Chapter 965: Issuing Rewards

"You're still young, so I know that you must be very eager to revive the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy. However, this is not a feat that can be accomplished in a short time. You need to accumulate more experience and become more powerful. You don't need to worry about anything for now; Shrek Academy may have been destroyed, but its influence definitely won't be that easy to erase, so you'll have sufficient time to improve yourself. This was also Zang Xin's intention behind sending you here. The outside world is in a state of complete turmoil, and we have to try and restore order to everything. At the same time, we have to wait for a suitable opportunity, and every shred of power that you accumulate now will work toward a greater future."

"I understand." Tang Wulin nodded in a respectful manner.

After departing from the Blood God Battalion, Tang Wulin was already wearing a new Blood God Bracelet. Compared to the one he had before, this new Blood God Bracelet had a vibrant red rose pattern around it, and the stem of each and every rose was filled with sharp thorns. This was a symbol of the Blood God Battalion, and from this moment forth, he was officially a fringe member of the Blood God Battalion.

As a consequence of this, he would not be permitted to participate in any battles within the abyssal passageway without Blood One's permission.

The emergence of Tang Wulin seemed to have caught the abyssal plane completely off guard, and the amount of abyssal energy that he'd absorbed wasn't a lot in the grand scheme of things, but the fact of the matter was that the energy was well and truly gone. As such, this abyssal tide only lasted for seven days, which was far shorter than other level three abyssal tides in the past, and no more powerful abyssal creatures appeared.

Tang Wulin also stayed away from the battlefield during the rest of the abyssal tide, and he took this opportunity to go into a short period of seclusion, mainly to digest the power within his dragon core, as well as to consolidate the core in general.

Initially, the dragon core had only been around the size of a thumbnail, but it had since grown to roughly the size of a longan fruit. It was shimmering with dazzling golden light, and was naturally circulating his bloodline as he breathed. This meant that even if he didn't actively cultivate, the blood essence power within his body would still constantly be nurturing him.

At the same time, Tang Wulin discovered during his seclusion that some incredible changes had taken place within his body after he attained his dragon core. It was as if it had become more receptive to natural energies, which were being naturally injected into his body as he breathed. It was as if he had become a container that was constantly absorbing all natural energies, then discarding the excess and only fusing the essence into his own body.

After attaining his dragon core, his physical constitution had reached a whole new level, similar to the nature of the enhancements received by a Soul Master after they attained their soul core. The most direct reaction to this was that his appetite had significantly decreased, and he no longer had to eat so much food to replenish his own energy. In fact, just breathing alone was almost enough to completely replenish his body's daily expenditure.

On top of that, he felt as if his 10th Golden Dragon King seal had become thinner. This was only a feeling of his; there was naturally no way that the seal could become thinner on its own. He knew that this was most likely a sign that he already possessed enough power to break this seal.

However, he wasn't in a hurry to do so. Each successive Golden Dragon King seal had to be more dangerous than the previous one, so it was in his best interest to take a slow and steady approach. Even if he could break his 10th seal now, then what about the 11th seal? What about the 12th seal? No one could predict what was going to happen in the future.

As such, while Tang Wulin was in seclusion, he was honing his ability to control his blood essence power in order to keep it away from the 10th seal. He wasn't going to attempt to break it unless he absolutely had to.

During this period of seclusion, his soul power had also increased to rank 59, so he was only one rank away from becoming a six-ring Soul Emperor.

Ever since his Bluesilver Grass had awakened to become the Bluesilver Emperor, his rate of cultivation had received a significant boost. This effect was further enhanced by everything that had happened to him in the Dragon Valley. What was most pleasing to him was that he couldn't even sense any bottlenecks ahead of him. As long as he could continue to accumulate and improve like this, he had absolute confidence in his ability to become a Titled Douluo before turning 30.

"Knock knock knock!" The sound of door-knocking rang out.

Tang Wulin was meditating in his room, and he rose to his feet before opening the door to find Long Yuxue standing outside.

"Superior." Tang Wulin hurriedly invited her into the room.

Long Yuxue appeared to be in very high spirits. She had also participated in the battle against the abyssal tide, and those battles were always quite perilous, but they also presented great opportunities to accumulate accolades, so Long Yuxue certainly wasn't going to back down.

"What happened after the eighth Blood God took you away that day? Why didn't you come back to participate in the battle? I heard that you were prohibited from taking further part in the battle by the higher-ups, is that true?" Long Yuxue immediately cut straight to the chase.

Tang Wulin replied, "Perhaps it's due to my Golden Dragon Spear, but the Blood God Battalion did indeed prohibit me from participating in the battle."

A perplexed look appeared on Long Yuxue's, and she said, "Let's go to the battle department; it's time for the rewards ceremony."

"Huh?" a surprised look appeared in Tang Wulin's eyes as he asked, "What's that?"

Long Yuxue chuckled, "It's good news, of course. During battles, our Blood God Bracelets will automatically record the accolades that we earn from killing abyssal creatures. However, following a major battle like this, the accolades have to be standardized. To put it in simpler terms, long-range attackers like me are only able to attack to our heart's content because there are melee combat units holding back the enemies on the front line. Hence, long-range attackers have to give some of their accolades to the melee combatants, and the amount that's given is naturally based on an algorithm devised by the legion.

"You were a melee combat soldier during that battle, and you performed exceptionally well during your very first battle, so you'll definitely be receiving a lot of extra accolades. Come to think of it, even if you don't receive any extra accolades from the standardization process, you should still have earned enough for a promotion to the lieutenant rank. You really are lucky! You've only been here for less than a month, yet you've already encountered an abyssal tide. On top of that, this abyssal tide was really brief and passed by after only seven days."

Accolades? Tang Wulin had completely forgotten about this, but this was definitely good news for him.

Thus, he followed Long Yuxue to the battle department, where many soldiers were already accepting accolades with their Blood God Bracelets, and there were also some promotion ceremonies taking place as well. As long as enough accolades had been earned, one could be promoted immediately. Hence, there was always a large group of soldiers who received promotions in the aftermath of each abyssal tide.

Tang Wulin stood behind Long Yuxue, and the two of them joined the back of the line.

The line progressed very quickly as there were over 10 high-ranking military officials handing out accolades and promotions, and Tang Wulin's eyes were filled with envy and anticipation at the sight of shimmering new epaulets being distributed.

According to what Long Yuxue had said, he would most likely be able to earn a promotion to the lieutenant rank, which took him one step closer to becoming a major.

During these past few days, he would make some time every day to call Gu Yuena and chat with her. Gu Yuena always told him how much she missed him during those calls, and if it weren't for his military obligations, Tang Wulin would be flying back to see her right away. Hence, promotions were particularly important to him.

Finally, it was Long Yuxue's turn.

She passed her Blood God Bracelet over, and it was placed under a special scanning device. The senior colonel before her then smiled, and said, "Well done, Yuxue, you've really made your father proud! You received 9,710 accolades during this battle, but due to standardization, 3,300 accolades will be taken from you, leaving you with 6,410 accolades. In addition to the accolades you've already saved up, you've earned a promotion to lieutenant colonel. Congratulations!"

Long Yuxue had already predicted this, but she was still quite elated to hear her promotion being confirmed. It was quite remarkable for someone to become a lieutenant colonel before turning 30.

She stood up straight and extended a military salute before stepping forward for her promotion ceremony.

Tang Wulin was naturally right behind her, and he also handed over his Blood God Bracelet.

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