Chapter 963: General Blood One

This was definitely the highest-ranking military official Tang Wulin had ever seen, yet he appeared to only be in his thirties!

The highest military rank in the Douluo Federation was the commander-in-chief, who was a four-star military official, and below that was the vice-commander-in-chief, who was also a four-star military official. Generals were ranked directly below those two, and there were less than 10 generals in the entire federation, yet he was looking at one of them right now. To think that there would be a federal general here in the secluded Skyend Mountain Ranges; could it be that this man was the commander of the entire Blood God Legion?

However, generally speaking, even legion commanders shouldn't be given the military rank of general, and what was even stranger to Tang Wulin was that he couldn't sense any soul power fluctuations from this general's body whatsoever, and it felt as if he were just an ordinary person. 

"I'm fine," Blood Three sighed as she turned toward the old man before her.

The old man then turned his attention to Tang Wulin, and asked, "Did you call the two of us here because of this young man, Little Eight?"

Blood Eight nodded in response. The old man was also referring to her as Little Eight, but she had no objections on this occasion.

The old man glanced at Tang Wulin before turning to the three-star general behind him. "Is this young man from your Tang Sect? I can sense Mysterious Heaven Method soul power within his body."

Tang Sect? This three-star general was from the Tang Sect?

Tang Wulin's pupils contracted drastically. This was simply incredible to him. He had always known that there would be allies from the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy here, but never would he have thought that the Tang Sect had a three-star general among their ranks. If word of this were to spread, would anyone still dare to oppress the Tang Sect as they were doing now?

The young man stepped forward with a smile on his face, and said, "You're Wulin, right? Zang Xin has already told me about you. Allow me to make an introduction; everyone, Tang Wulin is a disciple of our Tang Sect, and also an agent of our Battle Hall. At the same time, he is the captain of the current generation of Shrek’s Seven Monsters. Wulin, you can call me Blood One; this is Blood Two."

"Greetings, Superiors," Tang Wulin hurriedly greeted the two of them.

Blood One waved a hand in response. "There's no need for such formalities in our Blood God Battalion. Blood Eight must've brought you here because you've done something that's worthy of our attention, right? How about you fill us in on what's happening?"

Thus, Blood Eight played the footage once again and also explained Tang Wulin's situation.

Blood Two wore a surprised look on his face, and he seemed to be appraising Tang Wulin through new eyes.

"Brother, if Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect needs us, we'll be more than willing to lend you our power," Blood Two said to Blood One in a serious voice.

Blood One waved a hand, and said, "All of us come from the Tang Sect, Shrek Academy, the Battle God Hall, or the Spirit Pagoda, but from the moment we came here, especially after we joined the Blood God Battalion, our lives no longer belonged to us. Instead, they now belong to all of the living beings on the entire continent, and nothing that happens to the Tang Sect can change that. There's nothing more important to us than guarding the abyssal passageway. 

"The disaster that befell the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy was also very painful for me to hear about, but I can't just leave this place because of that, and none of us have the right to leave. We'll only be able to earn that right if we can completely shut off the abyssal passageway or destroy the abyssal plane. Otherwise, we have to guard this place until the day we die."

He spoke in a very resolute manner, and grim expressions appeared on the faces of all of the Blood Gods.

Indeed, nothing was more important than guarding this place as a truly horrendous disaster would befall the entire continent if the abyssal passageway were to be breached. Who knew how many lives would have to be lost before the passageway could be sealed again, or even if it could be sealed for a second time at all?

Hence, no matter how much pain and fury Blood Three and Blood Five were experiencing, they still didn't leave the Blood God Battalion. They had a duty on their shoulders that was of the utmost importance.

"Wulin's situation is indeed very special; we can try to see if better use can be made of his Golden Dragon Spear during our battles against the abyssal creatures. Wulin, the task of resurrecting the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy will have to fall upon you and your friends. As members of the Blood God Battalion, we can only help you by constantly spurring you on to improve in order to accelerate your growth."

Tang Wulin had to admit that he was disappointed to hear this. The Blood God Battalion had nine Titled Douluos, all of whom were also at least three-word battle armor masters. This was an extremely formidable force, and if he could gain their assistance, it would undoubtedly be a lot easier for him to revive Shrek Academy.

However, with the massive threat of the abyssal passageway looming here, it would indeed be far too selfish of him to expect them to lend him their assistance.

Blood One appraised the silent Tang Wulin, and asked, "Does your Golden Dragon Spear's ability to devour abyssal energy result in any side-effects?"

Tang Wulin shook his head, and replied, "There are no side-effects, but I'll require some time for digestion if I absorb too much energy."

Blood One nodded, and said, "Alright, from now on, you're a fringe member of our Blood God Battalion. You'll only receive orders from our battalion, so don't participate in any battles without our instructions. I'll be devising a set of battle tactics that will be specifically tailor-made to suit you."

"Yes," Tang Wulin replied in a respectful manner.

Blood One turned to the others, and instructed, "Blood Six, Blood Seven, Blood Eight, go and reinforce the affected passageways. This abyssal tide is an extremely powerful one, but the good thing is that the Enchantress Empress has been provoked by Wulin into attacking once, so there's no way it'll attack again during this abyssal tide. Wulin, you come with me."

Blood Six, Blood Seven, and Blood Eight departed, and Blood One led Tang Wulin into a room at the very center of the circular hall.

The room wasn't very large, but the natural energies inside were extremely abundant. The interior of the room was very simple and minimalistic, and it was only slightly larger than the dormitory room that Tang Wulin was living in. There wasn't even a bed in the room, there were only a few futons on the ground.

"Take a seat." Blood One pointed at one of the futons.

Tang Wulin sat down across from Blood One.

"Truth be told, I was made aware of you a long time ago, and I've constantly been keeping an eye on you. Zang Xin informed me that you were coming before your arrival, and you're even more exceptional than I'd imagined. I see a lot of hope and potential in you."

Tang Wulin didn't say anything. He still had quite a heavy heart as he was wondering what the point of his military service stint was if he couldn't enlist the assistance of the Blood God Legion.

Blood One said, "You must've thought that Zang Xin sent you here so you can gain the support of a legion and work toward reviving Shrek Academy and our Tang Sect, right? Did my words just then dash those hopes of yours?"

Tang Wulin nodded in response.

Blood One continued, "You're wrong. We decided to send you to this legion not because we wanted you to obtain something from this place. Instead, we want you to learn the importance of responsibility here. To the Tang Sect, the Blood God Legion is just as important as the demonic island is to Shrek Academy."

Demonic island? How did he know about the demonic island?

Blood One smiled, and said, "That's right, I know of the demonic island, and I was once a student of Shrek Academy. To be more specific, I was the captain of that generation of Shrek’s Seven Monsters, and Yun Ming was also a member of Shrek’s Seven Monsters at the time."

Tang Wulin abruptly raised his head with an astonished look on his face.

He was the captain of Shrek’s Seven Monsters? Then didn't that mean that he was even more powerful than Atlas Douluo Yun Ming at the time? In that case, why did Yun Ming become the master of the Sea God's Pavilion in the end?

Blood One sighed, "Come to think of it, those events took place over a century ago. 100 years have passed by in the blink of an eye, and I've never left this place ever since I came here 60 years ago. I chose to leave the academy following my graduation for the sake of the Tang Sect, and I thought that Yun Ming and the others would be more than enough to ensure the prosperity of the academy, but who would've thought that such a tragic disaster would befall the academy?"

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