Chapter 953: Participating in Melee Combat

"Boom!" The greyish-black energy struck in less than a minute, causing the blue light barrier to flicker and waver while the entire abyssal cave tremored and quaked. However, this blue light barrier possessed far superior defensive prowess compared to the one that was the first defensive line, and it remained completely resolute and unmoved in the face of the attack.

Tang Wulin turned to Long Yuxue, and asked, "What happens next?"

Long Yuxue replied, "Generally speaking, abyssal tides always begin with an assault of destructive energy, and that destructive energy will bring large numbers of abyssal creatures along with it. After that, a full-frontal assault would ensue. The protective barrier can keep the destructive energy at bay, but maintaining the barrier requires a vast amount of energy expenditure. Hence, as soon as the destructive energy from the abyssal tide disappears, we have to immediately deactivate the protective barrier in case another wave of destructive energy strikes. Our legion will then have to battle the abyssal creatures; so you should take a quick rest now because we'll definitely be facing a fierce battle soon!"

Long Yuxue dragged Tang Wulin over to a corner as she spoke, then withdrew her miniature mecha before sitting down on the ground with her legs crossed to meditate.

Tang Wulin also withdrew his suit of battle armor, and due to the fact that they were from the special service department, no one approached them to ask any questions. There were already large numbers of Blood God Legion soldiers pouring into the area, and all of the soldiers at the front were adept in melee combat and wearing thick and heavy mechas. Meanwhile, all types of soul cannons had been set up behind them, and many long-range attacking soldiers stood at the ready.

At this moment, Tang Wulin caught sight of an acquaintance; it was none other than Jiang Wuyue.

Jiang Wuyue wasn't wearing a mecha at the moment, so he was only in his white military uniform, and he was instructing the soldiers in the front row to organize them into set formations.

All of the energy that Tang Wulin had expended earlier had been replenished by his Golden Dragon Spear, so he was very much ready for battle. He took a glance at Long Yuxue before rising to his feet and making his way over to Jiang Wuyue.

His forte lay in melee combat, and Jiang Wuyue was in charge of a melee combat battalion, so he'd be able to make better use of his skills under Jiang Wuyue.

"Superior!" Tang Wulin arrived beside Jiang Wuyue before extending a military salute toward him.

Jiang Wuyue was hurriedly issuing one instruction after another, and he immediately faltered slightly at the sight of Tang Wulin. "Why are you here? Aren't you a newbie?"

Tang Wulin replied, "Superior Long brought me here for practical combat training, and we were in there until the abyssal tide struck."

Jiang Wuyue's heart stirred, and he suddenly asked in a low voice, "That enhancement ability you used on me last time; how many people can you use it on at once?"

The memory of Tang Wulin's Violent Golden Dragon Domain still remained fresh in his mind. After all, how could he forget something that had enhanced his powers by more than 50%?

Abyssal tides were stern trials for the Blood God Legion, but at the same time, every single abyssal tide brought along with it an opportunity to earn a vast number of accolades, and he fully intended to capitalize on it. If his powers could receive a 50% boost at a time like this, then he'd undoubtedly be able to earn more accolades!

Tang Wulin replied, "My domain covers a diameter of 50 meters, and everyone within that range will benefit from it. Soul Masters with dragon-type martial souls will benefit the most."

"Alright, got it. How about you come with me, Brother? We'll split you some of the accolades that we collectively earn." Jiang Wuyue cut straight to the chase. He had always been quite blunt and straightforward with his intentions.

Tang Wulin also liked his straightforward personality, and this was his objective when he decided to approach Jiang Wuyue anyway. "No problem. I'll be in your care then, Superior."

"Then it's settled. You might even be able to earn a promotion to lieutenant through this battle. Haha, what brilliant luck! Our battalion just so happens to be on guard duty here; I always hoped that we'd be able to encounter an abyssal tide here, but I didn't think there'd be a level three abyssal tide! This only happens once every few decades!" 

