Chapter 941: Tyrant Dragon Jiang Wuyue

Tang Wulin was truly stunned, not because Jiang Wuyue's martial soul was going to be dominated by him, but because the Tyrant Dragon martial soul couldn't exist under normal circumstances!

Jiang Qiyue's words really made him see Jiang Wuyue through new eyes. It was indeed very interesting that his martial soul had mutated to such an extent.

Tang Wulin possessed a Tyrant Dragon soul spirit himself, so he was naturally aware of just how powerful it was.

 If it weren't for the fact that his bloodline could dominate his opponent, he wouldn't be confident in his ability to defeat a six-ring Soul Emperor with a Tyrant Dragon martial soul.

"Alright, are you ready?" Jiang Qiyue's voice rang out through the speakers.

"Ready!" Tang Wulin and Jiang Wuyue replied in a unison.


As soon as Jiang Qiyue's voice trailed off, Jiang Wuyue stomped his left foot into the ground, and a resounding boom rang out as his body rumbled toward Tang Wulin like a bulldozer.

In the process, his body rapidly expanded, especially his upper body. After taking just a few steps, he'd already grown to over seven meters tall, giving him the appearance of a ferocious humanoid beast. All of his skin had turned a metallic black color, and thick scales appeared all over his body like metal ore. His eyes had also turned red, and the overbearing aura emanating from his body was making even the surrounding air warp and twist.

A series of soul rings emerged from beneath his feet. There were four purple and two blacks, indicating that he was indeed a six-ring Soul Emperor, and this was quite a splendid soul ring configuration.

His martial soul was approaching the upper limit of beast martial souls. In a contest of pure strength, even Yuanen Yehui's Titan Giant Ape may be inferior to him.

One had to realize that he was only a lieutenant colonel and battalion commander in the Blood God Legion, yet he already possessed such immense power. This notion further improved Tang Wulin's appraisal of the Blood God Legion.

Without using any of his soul skills, Jiang Wuyue abruptly stepped forward and launched himself into the air, hurtling directly toward Tang Wulin.

At this moment, Tang Wulin's eyes also lit up. Seeing as he was facing an opponent with strength as their greatest asset by far, he was naturally going to also use strength to best him.

Four golden soul rings quickly emerged beneath his feet, and golden scales spread over his entire body. His aura also instantly swelled, and his Golden Dragon King bloodline fluctuations erupted outward without any reservation.

In the face of Tang Wulin's aura, Jiang Wuyue's aggressive aura immediately disappeared, and even his massive body shrunk down to around six meters tall in mid-air. His red eyes were filled with incredulity, and right at this moment, Tang Wulin reached him before clenching his right golden dragon claw into a fist, then ramming into Jiang Wuyue's fist.


A resounding boom rang out, causing the entire combat room to tremor violently. Tang Wulin was forced to descend back down to the ground by the force of the impact, yet Jiang Wuyue had been sent flying several dozens of meters before plummeting onto the ground.

"Argh!" Jiang Qiyue's cry of surprise rang out from the speakers.

Jiang Wuyue had lost in that handshake contest, but in Jiang Qiyue's eyes, that was only because he hadn't used his martial soul. With her brother's Tyrant Dragon martial soul, his strength should definitely have been unmatched among all Soul Masters at or below his cultivation rank, but the scenes unfolding before her eyes certainly didn't support that conviction.

Unbeknownst to her, Tang Wulin was also quite stunned.

Tyrant Dragons were bloodline descendants of the Golden Dragon King, and even though they weren't true dragons, they possessed some of the Golden Dragon King's bloodline. As such, they would definitely be severely impacted by Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon King bloodline, as perfectly evidenced by how his Tyrant Dragon soul spirit had completely succumbed to his bloodline in the past.

As such, he had thought that Jiang Wuyue would be completely crushed by him. As it turned out, his bloodline had indeed severely impacted Jiang Wuyue, but during their clash, Tang Wulin discovered that Jiang Wuyue had still managed to unleash an immense amount of power that exceeded 100 tons at the very least!

It wasn't that his bloodline intimidation wasn't working; it was that Jiang Wuyue's battle intent was simply far too powerful. Drawing upon that vehement battle intent, Jiang Wuyue was able to nullify some of the effects of his bloodline advantage.

