Chapter 961: The Blood God Battalion

The sustained assault from the abyssal creatures suddenly abated, and everyone heaved a sigh of relief. However, the devastating power that the grey-haired woman had just displayed had also sent chills running down everyone's spines.

Silver light flashed, and the Blood God appeared before Tang Wulin. Much to his surprise, the voice that rang out from beneath the Blood God's visor belonged to a woman. The voice was cold and crisp, and listening to it evoked the imagery of eating cold watermelon during winter.

"Come with me." She grabbed onto Tang Wulin's pauldron in a direct manner, and her body swayed before she flew out of the cave.

Long Yuxue and Jiang Wuyue looked on as the two of them departed, and they could only exchange a speechless glance with one another. They had never witnessed any abyssal creatures as powerful as that grey-haired woman.

The melee combat and long-range attack units were reorganized, and they were prepared to take on the abyssal tide as soon as it resumed. Meanwhile, Tang Wulin was led out of the abyssal cave by the Blood God, and both of them flew directly toward the legion base.

After exiting the cave, the Blood God instructed, "Follow me."

She then released Tang Wulin before flying on ahead.

Tang Wulin hurriedly adjusted his body in mid-air and took a deep breath before following along behind her.

The Blood God's body flashed, and she soon landed in a nondescript courtyard behind the control center. From the outside, this place appeared to be no different from the base.

As soon as she landed on the ground, her suit of battle armor vanished into her body as streaks of silver light.

Tang Wulin landed behind her and also withdrew his own Dragon Moon battle armor.

He was standing behind the Blood God, so he could only see her profile from behind. She wore a pristine white military uniform, and her epaulets indicated that she was a major general. She had a head of short silver hair, a straight back, and a slender waist.

The memory of tumbling through the air with her resurfaced in his mind. At the time, he'd been struck by the notion that her waist felt very slender, but he didn't think that she'd really be a woman.

This female Blood God's figure was truly quite astounding. Her waist was extremely slender, but her backside was the most voluptuous among all of the beauties that Tang Wulin had ever seen. There was a slightly exaggerated curve leading from her waist down to her backside, and her legs were slightly thick, but very long, and they were extremely alluring even when sheathed in the pants of her military uniform.

"Come with me." The Blood Goddess turned around to glance at Tang Wulin, and he gleaned her appearance for the very first time.

Her icy blue eyes created a rather strange combination with her silver hair, and her hair was slightly different from Gu Yuena's silver hair; Gu Yuena's hair were like crystalline strands, yet her locks appeared to be slightly whiter in color and also seemed to be extremely soft and smooth.

She wasn't particularly beautiful; at the very least, there was a clear gap between her and Gu Yuena in the looks department, but she was brimming with heroic spirit. This was a trait that all soldiers seemed to possess; Tang Wulin had seen it in Long Yuxue, and he was witnessing it again in this Blood Goddess.

Tang Wulin followed the Blood Goddess into the room, and the elevated indoor temperature immediately struck one with a sense of relaxation. The interior of the barrack was very narrow, and there was an elevator directly up ahead.

A beam of light shone toward them, and the Blood Goddess's Blood God Bracelet also lit up. The two lights met, and at the same time, she swept a hand through the air. A burst of light was then released from her Blood God Bracelet, which was clearly different from Tang Wulin's bracelet, and the light immediately encompassed his entire body. Only then did she make her way toward the elevators.

The doors of the elevator opened, and Tang Wulin also hurriedly entered it.

There were no buttons in the elevator, and as soon as the doors were closed, it began to move. Tang Wulin could sense that it seemed to be moving in a downward direction.

Around a quarter of a minute later, the elevator doors were opened again, and the Battle Goddess, who appeared to be in her thirties, led him into a circular hall.

There were three rows of screens within the hall, all of which were depicting the situation within each of the abyssal caves.

"Welcome to the Blood God Battalion; you can refer to me as Blood Eight as I'm ranked eighth among the nine Blood Gods. Our ranks are decided based on power, not by age," the Battle Goddess said in a cold voice.

