Chapter 951: Goldsong Displays its Might

Light appeared from the opening of the cave up ahead, but after they reached the end of the tunnel, Tang Wulin didn't immediately charge out to the other side. Instead, he stopped on the spot.

This node was significantly larger than the previous one, and the aura that he was sensing from it made him stop in his tracks.

Even though his masking singlet had concealed his aura, he still felt many auras lock onto him from up ahead in that instant.

There were at least 100 abyssal creatures within that node, among which were over 10 different species. This was a completely different situation from the previous node, in which they'd only encountered that one Six-clawed Beast.

Tang Wulin's heart stirred slightly as he sensed just how many abyssal creatures lay up ahead. Long Yuxue had also arrived behind him at his point, and she said, "Don't go in for now, and make sure to constantly be on your guard. Use the equipment that you bought if and when required."

Tang Wulin nodded in response and stood in front of the cave entrance with his Golden Dragon Spear in his hand.

He didn't need to take the initiative as the abyssal creatures that had discovered them were already rushing toward them from within the node.

The first to arrive were several Engulfment Lizards, which were situated the closest to them. They were all quite large, and their scales were constantly opening and closing, sending dense grey mist surging directly toward them.

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face as he spun his Golden Dragon Spear, quickly forming a light barrier. His immense blood essence power erupted as he rapidly rotated the Golden Dragon Spear, thereby keeping the grey mist at bay. At the same time, he stomped his right foot heavily into the ground. Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth!

The three Engulfment Lizards that were closest to him were instantly immobilized by the shockwaves, and eight golden dragons erupted from the ground, tearing their bodies into shreds in an instant.

A peculiar turn of events then unfolded. Even though the three Engulfment Lizards hadn't been slain by his Golden Dragon Spear, their energy was still drawn by the rotating Golden Dragon Spear before surging into his body. This was perhaps due to the powerful blood essence fluctuations emanating from his rotating Golden Dragon Spear, or simply perhaps because they were situated too close to Tang Wulin when they were killed. In any case, this was definitely a pleasant surprise!

The eight golden dragons continued to surge through the air, sending the other Engulfment Lizard's flying with their residual power. There was no way that any of them were getting past Tang Wulin.

"Boom, boom, boom!" Three shots were fired in rapid succession, and the eyeballs of three Engulfment Lizards exploded one after another. The injuries weren't enough to kill them, but they had still been severely wounded. Long Yuxue had also joined the battle.

For a long-range attacker like her, having a powerful meat shield like Tang Wulin standing in front of her was nothing short of ideal.

Another group of abyssal creatures charged toward them, most of which were Six-clawed Demon, and there were over 20 of them in total. None of the Six-clawed Demons rushed forward to approach them. Instead, they all plunged their sharp claws into the ground, sending a vast expanse of spikes spread toward Tang Wulin. These spikes possessed immense penetrative power, and even though Tang Wulin could defend himself against them with ease, the same didn't apply to Long Yuxue.

"Don't worry, leave them to me!" Tang Wulin yelled as he stomped his right foot into the ground, unleashing another Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth. All of the spikes erupting from the ground were shattered in an instant, and all of the Six-clawed Demons in the distance were flung up into the air by the shockwaves.

A burst of golden light shot forth from Tang Wulin's body, hurtling through the air like a bolt of lightning. It appeared before the first Six-clawed Demon in virtually the blink of an eye, and countless streaks of golden light erupted from the ground. All of these streaks of golden light resembled the spikes that the Six-clawed Demons had just unleashed, and all of them were instantly immobilized. Immediately thereafter, the golden figure swept its own body through the air like a powerful whip, shattering the bodies of the Six-clawed Demons and reducing them to bursts of grey energy.

Another streak of golden light descended from the up above before plunging itself into the ground right at the center of where the Six-clawed Demon had just been destroyed. All of the escaping bursts of grey energy were immediately drawn into that streak of golden light.

