Chapter 954: The Ferocious Abyssal Tide

The reinforcements had also arrived at this point, but they didn't join the troops that were already gathered here. Instead, they were prepared to substitute any of the soldiers here at any time.

It was no coincidence that the two divisions of the Blood God Legion had managed to successfully guard the abyssal passageway for over 6,000 years; regardless of what types of changes or dangers they encountered, they were always able to react very quickly, and just that alone set them apart from most other legions.

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face, and he could sense that his own blood was beginning to boil in the heat of battle.

What man didn't dream of dominating the battlefield and experiencing the exhilaration of battle?

This was the first time that Tang Wulin had ever stepped onto an official battlefield, and it was also his first time facing a battle of such a large scale. There were close to 2,000 people in the passageway on their side.

Tang Wulin had asked Jiang Wuyue about this; if all 36 passageways were guarded by close to 2,000 troops, then there weren't even enough soldiers in the entire legion to accommodate this! After all, they only had around 15,000 troops that were available for battle, and that would only be enough to guard seven passageways.

In response, Jiang Wuyue had explained to him that not all of the passageways were guarded by the same number of troops. It wasn't that easy for the abyssal creatures to unleash an abyssal tide, and when abyssal tides struck, only three of the 36 passageways would be affected at most.

As such, not all of the passageways had to be so heavily guarded, and there were protective barriers in all of the passageways anyway.

If the abyssal tide really were to appear in more passageways, then the defenses set up by the Blood God Heart would be able to keep it at bay, affording the legion enough time to transfer their troops back and forth between the passageways.

At the same time, the legion had some backup forces, as well as some special soul weapons that specifically targeted abyssal creatures. They'd been guarding this place without fail for several millennia, so they naturally had their ways.

After hearing this explanation, Tang Wulin decided to observe everything for himself rather than asking further questions.

Only after a sustained assault lasting for close to two hours did the destructive energy gradually abate. However, Tang Wulin could see that countless abyssal creatures had already filled the exit of the cave, and they'd immediately rush in as soon as the light barrier was lifted.

The abyssal creatures were so horrifying in appearance that a normal person would most likely faint from horror at the very sight of them.

"Prepare for battle!" Jiang Wuyue yelled as light flashed from his body, and his suit of battle armor was released. A pair of wings spread open on his back, indicating that this was a suit of two-word battle armor.

His suit of battle armor was entirely black in color without any lavish patterns inscribed on its surface, but it was extremely thick and heavy, which perfectly complemented the forte of the Tyrant Dragon; pure strength!

The mechas from the melee combat battalion all took a step forward and raised the giant shields in their hands.

Every mecha was holding a massive shield that was around 15 meters tall, which was able to defend all of them.

All they had to do was keep the enemies' attacks at bay, and they'd already be completing an important mission; the long-range attacking soldiers in the rear were going to be the ones doing the majority of the damage.

If it weren't for the fact that this was a level three abyssal tide, there wouldn't have had to be so many troops deployed to the scene.

Tang Wulin couldn't help but feel rather amused by how ridiculous his own luck was. Setting aside the fact that a level three abyssal tide only took place once every several decades, even if the abyssal tide were to affect three of the 36 main caves, he'd only have a one in 12 chance of encountering it. The fact that all of the stars had aligned to make this happen on his first trip into the abyss left him feeling quite speechless.

Right at this moment, all of the destructive energy finally vanished, and an electronic voice sounded as a result. "The Blood God Heart barrier will now be withdrawn. Everyone, prepare for battle."

Long Yuxue rose up into the air to search for Tang Wulin, only to discover that he was standing beside Jiang Wuyue. Her brows furrowed slightly, but her professionalism as a soldier immediately shone through as she joined the long-range attacking units without any hesitation in preparation for the upcoming battle.

The blue light gradually began to fade, and the loud cries coming from the abyssal creatures had become quite clearly audible.

"Attack!" A commander's voice rang out from the rear, and several hundred balls of light immediately shot forth at once, flying through the air in parabolic trajectories, aimed at the opening of the cave with unerring accuracy.

The Blood God Heart protective barrier vanished at exactly this moment, and the abyssal creatures surged forth in a frenzy.

"Howl!" A sharp howl erupted, and all of the hearts of the Blood God Legion soldiers shuddered in response as their eyes began to glaze over. Thankfully, a white light barrier appeared right at this moment to cut off that sound.

