Chapter 971: One Win, Zero Losses

The Golden Dragon Roar destroyed the Tyrant Dragon Projection, but it couldn't' stop Jiang Wuyue from continuing to charge forward in his tyrant body state.

Right at this moment, Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth appeared. Under Tang Wulin's expert control, eight golden dragons emerged from beneath Jiang Wuyue's body almost at the exact same moment, forcibly propelling his gargantuan body into the air for around seven or eight meters.

However, the Armageddon Tyrant Rush was Jiang Wuyue's sixth soul skill, and it wasn't going to be dispelled so easily. Even though he was forced to change direction, that only delayed him for a moment before he spread his wings to control his body, then continued to hurtle toward Tang Wulin.

However, with these two brief moments of respite, Tang Wulin had bought himself more than enough time. He adopted a wide stand with his left leg in the front and his right leg in the back while his spear was brandished before him.

At the same time, the surface of his battle armor took on a mirror-like appearance, and brilliant light erupted from the dragon core within his chest. A dragon's roar then rang out as energy surged around his body.


The Armageddon Tyrant Rush crashed into Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear, which was being backed up by his Golden Dragon Tyrant Body, and Jiang Wuyue's enormous body came to a complete standstill, creating quite a peculiar sight to behold.

In contrast, Tang Wulin was flung back by the force of the devastating impact, and his entire body slid backward while his feet carved out a pair of trenches into the ground.

Even so, his body was still extremely stable as he glided backward. His Dragon Moon battle armor flashed in a rapid manner, and the energy absorbed by his Golden Dragon Tyrant Body was completely unleashed. He thrust his Golden Dragon Spear toward Jiang Wuyue, who had been hovering in mid-air from their prior clash, and a loud dragon's roar suddenly rang out.

A massive golden dragon then erupted from his Golden Dragon Spear, and it was none other than his Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens.

Jiang Wuyue's entire body was trembling violently due to the enormous recoil force that he'd been struck by, and his vision was completely dark. In the next instant, golden light illuminated the darkness, but his body was also devoured by this light.

A voice sounded beside his ears. "More than 70% of your body has been destroyed; you have been deemed to be dead. You have suffered a loss; your current record is zero wins, one loss."

Light flashed again, and all of the pain vanished. Jiang Wuyue abruptly discovered that he'd already arrived back at the place he was situated at before he entered the sports stadium.

Light flashed again, and Tang Wulin also appeared beside him. However, the words "one win, zero losses" had appeared beside his nickname.

I lost just like that? 

He hadn't used his full power during his sparring match with Tang Wulin last time as he was afraid of injuring him. However, everything was completely different on this occasion. He had lost in the most crushing manner, and he'd even unleashed his strongest ability, but Tang Wulin had still been able to defeat him with a single spear strike.

Jiang Wuyue was completely rooted to the spot while Tang Wulin was grumbling to himself, "What a waste of 1,000 federal credits! That ended way too quickly."

That ended way too quickly? What was he trying to say?! Jiang Wuyue really wanted to yell at him to vent his frustration and indignation, but as a loser, he didn't feel as if he had the right to yell at anyone.

He was a six-ring Soul Emperor, yet he'd been completely and utterly demolished by this five-ring Soul King. He'd always thought that no one of the same cultivation rank as he was would be a match for him, but he had just been defeated by someone below him in cultivation rank!

He really didn't want to accept this loss and he was still brimming with battle intent, but he had to admit that he had lost, and it had been an extremely convincing loss. He had lost to his opponent both in pure strength and in absolute power. Just how freakishly powerful was this guy?

"I'm leaving," Jiang Wuyue grumbled.

Tang Wulin hurriedly followed along. "Are you feeling down?"

"Yes." Jiang Wuyue made no effort to hide what he was currently feeling.

Tang Wulin consoled, "The problem lies in our bloodlines; your bloodline is too heavily impacted by mine, so there's no way you can perform at your best. We shouldn't be enemies in the first place; if we were comrades, you'd become far more powerful than ever before. In terms of true innate power, I may not be a match for you."

Jiang Wuyue scratched his head as he thought back to the outrageous enhancements that Tang Wulin's Violent Golden Dragon Domain could bring to him. "That makes sense. It's a pity that there are no team battles in this competition. Otherwise, the two of us would stomp all of the opposition!"

