Chapter 982: Integration of Martial Soul and Bloodline

Tang Wulin began to move. He took a step forward, and the Golden Dragon Spear in front of him abruptly shuddered as it instantly unleashed several dozens of spear projections. The spear projections began to shimmer in the air, emitting a string of loud explosive booms, and the sound made it seem as if the entire space were about to be torn apart.

The frosty sensation in the air was nullified even further, and Tang Wulin took nine consecutive steps. All of a sudden, countless spear projections had appeared at the center of the competition platform. What was most astonishing to Long Yuxue was that with each successive spear strike, Tang Wulin's aura would become slightly elevated, and the scales on his body also glowed brighter and brighter. The immense aura emanating from his body rendered her completely unable to even muster up the urge to attack him.

She had always known that Tang Wulin was very powerful, but they'd always been comrades, so she didn't know what it was like to face Tang Wulin in battle.

Even though Tang Wulin wasn't attacking her at the moment, she was still struck by the same sense of powerlessness that befell Jiang Wuyue in his presence.

This type of spiritual domination was even more fearsome than a direct attack, and there was no way to evade it. Long Yuxue could sense that her spirit and will were trembling, and her ice attribute powers, which had been enhanced by her domain, were constantly being weakened.

Tang Wulin didn't even take a single glance in Long Yuxue's direction. Instead, he was unleashing one spear strike after another while relentlessly releasing his most powerful soul power fluctuations. His entire being had been completely immersed into the spear intent of the Fury of the Masses.

He was releasing both his martial soul and his bloodline power, and the two were constantly being stimulated by his spear intent, attempting to integrate with one another through all types of different combinations.

He wasn't using any of his soul skills. Instead, he was simply unleashing one spear projection after another, and all of the projections were radiating the most dazzling light. Countless spear projections were being strung together, and his aura was being elevated in a relentless manner.

At this moment, he was completely free from all inhibitions!

He couldn't release his spear intent with such reckless abandon in the legion, but he could do so now. Here in this simulated competition venue, he could release everything that he'd learned and experienced during the past few days without having to hold back at all.

He was still very far away from mastering the true Fury of the Masses, but was gradually finding a hint of his own spear intent.

During the past few days, he'd constantly been holding his Golden Dragon Spear, even while he was sleeping and cultivating, and the effects of this were finally beginning to show. As he unleashed his spear intent with reckless abandon, his Golden Dragon Spear was trembling and buzzing faintly. This acted like the perfect glue that was slowly integrating the different skills of Tang Wulin's martial soul and bloodline power.

While he was unleashing these spear strikes, the Bluesilver Emperor vines were also emulating his spear as they thrust forward over and over again. As he unleashed his 1,000th spear strike, Long Yuxue could clearly see that a layer of thin golden scales had appeared on the surfaces of all of his Bluesilver Emperor vines. It was as if all of them had become Tang Wulin's spears and had been enhanced by his Golden Dragon Body.

He was stacking his blood essence power and soul power on top of one another! This was an area that Tang Wulin had always neglected in the past.

Prior to Old Tang's suggestion, he had never even considered that a connection could be forged between his soul power and blood essence. However, he now understood that he had been wrong.

He didn't have twin martial souls; he only had one martial soul, and that was the Bluesilver Emperor. His blood essence power should've been something that assisted his martial soul in battle, but due to how overwhelmingly powerful his Golden Dragon King bloodline was, he had forgotten this point. 

Thinking back to the competition he'd participated in on the Star Lou Continent, Fox King Su Mu had used his bloodline power to enhance his martial soul, yet he had never done this before. All he did was allow his martial soul to be influenced by his bloodline in a subtle manner.

He had a treasure of immeasurable value at his disposal, but he had never made use of it; how stupid was that?

Tang Wulin had never considered taking this path partially because his bloodline power was extremely devastating on its own, and also because he'd been misled by his bloodline soul rings. He had unconsciously been drawn to the conclusion that there was no way that the two types of soul rings could appear together, and he was regarding his bloodline power as twin martial souls.

