Chapter 939: Learning About the Abyss

During the next week, Tang Wulin learned all types of information about the abyss under Long Yuxue's tutelage.

An entirely different race from another plane was involved here, so there were many things that he had to learn. For example, he had to learn about the species in this race, their innate abilities, and their battle styles, as well as all of the important details about battling in the abyssal passageway.

However, this type of special training was extremely easy for Tang Wulin, and with his memory and comprehension abilities, he was able to absorb all of this knowledge very quickly.

Much to Long Yuxue's surprise, not only was Tang Wulin freakishly strong and extremely handsome, his thought processes were also very clear. He could always immediately commit everything she said to memory and even make deductions on his own, as well as raise some questions that even she had never considered before. There were some things that she had to consult her father about before being able to provide him with the correct answer.

During this week, the two of them also became quite familiar with one another. At the same time, Tang Wulin also gained a better understanding of the current situation of the Blood God Legion.

The Blood God Legion was referred to as a legion, but it actually only had enough soldiers to fill two divisions. One of them was known as the Blood Division, which entailed an unyielding spirit and the willingness to fight until the very last drop of their blood ran out. They were mainly responsible for direct battle against the abyssal creatures, and the commander of the Blood Division was Xu Weitao.

The other division was the Divine Division, which consisted of all of the special forces. These included mecha battalions, as well as personnel who were responsible for handling heavy artillery, defenses, and other areas of assistance.

Even though there were only two divisions in the entire legion, each of the divisions had five corps, so they could be considered to be independent divisions. Tang Wulin had seen very few people in this base, but in reality, the entire Blood God Legion had over 25,000 people if all of the soldiers and logistical personnel were taken into account. They didn't have as many people as a standard legion, but all of them were the elite of the elite.

Normally speaking, major legions like the Northesea Legion were each comprised of around 100,000 people. The fact that the Blood God Legion was known as a legion even with only 25,000 members was a testament to both their importance and combat abilities.

Long Yuxue had told Tang Wulin in a very proud manner that if the Blood God Legion wanted to, it could definitely demolish any other legion in the federation with ease.

The harsh conditions and frequent battles here had honed the soldiers of the legion to be truly fearsome beings.

The special service department that Tang Wulin had been assigned to was part of the Divine Division, but it wasn't under the jurisdiction of any of the five corps and answered directly to the control center. They worked alongside the legion's research department, and they would often undertake missions that couldn't be completed by battle units. Their duties were more dangerous in nature, so only the best of the best were distributed to the special service department.

"You've basically mastered all of the knowledge we currently have about abyssal creatures, and everything else will come to you through practical combat. During the rest of your special training, I'll take you to look at the battle tactics employed by our battle units. Even though you're currently a member of our special service department, you have to familiarize yourself with those tactics as well because you'll be joining a battle unit sooner or later. Learning about these things early on will be beneficial to your future development in this legion," Long Yuxue said to Tang Wulin.

"Alright, when do we go?" Tang Wulin asked in an eager manner.

Long Yuxue replied, "We'll go tomorrow. By the way, how's your forging room coming along? You better not disappoint me; I've invested my entire savings on you."

Regular practice was very important in any craft; as a blacksmith, it would be extremely detrimental to Tang Wulin if he couldn't practice just because he'd joined the military. However, it was not easy to find a forging room here. The Blood God Legion was situated deep within the Skyend Mountain Ranges, where all resources were extremely scarce. There were only three forging rooms in the legion, and all of them were reserved for the blacksmiths, mostly for mecha repair and tasks of that nature.

Tang Wulin had rather high requirements for his forging room. For example, he wanted the best forging bench, as well as all various types of support tools and a large enough space for him to operate. It was a good thing that he was carrying a good supply of uncommon metals.

It was undoubtedly the case that the Blood God Legion wouldn't provide him with all of these things when he didn't have any accolades to his name, so he could only turn to this superior for his help.

Long Yuxue had been very generous by offering her accolades and also using some of her connections in the legion to organize this forging room for Tang Wulin. However, as opposed to requesting future interest repayments from Tang Wulin, she had asked to become an investor with 50% of the shares. Half of the accolades that Tang Wulin earned through his forgery had to be given to her.

With how stingy Tang Wulin was, he normally wouldn't have agreed to something like this, but he was completely new here, and Long Yuxue was genuinely trying to help him. Furthermore, he could tell that she was actually thinking for his sake. He had no accolades at the moment, and she didn't want him to be indebted to her before he had any accolades under his belt.

As such, her intentions were good, so Tang Wulin agreed to this partnership. Furthermore, Long Yuxue had a lot of connections that would grant Tang Wulin a steady stream of customers.

Long Yuxue had also given their forging room a name; it was going to be known as the Long Tang Forging Room.

Tang Wulin replied, "The forging room is ready to go, Boss; you can start bringing customers over now. I can do any job as long as it's related to forging, but the price has to be fair, and I only accept accolades. I'll leave it to you to decide on the prices for the jobs; just base it on the difficulty of the job."

"Sure!" Long Yuxue chuckled, "Prior to the commencement of your actual military service, I'll get a few jobs for you so you can earn some accolades to spend. You're free this afternoon, right? I can get some jobs for you right away. Mecha repairs and weapons all have to be purchased using accolades; we can offer slightly lower prices than the legion's repair rooms, and business will be booming for sure! By the way, are your forging skills really up to scratch?"

Tang Wulin guaranteed, "I can definitely ensure great quality and speed, and I'll take as many jobs as you can bring to me."

"Alright, then you can go and prepare. You have to earn enough accolades to feed yourself first." Long Yuxue began to depart as she spoke.

Tang Wulin chuckled, "Then you'll have to find some more jobs for me with my appetite!"

The two of them departed from Long Yuxue's dormitory room while enjoying a pleasant conversation before going their separate ways. Tang Wulin was preparing to go to his forging room to make some final preparations, but someone suddenly appeared in his way.

Jiang Wuyue was standing in front of Tang Wulin with an unfriendly expression on his face. He had noticed that Tang Wulin had been visiting Long Yuxue's dormitory room every day for the past few days, and his sister had told him that Long Yuxue was just supervising Tang Wulin's new soldier training, but he still didn't like what he was seeing.

There were many prominent families in the Blood God Legion, all of which had been part of the Blood God Legion generation after generation. These major families had extremely lofty statuses in the Blood God Legion. For example, the Long Family that Long Yuxue hailed from had over 100 members in the legion. 

Jiang Qiyue and Jiang Wuyue's Jiang Family was also one of those prominent families, and the two families were very friendly with one another.

Jiang Wuyue had always liked Long Yuxue ever since they were children. However, he almost constantly had a runny nose as a young man, and ended up with the nickname of snot worm. Perhaps it was because of this that Long Yuxue had always been rather cold to him. Now that both of them were all grown up, Jiang Wuyue was becoming more and more eager to pursue her, but Long Yuxue was like an icy porcupine that he couldn't get close to no matter how much he tried.

Tang Wulin was only a newbie, yet Jiang Wuyue had already caught Long Yuxue smiling at Tang Wulin five or six times, whereas he would sometimes go an entire year without being graced by one of her smiles, so he was naturally very jealous.

"Tang Wulin," Jiang Wuyue called out in a cold voice.

"Hello, Superior." Tang Wulin stood up straight and extended a military salute toward Jiang Wuyue.

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