Chapter 978: Old Tang's Spear Lesson

Tang Wulin nodded, and replied, "I understand. What you're saying is that the Golden Dragon King seals are like nine panels in deep water. If the layer of water at the very top is to be drawn away, then the panel at the very top has to be removed. This would alleviate the weight that the rest of the panels would have to withstand, and it would therefore take them longer to crumble."

"Yes, that's exactly what I mean. Hence, as long as you can ensure your own safety, it's in your best interest to break the remaining seals as quickly as possible in order to buy you more time before the 13th seal gets broken on its own. At the same time, absorbing the energy within seals earlier will allow you to become more powerful at a faster rate, so you'll be killing two birds with one stone."

"I understand. I'll break the 10th seal as soon as I materialize my soul core," Tang Wulin said in a determined manner.

Old Tang nodded firmly, and said, "That would be best."

A contemplative look appeared on his face. "There's so much to do, but I have so little time left!"

He only had around 15 years left to live, yet he still had to revive Shrek Academy. There was simply no time for him to waste.

Old Tang continued, "We've discussed the dangers that you'll have to face in the future; do you have any questions about your cultivation? As your powers increased, I've also been recovering more and more of my memories, so I can provide you with some guidance."

Tang Wulin replied, "The main issue I'm facing in my cultivation lies in my Nine Arts of the Golden Dragon. Those techniques were taught to me by my grandteacher, but he passed away during the Shrek Academy bombing. Hence, I never had a chance to learn the three final arts, which are related to domains. Now that I've attained a dragon core, I feel like I'm ready to cultivate those three arts. Also, as I've become more powerful, my Golden Dragon Spear has become more and more useful in battle, but I can only rely on my speed and power to wield the spear. The Tang Sect doesn't have any particularly good spear techniques, and it feels like I'm not making full use of my most powerful weapon."

A faint smile appeared on Old Tang's face upon hearing this. "None of these are major issues. Regarding the Nine Arts of the Golden Dragon, all you actually have to learn are the first six arts. The final three domain-related abilities can't be learned; they can only be self-taught. This is most likely why that Scarlet Douluo didn't directly bestow those techniques upon you. After you attain domain, you have to create abilities that belong only to you, rather than purely try to learn from others. Only the techniques created by you are the most suitable for yourself. Didn't you already think everything through before I called you here? Integrating your bloodline power and your martial soul is something that you have to do in the future."

Tang Wulin's eyes lit up, and he seemed to have grasped something after hearing this. Perhaps he would be able to truly set about integrating his blood essence and martial soul after he attained a soul core.

"As for a spear technique," Old Tang smiled, and said, "I've already got one prepared. This spear technique was created by a god, and it's perfect for you."

"A spear technique created by a god?" Tang Wulin's eyes immediately lit up.

"That's right. You'll have to patiently ponder the technique and cultivate it in a painstaking manner. I'm going to bestow upon you the first technique today; it's called Fury of the Masses! " Old Tang waved his right hand through the air as he spoke, and a golden spear that was identical to Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear appeared in his grasp.

He pointed the spear forward, and a burst of light erupted forth like lightning.

Countless streaks of golden light blossomed in the air, and in that instant, Tang Wulin felt as if his body had been punctured by boundless spear intent. It felt as if even his soul had been completely destroyed by the spear intent. Just as he was about to cry out in agony, the spear intent suddenly receded, and was greeted by the sight of a massive golden spear flashing past his eyes. All of the golden light converged toward that giant spear, and it seemed to be threatening to puncture the entire heavens.

This was what a true spear technique should be!

After an indeterminate period of time, Tang Wulin awakened from his meditation. His clothes had been completely soaked with sweat, but he was feeling extremely elated. 

Old Tang had fallen into hibernation again, and he told Tang Wulin that he would awaken again once he truly mastered this Fury of the Masses technique.

At this moment, Tang Wulin's mind was entirely filled with spear intent. This was the first time that he'd discovered that spears could be used in such a manner.

Old Tang had told him that the spear was the king of all weapons! If he wanted to master powerful spear techniques, then he'd have to walk his own regal path.

Tang Wulin was immersed in spear intent for an entire day, and he only returned to his senses after his alarm went off the next day, alerting him that it was time for his mecha battle.

Time sure had flown by! With his dragon core, he wasn't feeling hungry at all even though he hadn't eaten for an entire day and night.

He entered the Star Cabin and logged on to the battle net.

Light flashed, and he appeared at the western competition region sports stadium again. However, Tang Wulin felt as if his brain was completely numb, and his mind was still entirely filled with nothing but spear intent.

He arrived at the mecha battle area of the sports stadium.

"Your match is about to commence; please choose your mecha type; melee combat or long-range attack?"

"Melee combat!" Tang Wulin reflexively made a choice, and only after the choice was made did he realize that he'd made the wrong choice.

"Please select a weapon for your melee combat mecha!" The electronic voice sounded again, and a comprehensive series of over 10 weapon options were presented to him.

Do we get a choice of weapons during the official rounds of the competition? 

Tang Wulin was very elated to see this, and he chose a spear almost without any hesitation. He was currently still completely immersed in spear intent, and even though piloting a mecha was different from actually using a spear, a truly proficient mecha pilot was supposed to treat their mecha as an extension of their own body.

Light flashed, and a melee combat mecha that was around 12 meters tall appeared within the competition venue with Tang Wulin sitting within it. A super massive spear that was around 15 meters in length had appeared in the mecha's hand, and it was very intimidating to behold.

He was facing a long-rang attacking mecha that was holding a soul cannon, and it didn't appear as if long-range mecha pilots were offered any alternative weapon choices.

Could it be that melee combat mechas were considered to be at a disadvantage, and they were given weapon choices to level the playing field?

The roles had been completely reversed during this battle compared to in his practice mecha battles!

"Three, two, one, begin!" The electronic voice was always so straightforward and concise.

"Boom, boom, boom!" The long-range attacking mecha unleashed three cannon blasts from the get-go, and the attacks hurtled directly toward Tang Wulin in a triangular formation.

Tang Wulin's mecha gripped onto its massive spear, and all of a sudden, boundless spear intent appeared before his eyes. The spear in the mecha's hand was thrust forward three times in lightning-fast succession, and the three cannon blasts were detonated almost instantaneously while the mecha remained completely still on the spot. 

This wasn't the Fury of the Masses spear technique. Instead, it was a culmination of Tang Wulin's mecha handling skills in conjunction with his pure speed and strength.

However, as he unleashed those spear strikes, the feeling was completely different.

He was wielding the king of all weapons, and he had to walk his own path of regal dominance!

"Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!" Five more cannon blasts were sent flying toward him.

His spear was thrust forward five times to dispel his opponent's attacks, but his mecha still hadn’t moved even a single step.

He was beginning to get into the zone. Even though he was only unleashing the simplest of spear thrusts, every time his spear was thrust forward, Tang Wulin felt as if the spear's trajectories were creating a series of regal paths. Spear projections flashed through the air, and the opposing long-range attacking mecha pilot was feeling quite perplexed.

Generally speaking, during a battle between a melee combat mecha and a long-range attacking mecha, the former would always try to close down the gap between the two mechas as quickly as they could. As such, Tang Wulin's tactic of standing still on the spot and allowing himself to be bombarded by long-range attacks was something that had never been seen in a competition before.

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