At this point, the Blood God Legion was extremely experienced in facing abyssal creatures, and a lot of that experience had been accrued through countless deaths and bloodshed.

A string of resounding booms rang out, and countless abyssal creatures were blown into smithereens by the explosion. Extremely powerful energy fluctuations began to sweep over the entire battlefield. There seemed to be no end to the long-range attacks coming from behind, and they were clashing violently with the oncoming abyssal creatures.

Tang Wulin stood beside Jiang Wuyue, and he couldn't see anything aside from countless balls of light exploding up ahead of them.

The giant shields in the hands of mechas of the melee combat battalion all lit up in unison, conjuring up protective light barriers that formed a barricade up ahead to allow their comrades in their rear to attack with reckless abandon.

This was a true battle! Even though Tang Wulin was very confident in his own powers, he was still struck by a sense of insignificance in the midst of a battle of such massive proportions.

One round of explosions erupted after another amid relentless strings of piercing cries. These abyssal creatures seemed to have no blood at all, and only streams of greyish-black mist were escaping back into the abyssal passageway. Those were the abyssal creatures that had been slain.

Tang Wulin couldn't help but imagine how much his body would be enhanced if he were to use his Golden Dragon Spear to absorb all of that energy.

However, he only entertained that thought for a split second. Not taking into account the vast number of abyssal creatures that were up ahead, just the shockwaves from so many long-range attacks would be too much for him to handle.

The battle had become extremely intense at this point, and all of the other tunnels that hadn't been affected by the abyssal tide had also been sealed by Blood God Heart protective barriers in case new abyssal tides were to appear.

The defenses were virtually impenetrable.

Human technology had been constantly advancing, and new weapons were constantly appearing on the battlefield. When the Blood God Legion had first been founded, over 70% of their troops had perished during the first abyssal tide they faced. That number had been steadily decreasing with each successive abyssal tide that they faced.

There were still troops who would perish during these abyssal tides even now, but the numbers had been limited to a certain range that made things a lot safer than they were in the past.

"Boom!" A sound that was different from that of an explosion rang out, and one of the shield-wielding mechas was forced back ever so slightly. The abyssal creatures were getting closer!

A barrage of more fierce clashes immediately followed. These abyssal creatures were extremely ferocious, and they rammed their bodies into the barriers before them over and over again. The mechas were defending with all their might while the long-range attacking units in the rear continued to unleash a vast amount of offensive output.

The abyssal creatures were being completely kept at bay, yet Jiang Wuyue wore a grim expression as he assessed the entire battlefield. At this point, the battle armor masters and black mechas were still yet to join the battle; they were the backup forces that would only step in when required.

The intensity of the assault currently being unleashed by their enemies wasn't enough to threaten their defenses.

Right at this moment, the earth suddenly began to tremor, and a series of black shadows appeared up in the air. These black figures were extremely massive, and as soon as they emerged, an enormous sense of pressure instantly weighed down on everyone.

Tang Wulin raised his head to discover that over 10 huge Ba'ans had appeared up above, and they seemed to have been hurled here by some kind of unknown force. These Ba'ans were clearly trying to bypass the defensive line in order to attack the long-range attacking units.

Jiang Wuyue harrumphed coldly as he swept an arm through the air, and a row of bright lights immediately appeared behind him.

The long-range attackers were already prepared for this. Streaks of dazzling light surged through the air, and the Ba'ans up above immediately began to let loose howls of agony. All of them were reduced to streams of energy by the sustained attacks being unleashed from down below.

Light flashed through Tang Wulin's eyes, and he was finally unable to resist any longer as he hurled his Golden Dragon Spear through the air to impale a Ba'an's body. Some greyish-black energy was drawn back to him, and it was around the equivalent of one Ba'an's energy.

He received no accolades for this, but after his Golden Dragon Spear returned to his hand, a powerful burst of energy immediately surged through his body, instantly elevating his aura to a significant degree.

"Don't waste your power now," Jiang Wuyue said with furrowed brows.

Tang Wulin nodded in response, but he was feeling extremely elated. As expected of a high-level abyssal creature like a Ba'an; just the energy from one of these creatures was making his soul core and blood essence core display signs of complete solidification.

He silently controlled the two vortexes within his body to absorb this influx of energy. At the same time, he was purifying it once again and only retaining the most essential part of the energy.

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