Chapter 948: Arriving in the Abyss

He gradually began to master a few techniques, and he began to control his center of gravity, swaying from side to side in order to decelerate somewhat.

After skiing for around a quarter of an hour, Long Yuxue suddenly yelled from up ahead, "The abyssal cave lays up ahead, so begin decelerating now."

She controlled her skis in a well-rehearsed manner to slow herself down, but Tang Wulin didn't have her slick skills, and he was still hurtling onward.

Right at this moment, something tightened around his waist, and Long Yuxue appeared behind him, pulling on his clothes with both of her hands to drastically arrest his momentum. In doing so, she was manually helping him to decelerate.

"Your skiing skills are top-notch, Superior!" The two of them finally stopped around 100 meters away from the massive cave up ahead, which had a diameter of over three kilometers.

Long Yuxue removed her skis as she said, "This is a basic skill in our Blood God Legion. You'll get used to it after you come here a few more times."

Tang Wulin nodded in response. Indeed, he would definitely be able to grow accustomed to this type of skiing given enough practice.

Long Yuxue said in a serious voice, "The abyssal passageway is just up ahead; you remember how to enter it from your trial, right? This place is the same as the place that was simulated in your trial, but it's bigger, and there are far more abyssal creatures in there than in the simulation. Make sure to constantly be on your guard and follow my orders at all times. If we encounter enemies that are too powerful to defeat, and I give the command to retreat, you drop everything and retreat right away, understood?"

"Yes!" Tang Wulin nodded in response.

Long Yuxue stopped in front of the gigantic cave, and Tang Wulin stood beside her as he looked down into the depths of the cave. A world of inky-blackness lay down below, and the occasional rumbling boom could be heard coming from inside. The snow surrounding the cave would occasionally fall into the abyss, and there were also many massive ice stalagmites around the cave.

This gargantuan cave was like a massive mouth that was capable of devouring anything and everything.

Long Yuxue pressed her right hand against her chest, and Tang Wulin immediately heard a string of clicks and clangs. First, a small piece of metal split open in front of her chest. Immediately thereafter, pieces of metal began to unfold, and they quickly encapsulated her entire body. She had just activated a miniature mecha.

The mecha covered her entire body, and it only appeared to be around three meters tall, which was far smaller than normal mechas. There was a pair of folded wings on the back of the mecha, and there seemed to be powerful streams of air erupting from under feet, causing her to hover in the mid-air.

"You have a suit of two-word battle armor, right? Release it now; you can't afford to hold back down there. Also, activate your abyssal shielding barrier and masking singlet."

Tang Wulin did as he was told, and he immediately felt a layer of invisible energy being released by his metal headband, and the layer of energy enveloped his entire body. Meanwhile, bursts of strange fluctuations began to emanate from his masking singlet, and those fluctuations possessed a special frequency, which was undoubtedly imitating that of the abyssal plane.

Pieces of golden armor then quickly began to spread over his entire body at his behest. Even though Long Yuxue had already guessed that he was a two-word battle armor master, she still couldn't help but be entranced by the massive wings that spread open on his back, and her eyes were practically glowing.

"What a beautiful suit of battle armor! I've seen suits of three-word battle armor that don't look as lavish as yours. After we go back, you can help me forge some materials for my future suit of two-word battle armor as well. I also want to become a two-word battle armor master as soon as possible so I don't have to rely on this miniature mecha anymore."

"Sure," Tang Wulin immediately agreed.

His suit of two-word battle armor had been constructed from alloys consisting of three types of different metals, and he'd obviously added some extra components to it as well. The suit of battle armor didn't just look lavish; its splendid appearance stemmed from the fact that it had more circuits carved into it. Tang Wulin was extremely prodigious, and his body was able to handle far more energy backlash from his battle armor compared to that of the average Soul King, so his suit or two-word battle armor naturally provided far greater enhancements than normal suits of two-word battle armor; this was entirely decided by his powerful physical constitution.

He spread open his wing and activated his soul power to rise up into the air. The golden scales on his suit of battle armor were entirely basked in a golden hue from the light being reflected by the surrounding snow.

Long Yuxue's miniature mecha was slightly taller and broader, but compared to his suit of battle armor, her mecha looked like a suit of beggar rags.

"Let's go." Long Yuxue repressed her envy and also thought to herself that Tang Wulin really did deserve to be the leader of the current generation of Shrek’s Seven Monsters; just his suit of battle armor alone was extremely extraordinary.

After spreading open his wings, Tang Wulin leaped forward and followed Long Yuxue into the cave.

Long Yuxue was basically sliding down into the cave along the rock face.

Soon, waves of electronic fluctuations scanned toward them from down below, and their Blood God Bracelets lit up of their own accord. This was undoubtedly due to the devices that the Blood God Legion had installed down in the abyssal cave to facilitate identity verification.

Long Yuxue had told Tang Wulin that following many years of effort, the Blood God Legion had built up an extremely powerful defense system around the outskirts of this abyssal passageway, and the system was effective against living beings both on the inside and on the outside of the passageway. If abyssal creatures were to try to rush out of the passageway, then they'd immediately be struck by devastating attacks, and this was also the final line of defense in the abyssal passageway. 

The members of the special service department had certain special rights, so they were granted passage, and soon, the two of them descended onto that massive net down below.

Tang Wulin had once asked Long Yuxue what lay below the net, and Long Yuxue had told him that that was the true abyssal passageway, and the most powerful abyssal creatures could only come out with a wide enough passageway.

As such, all of the most powerful beings among the major powers at the time joined forces to seal the passageway, leaving only this small one behind.

Within this inky-black passageway, there were two corps worth of troops situated on guard duty here all year round. The Blood God Legion didn't have many soldiers, but all of them were the best of the best, and they were also given the most advanced equipment.

During these past several millennia, they'd been constantly guarding the Douluo Continent against the abyssal plane and averted many major disasters.

Long Yuxue didn't ask Tang Wulin to walk on ahead and protect as she did during his new soldier trial. Instead, she led the way and strode into the passageway on this occasion.

The inside of the passageway wasn't in a state of complete darkness as there were lights situated at regular intervals. This was clearly a safe zone, and all of those lights had been installed by the Blood God Legion.

Soon, they encountered some soldiers from the Blood God Legion, but the special service department signal being emitted by their Blood God Bracelets granted them free passage.

After continuing onward, they arrived at the first passageway platform. This place was a world of metal with all types of soul tools set up in the surrounding area, and there were even metal resting chambers.

Long Yuxue said in a low voice, "There are currently hundreds of abyssal passageways, of which only 36 are of the highest level. Those passageways are the ones that lead to the most supreme abyssal life forms. For example, the Demonic Enchantress that you encountered is one of those supreme abyssal creatures. That one was only in its infantile stage; if it had been a mature Demonic Enchantress, we would've been killed in an instant. Mature Demonic Enchantresses are really troublesome to face even for Titled Douluos, and they're also the smallest in stature among all of the supreme abyssal creatures. It's said that the past ruler of the abyss was a Demonic Enchantress."

Tang Wulin asked, "Where are we going now?"

Long Yuxue replied, "The abyssal passageways are split up into the S, A, B, and C tiers. This is your first time here, so we'll naturally be going to a C tier one. Those passageways are all quite narrow, so only weaker abyssal creatures can pass through them. As such, we won't be in a lot of danger in there, and you'll be able to familiarize yourself with the abyssal creatures."


After informing the troops stationed here of where they were going, Long Yuxue led Tang Wulin into a passageway that was only just taller than an adult human.

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