Chapter 979: Spear Practice

However, that was exactly what he was doing, and the opposing long-range attacking mecha pilot was at a complete loss for what to think. They could only continue to run circles around Tang Wulin's mecha while unleashing a relentless string of cannon blast.

The long-range attacking mecha pilot was more than happy to engage in a battle of energy expenditure, as the melee combat mecha would definitely give out first if things were to continue like this. Even though that massive spear could detonate the oncoming cannon blasts, the resulting shockwaves from the explosions would chip away at the mecha's energy reserves.

Long-range attacking mechas had inferior defenses and speed compared to melee combat mechas, but they had far greater energy reserves in comparison, so a battle of energy expenditure played right into their hands.

At this moment, Tang Wulin's opponent was wondering how they'd been paired up with such a strange opponent. Had he entered the competition just to throw the match and get eliminated in the first round?

However, Tang Wulin's thought process was completely different. In his eyes, the relentless string of oncoming cannon blasts were targets that he could use to practice his spear techniques. He felt as if the trajectories of each and every spear thrust were being branded into his mind. After just a short while, he had already unleashed over 100 spear thrusts, so over 100 trajectories had been cemented into his mind.

This was an extremely intriguing feeling, and he repeated the process of drawing back his spear before thrusting it forward over and over again.

He was wielding the king of all weapons, and he had to walk his own path of regal dominance!

Both sides were constantly expending energy, and the melee combat mecha was constantly being bombarded by long-range attacks without making any attempt to take evasive measures. Even though it was merely standing on the spot and using its weapon to detonate enemy attacks, it was still expending energy at a far faster rate than its opponent. After about 10 minutes, Tang Wulin's mecha had become dangerously low on energy, and the light in the internal control room had turned red to warn him of this.

However, Tang Wulin still controlled his mecha to thrust its spear forward over and over again in a completely unflustered manner.

The Fury of the Masses had to be honed through countless identical spear strikes, and that was the essence of this technique.

Old Tang had told him that if he wanted to master this technique, he'd have to unleash at least 10,000,000 spear strikes during battle.

10,000,000 spear strikes, and all of them had to be unleashed during battles! That was an extremely enormous number. However, Tang Wulin wasn't daunted in the slightest by the task that lay ahead of him. This battle provided him with a perfect training opportunity.

"Beep beep beep!" An alert tone rang out, notifying him that his mecha's energy reserves had dipped below 10%.

The cannon blasts unleashed by his opponent also became more frequent and ferocious. His opponent had clearly already calculated the total amount of energy that his melee combat mecha possessed with a high level of precision.

Tang Wulin's mecha finally sprang into action. It abruptly rushed forward, and the propeller on its back immediately lit up. Even though it was on the verge of running out of power, it was still charging directly toward the long-range battle mecha.

He had to win, of course. He would only be able to continue to compete and have more opportunities to hone his spear techniques if he could win this battle.

A derisive sneer appeared on the face of the long-range attacking mecha pilot. There was no way that he was going to allow his opponent to succeed in their final desperate charge.

Thus, he also activated his mecha's propeller, and he abruptly sped off to the side to open up distance between the two mechas. Even if melee combat mechas were slightly faster, it wasn't by much. Hence, it would be completely delusional to expect to catch up to the long-range attacking mecha through only a single explosive charge.

What made the long-range attacking mecha pilot even more perplexed was that his opponent's spear didn't stop; it was still rapidly thrusting through the air over and over again. All of a sudden, the melee combat mecha suddenly lit up with golden light.

Soul power injection?

Aside from being supplied energy by the built-in soul battery, mechas could also be fueled by energy injections from their pilots. As opposed to being alarmed by this, the long-range attacking mecha pilot was quite elated to see that Tang Wulin had been forced to resort to such measures. He continued to open up more distance between them while unleashing attacks in a calm and unhurried manner. Every good long-range attacking mecha pilot had a resolute heart and a wealth of patience.

However, right at this moment, he suddenly began to sense that something was amiss. The speed of his mecha had suddenly slowed down, and an indescribable sense of fear suddenly welled up from deep within his heart. Even the massive mecha that he was situated in was unable to reassure him in the slightest. An invisible sense of pressure permeated through the air, and right at this moment, he could see that his opponent's mecha seemed to have unleashed over 100 spear strikes at once. Faint golden light was shimmering at the front tip of the spear, and the distance between the two mechas was quickly dwindling!

The long-range attacking mecha pilot wanted to control his mecha to accelerate once again, but there seemed to be something invisible that was restricting, and as a result, his movements were slightly slower than he intended.

This competition venue would be considered to be quite massive for a Soul Master battle, but for mechas that were over 10 meters tall, one burst of explosive acceleration was enough to close down the distance!

What's going on? 

The long-range attacking mecha was completely astonished, and at this point, the golden spear projections had already encompassed his entire mecha.

