Chapter 958: The Colossal Finger

Tang Wulin couldn't help but draw a sharp breath upon hearing this.

14 three-word battle armor masters? That wasn't as fearsome of a lineup compared to what Shrek Academy had in the past, but this was definitely still an extremely terrifying force even in the context of the entire continent. Even the federation's Battle God Hall only had 18 Battle Gods!

He didn't know how powerful the Battle Gods were, but most of them were most likely three-word battle armor masters, which meant that the Blood God Legion had almost as many top-tier powerful beings among their ranks as the Battle God Hall did. It was no wonder that they were considered to be the most powerful legion on the entire continent despite their limited numbers; if he could receive the support of the Blood God Legion, he'd be taking a massive step toward bringing about the revival of Shrek Academy.

Jiang Wuyue and Tang Wulin rushed onward, and all of the soldiers up ahead parted to make way for them.

Jiang Wuyue let loose a ferocious roar, and his body quickly expanded in size as he rushed into the fray. His battle style was extremely direct and domineering. After releasing his suit of two-word battle armor, his fists were his greatest weapons, and he rammed a Ba'an aside as soon as he reached the front lines.

Tang Wulin followed closely behind him, and his height had also exceeded two and a half meters with the enhancements of his two-word battle armor. He spread open his wings and swept his Golden Dragon Spear through the air, instantly pulverizing several oncoming Engulfment Lizards. 

At the same time, he flicked his wrist, and countless spear projections immediately erupted from his Golden Dragon Spear. Countless four-clawed bats were destroyed by the spear projections, and their energy was absorbed into his body through the spear.

After absorbing the energy of abyssal creatures again, Tang Wulin immediately sensed that something had changed. In the past, the feeling of absorbing a four-winged bat's energy had been quite apparent, but on this occasion, the energy completely vanished into his dragon core without resulting in any effects.

Did his body simply require more energy for changes to take place now, or did he require energy of a higher caliber? Tang Wulin wasn't sure about the answer to that question, and he was currently situated on a battlefield, so he didn't have time to ponder the issue.

Even with the sustained assault from the long-range attacking units in the rear, there were still many abyssal creatures that were able to reach the melee combat battalions, but most of them were already wounded by that point.

There were comrades all around him, so all he had to do was attack with reckless abandon, and this was an extremely exhilarating feeling. He didn't have to think about anything else other than unleashing his power to his heart's content.

He stomped his right foot onto the ground, and a golden halo immediately spread through the surrounding area; it was none other than his Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth.

The two Ba'ans rushing toward Jiang Wuyue immediately faltered, and their momentum was significantly hampered as a result. Two giant shields immediately crashed into them, bringing them to a grinding halt.

Jiang Wuyue's body flashed forward, and a massive hammer appeared in each of his two hands.

"Boom!" One of the Ba'an was sent flying by his hammers, while the other was rammed back into the scope of the long-range attacks by the eight golden dragons that erupted from the ground as a result of the Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth.

Tang Wulin could immediately feel that his Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth was different from how it had been in the past. When he used his Nine Arts of the Golden Dragon now, his dragon core would immediately flash, and his blood essence power would instantly be elevated explosively, thereby significantly enhancing the power of his Nine Arts of the Golden Dragon.

In the past, there was no way that his Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth would've been powerful enough to force back a Ba'an.


A massive golden dragon head appeared around Tang Wulin as he unleashed his Golden Dragon Roar, and even the explosions from the long-range cannon blasts were drowned out by the thunderous dragon's roar.

The dozen or so weakest abyssal creatures that were situated the closest to him were instantly shattered by the force of the roar, and even the more powerful abyssal creatures were slowed down significantly. The pressure on the melee combat battalions was instantly alleviated to a great extent, thereby allowing them some respite.

Even the Blood God in the air above couldn't help but turn their attention to the battlefield down below.

There were many battle armor masters in the melee combat battalions, but two-word battle armor masters were quite rare.

As such, Tang Wulin's massive golden wings were very eye-catching, and even the Blood God's expression changed slightly at the sight of the huge golden dragon head that had appeared around his body.