Not only was Jiang Wuyue not fearful in the slightest in the face of the oncoming enemies, he was instead filled with excitement.

In his heart, it was a soldier's duty to display their prowess and kill enemies on the battlefield. With his personality, there was no way that he'd agree to join a legion in a peaceful region; only in a legion like this could he regularly experience the joy of slaying enemies in battle.

Tang Wulin had quite a good impression of Jiang Wuyue. In particular, the fact that Jiang Wuyue was able to display such immense combat prowess even after being dominated by his Golden Dragon King bloodline was a testament to his tremendous battle intent.

Hence, he was very much looking forward to seeing what Jiang Wuyue would be capable of on the battlefield, and he was even more eager to see just how fearsome the Blood God Legion was.

He didn't join the military just to earn a high military rank for himself. Instead, he was trying to build up his own forces. As such, he had actually been rather disappointed after finding out that the Blood God Legion had been situated here to guard the abyssal passageway. Even if he could build up his own forces in the legion, there was no way that he'd be able to take them away from here as they were tied down to their duty of guarding the abyssal passageway here.

Even so, if the Blood God Legion were powerful enough, it would still be immensely beneficial to him.

Jiang Wuyue patted Tang Wulin's shoulder in a firm manner, and said, "Come with me."

He then began to issue further instructions to his troops.

Jiang Wuyue didn't seem to be the brightest bulb in the box in everyday life, but in the heat of battle, it was as if he'd transformed into a completely different person. He was very calm and thoughtful in the orders that he issued, and he wasn't allowing his overflowing battle intent to influence his judgment in the slightest. He paid close attention to every single detail, and soon, a defensive line of iron and steel had been set up at the forefront by his melee combat battalion under his instructions.

Through his observation, Tang Wulin discovered that the melee combat battalion had a total of 100 mechas, five of which were black mechas while the others were all purple. In another legion, this wouldn't just be a battalion; it would be a major mecha squad, which would be the equivalent of a corps! However, it was only considered to be a battalion here.

Not only that, but the melee combat battalion had 100 one-word battle armor masters as well. The melee combat abilities of these battle armor masters would definitely not be inferior to that of those mecha pilots.

Normally speaking, a battalion would have somewhere between 300 to 500 troops. Jiang Wuyue's melee combat battalion had 300 soldiers, and he explained to Tang Wulin that each of those mechas housed two people in order to make better use of the powers of those mechas.

Two people definitely had more soul power than one person, and their martial souls could assist one another as well. However, the mechas were quite bulky as a result, so in some small-scale battles, they weren't as effective as battle armor masters. This was why there were also 100 battle armor masters in the battalion as well. Even though they were only one-word battle armor masters, their combat prowess was definitely nothing to be scoffed at. There were no Soul Masters below the four-ring Soul Ancestor level in the entire melee combat battalion, and just this battalion alone would most likely be able to defeat a division consisting of 10,000 troops from any other legion with no issues at all.

These soldiers really were the elite of the elite!

Of course, there wasn't just one melee combat battalion; there were a total of three melee combat battalions present. There were 36 passageways of this size, and Tang Wulin couldn't help but wonder if all of them were guarded by the same number of troops of the same quality. There were fewer long-range attackers at the back compared to the number of troops in the melee combat battalions up the front, but their firepower would undoubtedly be most effective when it came to eradicating the oncoming abyssal creatures.

Tang Wulin was constantly trailing along beside Jiang Wuyue, learning about the battlefield by listening to the instructions that he was issuing. This was a brilliant opportunity for him!

When Jiang Wuyue finally finished issuing his orders, all of the preparations were complete.

The abyssal passageway was still trembling incessantly as one wave of destructive energy swept forth after another, seemingly in a neverending assault.

However, all of the Blood God Legion troops were quite calm and collected. All of their soul tools had been fully charged, and everyone was fully primed for battle.

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