Chapter 957: Dragon Core

It wasn't a very large crystal, but all of the golden strips of light originated from it, and Tang Wulin could see what appeared to be a series of spatial rifts above the crystalline core. Those spatial rifts were none other than his Golden Dragon King seals!

This was the first time that he'd caught such a clear glimpse of the true existence of his Golden Dragon King seals. It seemed that all he had to do to break those seals was to direct all of those golden strips of light toward them.

Could this be a bloodline core that was similar to a soul core? Was this something that had been manifested from his blood essence power?

Tang Wulin was quite flabbergasted by this notion. In reality, even he hadn't been sure of whether his blood essence vortex would eventually adopt a soul-core-like crystalline form.

As it turned out, there seemed to be some kind of profound law in this world, and he'd successfully managed to manifest a blood essence core. All of the agony he had just experienced was irrelevant now as the formation of the core had elevated his bodily condition to a whole new level.

It was undoubtedly countless times more difficult for one to manifest a soul-core-like structure with their blood essence power compared to doing the same with actual soul power. Tang Wulin had only managed to get to this point through a series of opportunities and coincidences, which had allowed him to continue to improve himself. Of course, the enhancements he received from his Golden Dragon King bloodline power was the main driving factor behind all of this.

The enhancements that the Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum had given him and the enormous influx of energy that he'd just absorbed had proven to be the final catalysts required for him to accomplish this unprecedented feat.

He almost reflexively gave this crystalline core a name; dragon core!

Without the assistance of his Golden Dragon King bloodline, there was no way that he would've been able to attain such immense blood essence power, so dragon core was a very fitting name for this blood essence core.

He felt as if he'd been completely reborn as a new man, and the feeling was akin to that of breaking a Golden Dragon King seal. However, the difference there was that the formation of this dragon core was only going to be benefitting him and wouldn't be harming him in any way. With this dragon core, Tang Wulin finally developed some confidence that his body wouldn't immediately explode if he were to break his 10th Golden Dragon King seal.

This was definitely fantastic news for him, and this dragon core was going to significantly decrease the risk involved in breaking his future Golden Dragon King seals. At the same time, with this dragon core, his physical constitution had finally exceeded the upper limit of what was possible for a human being, and he would now be able to progress toward another level.

The so-called human limit was the most powerful physical constitution that a Limit Douluo could attain. It was undoubtedly the case that in terms of bodily condition alone, Tang Wulin had already reached that level.

This brought to him a range of immense benefits; firstly, his body's resistance had been significantly enhanced, as had his offensive and defensive powers, as well as his strength.

Secondly, and most importantly, he wouldn't ever have to worry about his soul power becoming too powerful for his body to handle. With his current physical constitution, he'd still be completely fine even if he were to attain the soul power of a Hyper Douluo right at this very instant. His future rate of cultivation would only become faster and faster, and no bottlenecks would pose an issue to him.

He stood up straight before gently patting his own chest. He had survived that harrowing ordeal and reaped tremendous rewards from it, but his heart was still thumping rapidly in his chest. In that instant, he felt as if he were truly going to die. Thank heavens that hadn't spelled the end of him.

A relieved look appeared on Tang Wulin's face as he pressed on the side of his helmet, withdrawing his visor so he could get some fresh air.

At this moment, the deafening booms on the battlefield became audible to him again. The battle against the abyssal tide was still raging. Tang Wulin did a few stretches, and an unprecedented sense of power immediately coursed through every single corner of his body, making him moan with pleasure again.

A series of cracks and pops rang out from his spine, and he was like a giant dragon awakening from hibernation.

At this point, the opening in the defensive line had been completely filled, and Jiang Wuyue returned to Tang Wulin's side before slamming a hand down onto his shoulder.

"Nicely done! You really saved us back there. By the way, why did your domain disappear after only such a short time?" Tang Wulin's Violent Golden Dragon Domain had naturally vanished due to the crisis that his body had been afflicted with, but thankfully, he had done enough to help everyone force back the relentless waves of abyssal creatures again.

