Chapter 945: The Impact of a Saint Blacksmith

As such, how could the two of them not be stunned by the notion that Tang Wulin was able to complete soul refinement?

Tang Wulin smiled, and said, "The only way to back up one's words is through actions; it would be much appreciated if you could introduce more customers to me, Superior."

The second plan cost 1,000 accolades, which was very expensive. The third plan would cost at least 5,000 accolades, which was even more expensive, but if the blacksmith in question were a Saint Blacksmith, then it really wasn't expensive at all!

Lu Ni looked down at the barrel in her hands, and she almost didn't dare to imagine that a Saint Blacksmith had just served her.

This was simply incredible! What were Saint Blacksmiths? They were masters of their craft who could forge foundational metals for red mechas and complete the initial production of suits of three-word battle armor!

Saint Blacksmiths stood at the pinnacle of the forging world and were extremely important figures even in the context of the entire continent. One had to realize that there was only a single Divine Blacksmith on the entire Douluo Continent, yet there was a 21-year-old Saint Blacksmith standing before her right now. Who was to say he wouldn't become the next Divine Blacksmith?

Long Yuxue's body shuddered slightly at the sight of the benevolent smile on Tang Wulin's face, and her expression had clearly changed as she appraised him.

Lu Ni took a deep breath and carefully stowed the barrel away, then pressed on her Blood God Bracelet a few times. "Thank you for your efforts; please accept these accolades."

Tang Wulin immediately replied, "I agreed to do this for free, Superior!"

Lu Ni insisted, "No, I can't accept something so precious for free, and I still hope to be able to employ your services in the future. Apologies for my rudeness earlier, Master Tang."

Tang Wulin no longer made any effort to turn her down and accepted her accolades to find that she'd given him 500 accolades rather than 100. In reality, 500 accolades really wasn't a lot considering how much he's improved her cannon barrel.

After bidding farewell to Lu Ni, who was still rather reluctant to leave, Long Yuxue closed the door of the forging room before turning to Tang Wulin with an intense look in her eyes.

Tang Wulin was feeling rather unsettled in the face of her intense scrutiny, and he asked, "Is there something you want to say, Superior?"

Long Yuxue suddenly interrogated in an enraged voice, "Why didn't you tell me before this?" 

Tang Wulin heaved a resigned sigh. "Would you have believed me if I told you that I was a Saint Blacksmith?"

"I wouldn't," Long Yuxue replied without any hesitation, "But that's beside the point! Whether I would've believed you is another matter altogether; you still did the wrong thing by not telling me everything beforehand!"

"Alright, I'm sorry." Tang Wulin immediately surrendered. It was definitely not wise to bicker with a woman over such an issue.

"Pfft!" Long Yuxue suddenly burst into laughter, and a gentle look appeared in her eyes as she appraised Tang Wulin. "Thanks for handing me such a lucrative deal. How about I take less of your profits?"

Being able to open a forging workshop in partnership with a Saint Blacksmith was a massive stroke of fortune, and she was going to profit immensely from now on.

"Sure! How much of your share are you willing to give up?" Tang Wulin immediately agreed without any hesitation. He was quite reluctant to hand over 50% of his earnings as well.

"Just kidding!" Long Yuxue opened the door and departed as she giggled, "Just keep working for me, Little Tang!"

Tang Wulin was left feeling rather speechless.

Long Yuxue almost sprinted over to the control center. As the vice-commander of the special service department, she had the right to enter this place.

"Report!" she yelled in a loud voice after pressing the doorbell.

"Come in!" Long Tianwu's deep voice sounded in reply.

The door was opened, and Long Yuxue immediately rushed in in an elated manner.

"Father, I have something to tell you," she said in an excited voice.

However, Long Tianwu's expression suddenly fell slightly, and he scolded, "We're currently at work, so you should be referring to me as Superior." 

At the same time, he was rather surprised; his daughter had always been quite calm and steadfast, so why was she suddenly so excited?

Long Yuxue felt as if a bucket of cold water had been poured over her parade, and she harrumphed, "If you don't want to hear it, then I'll leave! You better not regret this!"