He released his martial soul, but it was already too late.

Everything had spiraled out of control, and even in the instant that his mecha was destroyed and he was teleported out of the competition venue, he still didn't understand how he had lost that battle.

Tang Wulin looked on at the remains of the mecha up ahead, then glanced down at the spear in his hand. To walk a regal path, one had to have a regal heart!

As soon as this thought occurred to him, he was suddenly struck by a hint of enlightenment.

As he was charging forward just now, his objective wasn't actually to close down the distance between himself and his opponent. Instead, he was trying to release the hint of spear intent in his heart.

His opponent clearly wasn't very powerful, so he was intimidated by Tang Wulin's spear intent. Even his mecha had been unable to buffer that intimidation effect. It was exactly because of this that Tang Wulin was able to get close to him so easily before taking him out with a single spear strike.

Of course, that wasn't the Fury of the Masses; he wasn't anywhere near being able to unleash that spear technique. However, following Old Tang's guidance, Tang Wulin had already managed to grasp a hint of spear intent in such a short time. Even though it felt quite elementary, it was still enough to significantly improve his understanding of spears.

A king ruled over the entirety of heaven and earth, and held everything in their grasp. A king had to possess a resolute heart even in the face of the fury of the masses.

If he wanted to unleash the spear techniques of a king, then he had to first possess the heart of a king.

The heart of a king was filled with absolute confidence and dedication toward the spear!

After logging off from the Star Battle Net, Tang Wulin immediately released his Golden Dragon Spear before holding it tightly in his grasp. He had decided that from this day forth, he was going to constantly carry his spear! Only by truly sensing the spear, approaching the spear, and dedicating himself to the spear could he become one with it.

I'm hungry; It's time to eat! 

Tang Wulin attracted a lot of attention as he carried his Golden Dragon Spear into the cafeteria. However, there were no rules in the Blood God Legion prohibiting one from carrying weapons into the cafeteria.

After all, in some dangerous situations, battles against abyssal creatures could break out at any moment, and during those times, everyone would constantly be carrying their weapons.

Tang Wulin only bought one portion of food, but of course, it was from the first window. He currently had a huge wealth of accolades that couldn't contribute toward promotions, so he certainly wasn't going to cut corners when it came to food.

He held his spear with his left hand and ate with his right!

"Woah, what's gotten into you, brother?" Jiang Wuyue sat down beside Tang Wulin and appraised his Golden Dragon Spear with a surprised look on his face.

Tang Wulin smiled, and replied, "I've recently been practicing a spear technique, and constantly holding the spear is helping me in this process."

"That's all you're going to eat today?" Jiang Wuyue couldn't help but gulp at the sight of the delicacies on Tang Wulin's plate.

Only then did Tang Wulin notice that Jiang Wuyue's epaulets suggested that he'd already been promoted to the colonel rank. It seemed that for those who were powerful enough to capitalize on it, abyssal tides were brilliant opportunities for accelerated promotion.

"Congratulations, Colonel," Tang Wulin chuckled.

Jiang Wuyue asked, "Why haven't you been promoted? Based on your performance from that day, you should be a captain by now. I should be the one congratulating you; you're already a member of the Blood God Battalion, but I'm still nowhere near it. My father told me that this martial soul of mine is quite powerful, but I'm going to have a hard time improving after I get to the Titled Douluo stage. That makes sense, considering this isn't a true dragon bloodline, after all. I assume that's why the Blood God Battalion doesn't want me."

Tang Wulin was quite surprised to hear this. "How could the Blood God Battalion not want you? You possess a Tyrant Dragon martial soul!"

Jiang Wuyue explained, "I've heard rumors that only people with martial souls that have the potential to take them to the Limit Douluo stage have the right to join the Blood God Battalion; you clearly fit that criterion, so you're a fringe member now. Do you know how many people in our legion are working their butts off every day so they can become a fringe member of the Blood God Battalion? You've only been here for about a month! I'm so envious!"

"I'll treat you to one portion of food from the first window," Tang Wulin offered with a smile.

Jiang Wuyue's eyes immediately lit up. "I don't think one portion is going to be enough!"

"Fine, then you're not getting anything." With Tang Wulin's stingy personality, he wouldn't be treating anyone to meals unless he was quite fond of them.

Jiang Wuyue chuckled, "Alright, one portion it is, then."

The two of them chatted as they ate, and the conversation naturally drifted toward the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition.

"I've passed the first round; all I can do now is pray that I don't get paired up with you before I make it into the top 32," Jiang Wuyue said in a serious voice.

A wry smile appeared on his face. "Do you think I'd be happy to come up against you?"

Jiang Wuyue continued, "With your powers, you should be able to make it into the top 32 with no issues, but there's always an element of luck involved in competitions like this, so we'll see how it goes. You look like you're taking this very seriously, though!"

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