The first streak of golden light that had shot forth from Tang Wulin's body had already revealed itself to be a massive golden snake. This snake had a rather special appearance; its entire body was covered in golden rhomboid scales, and if one were to pay close attention, they'd discover that those scales were identical to the ones on Tang Wulin's body. It was over six meters in length, and what was most remarkable was that it had two short horns poking out of its head, and the structure of its head also resembled that of a wyrm more so than a snake.

It was extraordinarily fast, and it had undoubtedly been the one that had just taken care of all of those Six-clawed Demons.

"Is that a soul spirit?" Long Yuexue exclaimed. What a powerful soul spirit! Six-clawed Demons weren't considered to be all that powerful among abyssal creatures, but no abyssal creature was truly weak. Furthermore, the forte of these Six-clawed Demons lay in their defensive prowess, which made it all the more remarkable that this massive golden snake was able to shatter their bodies so easily.

This was naturally none other than Tang Wulin's first soul spirit, Goldsong.

Goldsong had grown and developed alongside Tang Wulin, and even though it was fundamentally a snake, it was steadily progressing toward becoming a dragon through the constant nurturing effect of Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon King bloodline. It was Tang Wulin's first soul spirit, so it had been with him for the longest time. At the same time, it was a defective soul spirit that had started off like a blank canvas that had since been completely immersed in the Golden Dragon King bloodline, thereby allowing it to become more and more powerful. It was able to use all of Tang Wulin's Bluesilver Emperor soul skills, and even some of his blood essence abilities.

The three-year period during which Tang Wulin had been burying dragon skeletons in the Dragon Valley had actually been a massive turning point in Goldsong's development. Tang Wulin had been nurtured by dragon souls every single day in the Dragon Valley, and Goldsong also experienced the same benefits. Its bloodline was completely transformed during that process, and the extent of the transformation had been quite extreme.

Tang Wulin had initially been oblivious to this, but after releasing it for a few times, he discovered that Goldsong had become countless times more powerful than before, and it had benefited from that experience far more so than the Tyrant Dragon.

Due to the limitation of his cultivation rank, he could only summon the Tyrant Dragon for a limited amount of time, and that time limit would continue to extend as he became more powerful. In contrast, he could summon Goldsong for virtually a limitless amount of time. This was because Goldsong had such superb synergy with him and it was virtually a part of his body.

Long Yuxue was only seeing Goldsong for the first time, so how could she not be astonished by its prowess?

Goldsong flashed through the air and unleashed another attack. It released the Bluesilver Impaling Array again, and a vast expanse of golden spikes spread through the surrounding area, immobilizing a large number of abyssal creatures that were caught within the scope of the array.

Goldsong then swept its own body through the air like a dragon whip, and it had also inherited Tang Wulin's strength, so it was able to pulverize the bodies of the abyssal creatures around it with ease.

At the same time, it had a spiritual connection with Tang Wulin, and it made sure to destroy the abyssal creatures only when they were close to the Golden Dragon Spear, thereby allowing the majority of their energy to be devoured by the spear.

There were over 100 abyssal creatures in this cave to begin with, but the vast majority of them had been slain by Goldsong, and only a paltry few managed to reach the entrance of the cave.

Long Yuxue looked on at the scenes unfolding before her eyes in a completely flabbergasted manner. She was a Soul Master, and she also had soul spirits, but compared to this soul spirit, her soul spirits were absolute trash!

This thing was way too powerful! How had his soul spirit become this powerful? She wasn't even sure if she could beat this soul spirit in a one-on-one battle. 

The entire area was finally cleared, and Tang Wulin raised a hand. The Golden Dragon Spear immediately returned to his grasp from the distance before reciprocating the energy it had absorbed into his body.

His blood essence and soul power vortexes instantly became slightly denser, and the crystalline structures within them also became more pronounced. Tang Wulin knew that this was a sign that he was closer to attaining a soul core and a bloodline core.

At this rate of progression, he'd be able to attain those cores in the near future!

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