All of a sudden, a voice rang out from within the Blood God's earpiece, and he gave a slight nod before focusing more of his attention on Tang Wulin.

"Roar!" A thunderous roar of fury sounded from within the abyssal passageway, and a burst of greyish-white energy abruptly surged forth to block all of the long-range energy attacks. Immediately thereafter, a grey-white speck of light suddenly appeared before hurtling directly toward Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin felt as if his consciousness had instantly congealed, as had all of the blood within his entire body. He could only look in shock as the massive object reached out of the abyssal passageway. This was a gargantuan finger with a diameter in excess of 10 meters. On the front end of the finger was a white fingernail that was close to completely transparent. The entire finger was extremely massive, but proportionally speaking, it was actually quite long and slender.

The finger was upon him in the blink of an eye, and right at this moment, a streak of silver light descended from up above.

The dazzling light seemed to be threatening to part heaven and earth, and a massive blade projection that was over 10 meters wide struck the gigantic fingernail. 

A deafening boom rang out as a result of the collision, and all of the melee combat battalion troops retreated as quickly as they could. A large number of abyssal creatures in the surrounding area also exploded into smithereens in the face of this fearsome explosion.

The pressure on Tang Wulin's body was completely lifted, and the sense of asphyxiation that he'd been struck by also disappeared as he hurriedly hurtled back in retreat with a stunned expression on his face.

The person standing before him was none other than that three-word battle armor master. His weapon was a massive saber, and a massive saber projection was unleashed with each slash of the weapon. This was a Titled Douluo who was wearing a suit of three-word battle armor, and he struck the massive finger over 10 times with his saber in quick succession.

The finger curled back slightly before abruptly springing forward, and a burst of terrifying greyish-white light struck the three-word battle armor master's body.

The three-word battle armor master was sent flying like a cannonball, and he could only just barely adjust the positioning of his wings to send himself flying upward as opposed to directly back into his own allies. He crashed heavily into the roof of the cave, and his entire body was embedded into the rock face.

However, the colossal finger also tremored slightly before withdrawing back into the abyssal passageway in an extremely reluctant manner.

Tang Wulin's face already completely paled at this point, and he turned to Jiang Wuyue, who was looking just as pale as he was. "What was that thing?"

"I don't know." Jiang Wuyue had also been struck by that sense of asphyxiation, but it wasn't as overwhelming as the sensation that Tang Wulin had been afflicted by. However, he was certain that if that finger had been pointing at him, he would've most definitely been completely powerless as well.

Tang Wulin's lips twitched slightly, and all of his joy and elation from manifesting his dragon core completely disappeared. Compared to a truly powerful being, he was still far too weak!

"Don't be disheartened: that was a direct attack from one of the abyssal emperors. You should be extremely proud that you were able to provoke an attack from an abyssal emperor."

Silver light flashed, and the three-word battle armor master appeared overhead again.

Tang Wulin nodded as a gesture of gratitude toward this three-word battle armor master, who had just saved his life, and he brandished his Golden Dragon Spear before charging into battle against the abyssal creatures again.

His dragon core provided him with an endless supply of enormous power, and unleashed his Violent Golden Dragon Domain again.

The domain only had a diameter of 50 meters in the past, but with his newly-attained dragon core, that diameter extended all the way to 120 meters, allowing the domain to encompass over 200 of his allies. The morale among the troops instantly received a significant boost, and they were able to steadily force the army of abyssal creatures back into the passageway.

As such, the space between the abyssal creatures was significantly compressed, thereby making the long-range attacks from the rear even more effective. Thus, the abyssal creatures began to suffer casualties at a far faster rate than before.

Jiang Wuyue benefited the most from Tang Wulin's Violent Golden Dragon Domain, and not only had the scope of the domain increased, its enhancement effects had also improved. Jiang Wuyue could even sense that his powers were directly improving within the domain, and it was as if something had awakened deep within his bloodline. His giant hammers were like unstoppable wrecking balls, and even Ba'ans were struggling to match his extraordinary strength.

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