A wry smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face. "Something happened to my body just now, and I completely ran out of steam, so I was unable to maintain my domain."

"That last attack was awesome! I didn't think that you'd be able to wound a Black Empress! It's a shame that you weren't able to kill her. Otherwise, you'd be rolling in accolades right now!"

There was still a hint of lingering fear in Tang Wulin's heart. "That Black Empress was way too fearsome; I feel like she was even more powerful than a Demonic Enchantress."

Jiang Wuyue nodded, and said, "They're powerful in different ways. That Black Empress just then couldn't be considered to be one of the most powerful ones among the entire Black Empress Race, but the most formidable thing about them is their potential for growth. Among the abyssal emperors, one of them is a Black Empress, and she's also the most fearsome one. Back when the abyssal creatures descended upon this world for the first time, their supreme emperor had been from the Black Empress Race. The Black Empress that you saw today hasn't completely attained a human form yet; the most powerful Black Empresses are completely identical in appearance to humans like us.

"They can infiltrate our ranks through all types of tricks, and during the initial years following the founding of the Blood God Legion, they'd brought several massive disasters upon us. After that, we learned from our mistakes and set up better sensory devices that allowed us to kill a few Black Empresses before they could wreak any havoc, and they haven't dared to try and infiltrate our ranks ever since. Among the abyssal creatures that can appear in this narrow abyssal passageway, the Black Empresses are the most powerful.

"Emperor-level abyssal creatures can also emerge from the Demonic Enchantress Race, but they've always been a subsidiary race to the Black Empress Race. They can be considered to be the greatest allies of the Black Empress Race, but they're more like subordinates. Now that a Black Empress has appeared in this abyssal tide, Demonic Enchantresses will most likely appear as well; we're going to have a tough battle ahead of us."

Jiang Wuyue's voice had only just trailed off when a figure flew over to them from behind. This figure wore a full suit of silver armor with a pair of wings that had been fully spread open, and there was a ring of silver light beneath their feet.

This was a true battle armor domain, which heralded the arrival of a three-word battle armor master!

Powerful reinforcements had finally arrived.

Due to the fact that the armored figure was wearing a visor, it was impossible to glean their true appearance, but the aura emanating from their body indicated that they were definitely quite powerful.

Tang Wulin heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing this. With this three-word battle armor master present, it would be a lot easier for them to maintain their defensive line, even if another Black Empress were to arrive.

"Seeing as you've run out of power, you should go back to the base and rest. You're from the special service department, so you shouldn't have to engage in direct battle against these abyssal creatures anyway. Don't worry about letting the Black Empress get away; even though you didn't manage to kill her, you'll definitely still be receiving accolades for what you did. The fact that you forced that Black Empress into retreat definitely helped us avoid many casualties, and I thank you on behalf of my brothers of the first battalion."

Tang Wulin replied, "There's no need to thank me; I'm only doing my duty, Superior. My body has completely recovered now, so please allow me to join the battle; I want to fight at the very front!"

Jiang Wuyue chuckled, "Well said! From this day forth, you're a brother of mine." He suddenly lowered his voice, and continued, "As long as you don't try to take Yuxue away from me, that is. Otherwise, we'll be brothers on the battlefield but enemies off it."

A resigned look appeared on Tang Wulin's face. "I've told you this already; I have a girlfriend already."

Jiang Wuyue chortled, "I'm glad to hear that! Seeing as you want to go to the very front, then let's go together. With a Blood God on the scene, I won't have to command the troops anymore, so I can fight to my heart's content as well."

Tang Wulin rushed alongside Jiang Wuyue, and asked, "What's a Blood God?"

Jiang Wuyue replied, "The Blood Gods are the most powerful beings in our Blood God Legion, and the name of our legion was derived from their existence. Our legion currently has nine Blood Gods in total, all of whom are Titled Douluos and three-word battle armor masters. On top of that, we have a legion commander, two vice-legion commanders, and two division commanders, which makes a total of 14 Titled Douluos who are also three-word battle armor masters."

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