Tang Wulin couldn't help but chuckle internally. Jiang Wuyue's straightforwardness and resilience had always been his strengths.

"That's true. If there were two-on-two battles available, we'd be able to form a team." Thoughts of Gu Yuena immediately appeared in his mind at the mention of two-on-two battles. Who could possibly have better synergy with him than she did? However, did he really want her to fight alongside him, or did he want her to continue to rely on him in her amnesiac state?

His emotions had always been quite complex toward Gu Yuena. Particularly due to the fact that no matter how he looked at her, he couldn't help but feel as if she were a fusion between Gu Yue and Na'er.

In reality, the current Gu Yuena was more like Na'er in that Na'er had also always been so dependent on him in the past. However, he could sense that she was still Gu Yue. Just what had happened between them?

This was a mystery that he was constantly mulling over.

However, regardless of whether she was Gu Yue or Na'er, she was still her, and her love for him had never changed. That much had been confirmed to him when she had appeared to shield him with her own body in that dire situation.

I have to become a major as quickly as possible! 

Tang Wulin clenched his fists with all his might. Only by becoming a major could he pay her regular visits.

He didn't exit the battle net. Seeing as he'd already come in, he couldn't just leave without trying out a mecha battle.

After arriving in a mecha area, he discovered that the situation was the same as that of the combat rooms in the Soul Master area as he still had to pay for entry. However, an additional option was presented to him, asking him if he'd like a melee combat mecha or a long-range attacking mecha.

Tang Wulin chose the latter option without any hesitation.

When he appeared on the competition platform, he discovered that his body was already situated within a mecha. The controls within the mecha belonged to that of the most ordinary generic mecha, and from the complexity of the controls, he could deduce that this was most likely a yellow mecha. Through the display screen within the mecha, he could see that the mecha was entirely of a pristine white color, and that it was holding a soul cannon. It also had a protective barrier equipped, and that was all of the equipment it had.

Just a single soul cannon!

Right at this moment, light flashed up ahead, and another mecha appeared before him. In terms of outward appearance, this mecha was larger than his, and it also appeared to be a bit heavier. The mecha was holding a claymore, which indicated that it was a melee-combat mecha, and it was just as badly equipped as his mecha was.

Tang Wulin couldn't help but burst into laughter. This kind of mecha battle was quite interesting.

He adjusted the soul cannon in his hand, then briefly familiarized himself with the controls within the mecha, and at this point, the countdown had already begun.

"Three, two, one, begin!"

As soon as the electronic voice trailed off, the opposing mecha was already hurtling toward Tang Wulin like a rumbling bulldozer.

The melee combat mecha was around 12 meters tall and weighed eight tons, whereas the long-range attacking mecha was only around 10 meters tall and weighed six and a half tons.

Tang Wulin immediately controlled his mecha to unleash a cannon blast toward his oncoming opponent, then immediately turned and fled.

In a battle between a long-range attacking unit and a melee combat unit, his top priority was to open up distance between them.

The soul cannon blast was orange in color, and as soon as it was released, it instantly accelerated before flying toward the melee combat mecha.

The opposing mecha reacted in a very agile manner as its body swayed slightly. It looked as if it were about to fall over, but it supported itself against the ground with its left hand, allowing it to evade the cannon blast before charging directly toward Tang Wulin again, and it hadn't slowed down much during that maneuver. The mecha pilot hadn't even used the propellers attached to the back of the mecha yet.

Tang Wulin was rather impressed by his opponent's handling skills. 

At the same time, he twisted around and unleashed a string of continuous attacks with his soul cannon.

The melee combat mecha appeared to be very mobile, and its body continued to weave from side to side, evading in an agile and consistent manner. In the meantime, it was constantly closing down the distance between itself and Tang Wulin, and the two mechas were now situated less than 50 meters away from one another.

If he were to activate the propellers now, it would only take him half a second to reach Tang Wulin, and if a long-range attacking mecha were to allow a melee combat unit to get close to it, a tragedy would undoubtedly ensue for the former.

The soul cannon required three seconds of cooldown time after every string of 10 continuous blasts, and Tang Wulin quickly grasped that pattern.

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