Only after receiving Old Tang's teachings on this occasion did he come to realize that his bloodline power wasn't a martial soul! He had always been able to interchange between the two types of powers at will, but in reality, he should be integrating them for maximum effect rather than using them interchangeably.

At this moment, as he unleashed one spear strike after another, his soul power and bloodline power were finally beginning to integrate with one another.

The dragon core in his chest began to slowly sink downward, and golden light enveloped his entire body. At the same time, the golden light was also pouring into the soul power vortex in his dantian from all directions, giving the vortex a golden hue in the process. The crystalline structure within the vortex was also becoming clearer and clearer.

"Whoosh!" All of a sudden, the surrounding spear projections abruptly combined as one, and all of the golden Bluesilver Emperor vines also reared up in unison as spear intent erupted all over the entire competition platform.

Long Yuxue's domain was instantly shattered and rose up into the air as a vast expanse of icy mist, but as soon as it entered the core region around Tang Wulin, the icy mist would immediately vanish.

This was the elemental stripping effect of his Bluesilver Golden Array. He hadn't actually unleashed the soul skill, but as his soul power and bloodline power intertwined with one another, some of his abilities were naturally released.

Violent energy fluctuations shimmered in the air, and Tang Wulin abruptly took a step forward before sweeping his Golden Dragon Spear horizontally in front of him. All of his Bluesilver Emperor vines emulated the motion of the spear, and a vast expanse of golden light radiated forth.

Tang Wulin let loose a burst of hearty laughter before yelling, "Golden Dragon Body!"

All of a sudden, all of the Bluesilver Emperor vines lit up, and the thin golden scales suddenly became a lot thicker and far more substantial. Those were no longer just a series of vines; they were like giant dragons instead!

However, at the same time, Tang Wulin could sense that both his blood essence power and soul power were being expended at an extremely alarming rate.

It was quite clear that the two powers couldn't be integrated without paying a price.

Tang Wulin pointed his Golden Dragon Spear forward once again, and yelled, "Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens!"

Countless Bluesilver Emperor vines thrust forward along with his Golden Dragon Spear. A massive golden dragon that was over 20 meters in length erupted from the tip of his spear before rushing forward. At the same time, thin wisps of golden dragon energy also emerged from the tips of the Bluesilver Emperor vines. These streams of golden energy injected themselves into the massive golden dragon, and in the span of just a single breath, the Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens had expanded to more than twice its original size. It was as if a true dragon had descended upon the world.

Tang Wulin was absolutely ecstatic. He had achieved a resounding success. Unleashing this Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens had expended more than twice the normal amount of blood essence power, as well as a vast amount of soul power, but the resulting attack was definitely more than twice as powerful as it normally was! Furthermore, it had completely exceeded the upper limit of a Soul Master of his power level.

If there were any type of ability that could be compared to this, then it could only be a soul fusion skill.

Soul fusion skills required two Soul Masters to unleash, and unleashing such an ability required a vast amount of energy expenditure, making it impossible to use again in a short time. Furthermore, there wasn't any versatility or diversity in the attack unleashed by a soul fusion skill. However, Tang Wulin could integrate his martial soul and bloodline power to enhance any of his abilities! This was certainly not something that a simple soul fusion skill could hope to compare with!

Long Yuxue's hands were already hanging limply by her sides. The golden dragon in the sky was over 30 meters long and was roaring to the heavens with its wings spread wide open. She knew just by looking at it that she had no chance at all in this battle.

This sense of helplessness was something that she'd only ever experienced when sparring with her father.

Just how powerful was this man? And where did his limits lie?

Long Yuxue had a completely stunned look on the face, and she'd already forgotten that this was a battle, and that this man who was showing off to his heart's content at the center of the competition platform was her opponent.

All of a sudden, Tang Wulin withdrew his Golden Dragon Spear before stomping his right foot into the ground as he yelled, "Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth!"

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