"Greetings, Superior," only now did Tang Wulin get a chance to extend a military salute toward her, and at the same time, he said in a respectful voice, "Thank you for saving my life."

Blood Eight waved a dismissive hand before pressing down on the Blood God Bracelet on her wrist.

The surrounding screens split open to reveal a series of doors, and four of the doors were opened, following which a person emerged from each of them.

"What's goin on, Lil' Eight?" A lazy voice sounded. The voice belonged to a young man who appeared to be around 26 to 27 years of age. He had his arms behind his back and wore a lazy expression on his face. His epaulets also indicated that he was a very high-ranking military official.

Blood Eight's expression immediately darkened. "Don't make me say this again, Blood Seven! Don't call me Little Eight; refer to me as Blood Eight!"

Blood Seven chuckled, "Alright, don't get mad. We're all friends here, so why be so dogmatic?"

"Hmph!" Blood Eight harrumphed coldly.

The other three people also emerged, and one of them was a woman who appeared to be around 50 years of age. She wore a resigned expression as she sighed, "You should really learn to watch your mouth, Blood Seven! What are you going to do if Blood Eight outstrips you someday?"

Blood Seven chuckled, "That's my motivation for cultivating! If that day really comes, you have to stand on my side, Sister Three!"

Blood Three shook her head in a resigned manner before turning her attention to Tang Wulin. "Looks like you've brought someone new here, Blood Eight; do you think he has what it takes?"

Blood Eight nodded in response. "His situation is rather special; the best way to explain things would be through showing you some footage. This was all recorded from the battle taking place in the sixth cave." She made her way over to one of the screens as she spoke before beginning to operate it.

Tang Wulin extended a military salute toward everyone. "Greetings, Superiors."

Blood Three smiled, and said, "You can be more relaxed here; our Blood God Battalion doesn't have as many rules and regulations as there are in the rest of the base. Allow me to introduce everyone to you; I'm Blood Three, these are Blood Five, Blood Six, and Blood Seven, and you've met Blood Eight already. Our Blood God Battalion only has nine members in total, and we welcome you to join us."

Blood Five and Blood Six were both men. Blood Five was very tall and burly with dark skin, making him resemble an immovable black iron tower. In contrast, Blood Six was quite short and thin, and he had the most ordinary appearance among all of the Blood God present. He seemed to be completely harmless, and his presence was virtually non-existent. He wore a friendly smile on his face, but Tang Wulin noticed that he had a pair of extremely long and slender hands that were quite thin, but struck him with an indescribable sense of danger.

From this, he could deduce that this man had to be extremely fast, which made it very likely that he was an agility system Soul Master.

Tang Wulin hadn't heard much about the Blood God Battalion, and Long Yuxue hadn't told him anything about it, either, so this was clearly a highly confidential organization within the Blood God Legion. However, it was also undoubtedly the case that this was the core of the Blood God Legion.

Blood Seven made his way over to Tang Wulin with a faint smile on his face. "Where're you from, little bro? How long have you been in the legion?"

Tang Wulin replied, "I've only been part of the legion for a short time, and I was recommended here by the Tang Sect."

"You're from the Tang Sect?" Blood Seven's expression changed slightly as he cast his gaze toward Blood Six, and said, "Looks like you two have something in common."

Blood Six smiled, and said, "Welcome. Who recommended you to come here from the Tang Sect?"

Tang Wulin replied, "It was His Highness, the Amorous Douluo."

A rather peculiar look appeared on Blood Six's face at the mention of the Amorous Douluo.

Right at this moment, Blood Eight's voice rang out. "Come over and have a look, everyone."

Everyone's attention was immediately drawn to the screen before her, and the scenes being depicted on the screen were none other than that of the battle that Tang Wulin had just participated in.

At this point in the footage, Tang Wulin was standing beside Jiang Wuyue, and the battle hadn't commenced yet. Blood Eight pointed at his figure on the screen to inform everyone that the man in the suit of golden battle armor was him.

The battle then began to unfold on the screen, and in the beginning, everyone's expressions were still quite natural.

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