Jiang Wuyue clambered to his feet, and despite the fact that he'd clearly emerged second-best from that clash, he hadn't been injured. Tyrant Dragons were renowned for their powerful physical bodies, and that applied to both defensive and offensive prowess. However, Tang Wulin's irrefutably terrifying power had well and truly shaken him.

Among people of the same age or younger than him, he'd never encountered anyone with superior strength to him. He lost to Tang Wulin in that handshake contest, but he could still draw consolation from the notion that neither of them had unleashed their martial souls. However, he was fighting with all his might now, yet he was still completely no match for Tang Wulin.

What was even more astonishing to him was that his martial soul and bloodline, both of which he'd always been immensely proud of, had been completely dominated by this newbie. In the instant that Tang Wulin released his Golden Dragon King aura, he felt as if his bloodline had congealed in his veins, and he was struck by an innate urge to bow to him in subordination. Only after elevating his battle intent with all his might did he just barely manage to repress that urge.

Golden soul rings? What's his martial soul? 

After Jiang Wuyue rose to his feet, Tang Wulin immediately rushed toward him. Opponents that could pose any resistance against him in terms of pure strength were very rare, and he wanted to take full advantage of sparring with such a partner.

His blood essence vortex began to rotate at a high speed, and his blood essence power flowed toward his lower body at his behest. His power was instantly transmitted into his left foot, and in the instant he stomped that foot into the ground, the entire combat room quaked violently, as did the internal protective barrier, which seemed to be nearing the limit of its tolerance capacity.

Under the effect of his fearsome strength, his body was propelled forward and reached an unprecedented speed.

Following his battle against the Demonic Enchantress, Tang Wulin had developed a strong urge to improve his own speed. However, Mu Ye had told him while teaching him the abilities of the Body Sect that as a disciple of the Body Sect, his top priority was to learn to control his own body. After mastering full control over one's own body, they would no longer have any glaring weaknesses as the cultivation method of the Body Sect allowed one to perfectly integrate one's soul power and strength to provide any enhancements required.

Tang Wulin was learning to cultivate his entire body from Mu Ye, as opposed to a certain body part. In particular, this feeling became more and more pronounced to him after he attained his blood essence vortex.

Now, he wanted to see just what kind of speed he could achieve if he were to unleash all of his power.

His blood essence vortex sank downward, and all of his blood essence was injected into his left foot in an instant. Right as he stomped his left foot into the ground, he was struck by a slightly painful throbbing sensation, which was clearly a result of excessive injection of blood essence power.

Jiang Qiyue listened to the deafening boom echoing within the combat room from outside, and she looked on in a flabbergasted manner as a bolt of golden lightning suddenly flashed past her eyes. In the next instant, Jiang Wuyue, who had only just risen to his feet and released his third soul skill, was sent flying like a cannonball by the golden lightning. He crashed heavily into the other wall of the combat room and was adhered firmly to its surface.

Tang Wulin appeared in the same place that Jiang Wuyue had just been standing, and he looked down at his own fist. Much to his surprise, after raising his speed to the maximal extent, even his strength seemed to have increased. His power output had to have been enhanced by his increased speed. High speed was one of the components of force output. If he had also unleashed his Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens with that attack, it would've been even more devastating.

Jiang Wuyue's body slowly slid down, and at this moment, he was bleeding from both his nostrils and his mouth, while his brain had gone completely blank. In that instant, he felt as if he'd been struck headfirst by a high-speed soul train, and it was as if his entire body were about to fall apart at the seams.

He had already used his third soul skill, the Tyrant Dragon Body, which significantly enhanced his strength and defenses, yet it had all been to no avail!

At this moment, his opponent's bloodline aura was infiltrating his bloodline in a frenzy, and the urge to bow in subordination was growing even more pronounced, to the extent that it was even quickly nullifying his battle intent.

He had never felt so frustrated before. He had definitely underestimated his opponent, but Tang Wulin was so young! As one of the most elite young soldiers of the Blood God Legion, why couldn't he look down on his opponent? How could his strength be so terrifying?

Right at this moment, Jiang Qiyue was greeted by the sight of Tang Wulin's fourth golden soul ring lighting up, and she hurriedly yelled into the microphone in her hand, "Stop! The battle's over!"

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