Chapter 95 - Geniuses, Wait for Me! (Teaser)

Chapter 95 - Geniuses, Wait for Me!

Mu Xi stood on the side with the cool eye of a bystander. Although she was unconvinced by this boy who was even younger than her, she still paid attention to him. She refused to acknowledge him, but she had to admit that Tang Wulin’s temperament was better than her’s. If she had been the one to take the third rank test instead of him, she would definitely need far more time to calm her heart. After all, the Thousand Refinements was vastly different from the Hundred Refinements. Unless one entered a state of complete focus for the forging, it was basically impossible to succeed.

The surveyor said, “The third rank blacksmith’s test only has one task, complete a Thousand Refinements. You may choose any metal you wish to Thousand Refine, but keep in mind that the degree of your Thousand Refinements and the difficulty level of the metal you choose will determine your final score.”

“Yes!” Tang Wulin respectfully answered before he turned around and walked over to the shelf upon which the metals were displayed.

‘I must pass this test!’

He swept his gaze over the various metals once before taking a chunk of Heavy Silver from the top.

Amongst the uncommon metals displayed, Heavy Silver was the one he was the most familiar with. Moreover, it had been the first metal he had ever Thousand Refined and forged. Although it had...

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