Long Tianwu faltered slightly before bursting into laughter, "Alright, I'll listen; what do you want to tell me?"

However, Long Yuxue turned away in a smug manner, and said, "I don't feel like telling you anymore. I'm going now, SUPERIOR!" 

She then immediately turned to leave.

Long Tianwu rose to his feet, and chuckled, "Alright, my precious little daughter. There's no one else, so I shouldn't have been so strict and dogmatic, and I apologize."

Only then did Long Yuxue turn around again with a content look on her face. "Father, I have some good news for you; we've stumbled upon a great treasure!"

"Hmm?" Long Tianwu appraised his daughter with a perplexed expression.

Long Yuxue explained, "I'm talking about Tang Wulin!"

"Tang Wulin? What about him?" Long Tianwu asked, "Isn't he undertaking his special training with you? Did he discover a new continent or something?"

Long Yuxue replied, "I really do feel like I've discovered a new continent! Did you know that he's a blacksmith as well?"

Long Tianwu replied, "That's not really a surprise; all aspiring battle armor masters will take on a secondary occupation that's related to their battle armor. The only thing that's noteworthy is that not many people choose forging as their secondary occupation."

Long Yuxue continued, "Do you know what rank blacksmith he is?"

Long Tianwu mused, "Looking at you now, it's not hard to guess that he must be quite a high-ranked blacksmith. Could it be that he's already a fifth-rank blacksmith who's capable of spirit refinement? That would be quite remarkable at his age."

Long Yuxue immediately pouted with displeasure. "Do you think your daughter is that excitable? Spirit refinement is nothing!"

Long Tianwu immediately burst into laughter. "Spirit refinement is nothing? You're only saying that because you don't know how difficult spirit refinement is... Wait, are you saying...?" A surprised expression finally began to appear on Long Tianwu's face as he realized where this conversation was going.

Long Yuxue nodded, and chuckled, "That's right, not only can he spirit refine, he can even soul refine! He's a seventh-rank Saint Blacksmith, and he's definitely the youngest Saint Blacksmith in history!"

Long Tianwu drew a sharp breath upon hearing this, but as opposed to being excited, he fell completely silent.

"What is it, Father? This is fantastic news? Shouldn't you be happy?" Long Yuxue asked in a confused manner.

However, Long Tianwu sighed in response, "If we were talking about someone else, I would naturally be overjoyed, and this is indeed fantastic news for our Blood God Legion, but Tang Wulin's identity is rather special."

"What do you mean?" Long Yuxue asked.

Long Tianwu explained, "He possesses immense combat prowess, a powerful bloodline, and he's a Saint Blacksmith; what place do you think is capable of nurturing such a brilliant young prodigy?"

Long Yuxue asked, "Isn't he from the Tang Sect?"

Long Tianwu replied, "Even the Tang Sect can't nurture a freakish talent like him. He's blessed by the heavens and under normal circumstances, he would definitely rise to the pinnacle of the entire continent in the future. On top of that, he's very handsome, and I'm sure that'll only draw more people to him. However, I have to remind you to keep your distance from him. You're my only daughter, and I want you to be safe."

Long Yuxue wore a perplexed expression as she asked, "What are you saying, Father? I don't understand."

Long Tianwu replied in a serious voice, "I've verified Tang Wulin's identity with the Tang Sect, and they told me that he's the leader of the current generation of Shrek’s Seven Monsters. Do you understand now?"

Long Yuxue shuddered upon hearing this.

She had heard far too many stories and legends about Shrek Academy and Shrek’s Seven Monsters ever since she was a child. Never would she have thought that the newbie soldier who was following her around and referring to her as superior every day would be the leader of Shrek’s Seven Monsters.

"Shrek City was destroyed, and Shrek Academy was razed to the ground. As a member of Shrek’s Seven Monsters, he has a duty to revive Shrek Academy, and that was why he was sent here. The vice-palace master of the Tang Sect's Douluo Palace sent him here so he could grow and develop away from the chaos on the continent, and also to help him attain more influence in the military. In the aftermath of Shrek Academy's destruction, all of the major powers are scrutinizing those with connections to Shrek Academy, and all of those people are also waiting for an opportunity."

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