Chapter 980: Grey World

He pointed at Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear as he spoke. He was very fond of this badass golden spear, but he could only stay away from it after learning that he couldn't touch the spear. 

Tang Wulin also took a glance at the Golden Dragon Spear in his own hand. His heart was filled with pride at the sight of its intrinsic golden color and massive spearhead.

This was the spear of a king! He had to master its true meaning! Otherwise, he would be doing a great disservice to this conjoined divine weapon of his. That's right, in Tang Wulin's heart, his Golden Dragon Spear was a divine weapon. Without it, how would he have possibly been able to materialize a dragon core so quickly?

Jiang Wuyue was looking at the Golden Dragon Spear with a hint of envy in his eyes as he asked, "You're getting close to rank 60 soul power, right? Do you need a new soul spirit? Over here, we have to go to the Spirit Pagoda in the Scorching Basin. The Spirit Pagoda provides soul spirits to our Blood God Legion, and they're all of a very high caliber."

Tang Wulin shook his head in response. "I already have a suitable soul spirit."

The Beautiful Silk Tulip was still situated within his seed of nature, so of course he had a suitable soul spirit already. He could sense the auras of the Beautiful Silk Tulip and the other plant system Great Beasts at all times, and it could be said that they were some of his greatest assets.


Grey winds swept over the land, and everything was completely bleak and desolate here. The entire world was grey in color, as if it had been constructed from countless ashes.

There was no end in sight to this grey world. There was no sun and no stars, only boundless grey as far as the eyes could see. In the distance, there was only a deeper shade of grey, and if a living being were to come here, the only thing that they'd be able to sense would be the despair of this place.

There was boundless despair proliferating into the distance, stretching into infinity and beyond.

At this moment, there was a person slowly walking through this world that was filled with despair. His entire body was enshrouded under a large black cloak, and a layer of black energy was being released from his body, keeping the grey color around him at bay.

If everything in this world were despair, then the aura emanating from his body would be death.

Death and despair didn't conflict with one another.

"Why have you come here?" A low rumbling voice suddenly sounded in all directions. The entire grey world then became warped and twisted as if it had become a gargantuan grey vortex.

The figure in black finally stopped before slowly raising his head. Two beams of purple light erupted from his eyes from beneath the hood of his black cloak.

"I was only able to come here with your guidance. Isn't that right, Abyssal Monarch?"

"What do you want?" The low voice cut straight to the chase.

"Our objectives have always essentially been the same. You want to devour everything to elevate the abyss and make that world a part of your abyssal plane. What I want is countless vengeful spirits; I want to become a god of death and create a Divine Realm that is built on the foundation of death. Hence, our ultimate objectives are the same."

The warping in the surrounding area suddenly ceased, and the grey world of despair returned to its original state.

In the distance, a grey figure slowly began to make their way toward the black figure.

The black figure slowly raised his head to reveal a pale chin, and a faint smile of satisfaction appeared on his face. He knew that his straightforward declaration had been enough to tempt the grey figure up ahead, and no one would be able to stop the implementation of his plan.

The destruction was only just beginning. What was extremely laughable to him was that those idiots thought that he had unleashed those Godslayer missiles simply to take revenge, but unbeknownst to them, his objective was to sacrifice the entire Douluo Continent to establish his paramount divine kingdom. 

But then again, he couldn't expect trash like them to be able to comprehend his lofty aspirations. Those people were only going to be ants that he would stomp into the ground. Ever since he chose to become the leader of the Holy Spirit Cult, he had already set this grand yet distant goal for himself, and this was the ideal opportunity for him.

The two figures gradually approached one another, and the surrounding area began to warp and twist again. However, a hint of black had appeared within the grey color.

Despair, death, destruction! [Alliteration! LOL]


Light flashed, and Tang Wulin logged on to the Star Battle Net once again. There were two arrows above his head, one golden and one silver, and both of them were pointing upward. The silver arrow had appeared after he secured victory in his first mecha battle, and it was clearly an indication that he'd progressed to the next round.

The second round of the competition arrived earlier than he anticipated. This was one of the main benefits of holding a competition in a high-tech battle net; even with a vast number of participants, the competition could be wrapped up in a very short time. This was far more convenient than holding a similar competition in real life.

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face, and he encircled his arms before him to hold the Golden Dragon Spear to his chest.

He was still constantly holding onto his spear. The hilt of the spear was shimmering with dazzling golden light, but it was far smaller than it normally was.

Tang Wulin had only been holding his spear for two days, but he'd already gained a greater understanding of his Golden Dragon Spear. At the very least, he discovered that the size of the spear could be adjusted according to his will.

At this moment, the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand was only around two feet in length, and the light shimmering from it was quite reserved, so it didn't attract as much attention. In its current petite form, it was quite intricate and adorable to look at.

The second round of the competition was about to commence!

Tang Wulin wondered what kind of opponent he was going to be facing today. He didn't want his luck to be as good as it was in the first round. He'd constantly been cultivating his soul power and immersing himself in spear intent recently, and that made him eager for a more powerful opponent. Only a more powerful opponent would be able to better stimulate his latent potential.

A faint smile appeared on his face, and he did some stretches before striding toward the competition venue. At this moment, there were a series of figures in front of him that were transforming into streaks of light to head to their battles. All of the participants who were here today had golden arrows that were pointing upward above their heads.

After the first round of elimination matches, the number of participants had most likely already been halved, and at the conclusion of this round, it should be halved again.

"It's time for your match. Little Tang, prepare for battle."

Light flashed, and he entered the competition venue. He was still holding his Golden Dragon Spear as he cast his gaze up ahead.

His opponent was quite tall and slender, and it seemed to be a woman. Her nickname had been concealed, and her face was hidden behind a mask, so he couldn't glean any visual information about her.

"Three, two, one, begin!"

"Tang Wulin!" A furious voice rang out from up ahead.

Tang Wulin was immediately rooted to the spot. This was way too familiar! No way! What was this luck of his?!

That's right, the voice belonged to none other than Long Yuxue!

Prior to the commencement of the first round, Long Yuxue had threatened him, telling him that he had to surrender if he were to face her in the competition.

However, it was only the second round, and they'd already been pitted against one another. What a dramatic yet comical turn of events! 

It was undoubtedly the case that Long Yuxue had identified Tang Wulin based on the Golden Dragon Spear that he was holding. They had just had breakfast together not long ago.

"Er..." Tang Wulin was completely speechless.

"Don't think that your victory is assured against me! Come at me with all you've got!" Long Yuxue's voice had taken on a frosty tone, and the temperature on the competition platform was also plummeting.

Tang Wulin couldn't help but heave a resigned sigh. He would be brimming with battle intent if he were facing any other opponent, but he simply couldn't muster up the urge to fight her.

He was very grateful toward Long Yuxue as she had helped him extensively ever since he'd joined the Blood God Legion. It could be said that without her help, there was no way that he would've been able to integrate himself into the legion so quickly. If she hadn't taken him to experience practical combat in the abyss, he wouldn't have had the opportunity to display his abilities and catch the eyes of the Blood Gods.

However, this competition was related to the mission that he'd been assigned, and his performance would determine whether he'd have the right to apply for a break to visit his lover, so he couldn't afford to lose!

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