask the second lieutenant why he was in such a hurry and breaking the rules, and never did he think that the little bastard would grab onto his shoulder without uttering a single word before tossing him away like a piece of trash!

He was a rank 98 Hyper Douluo and a four-word battle armor master, so he was definitely one of the most powerful beings on the entire continent. However, the kid had acted far too quickly and caught him completely off guard. Never did he think that a second lieutenant would dare to attack him in the Blood God Legion, and that was why he had fallen victim to the "attack".

The second lieutenant had thrown him in a way that ensured that he wouldn't be injured even if he were to fall onto the ground, but he was the commander of the entire legion; how could he be in a good mood after being tossed away by a second lieutenant in front of all of these subordinates of his?

At this moment, Zhang Huanyun was looking on with his hands on his hips as the little bastard "flirted" with a young woman in front of all of these people. Furthermore, he recognized this young woman; she was the daughter of the vice-legion commander, Long Tianwu!

At this moment, Long Yuxue had also noticed his presence, and her hands immediately flew to her mouth in astonishment. Zhang Huanyun hadn't arrived yet when she had first turned up, so never would she have thought that she'd encounter such a figure of supreme authority here.

"Greetings, Superior!" She hurriedly stood up straight before extending a military salute.

Tang Wulin was rather startled by Long Yuxue's abrupt salute, and he hurriedly removed his hands from her shoulders as he turned around.

Woah, a three-star general! This man has the same military rank as Blood One! 

It was not difficult to guess who this man was based on that alone. He reflexively also stood up straight before extending a military salute.

However, at the same time, a sense of foreboding had welled up in his heart. He suddenly recalled something, and he realized that this man was vaguely familiar somehow.

Zhang Huanyun raised an eyebrow as he fixed his gaze on Tang Wulin. "What's your name!"

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