Chapter 938: Opportunity?

"That's right, this is the quickest way to accumulate accolades. Of course, not everyone had to follow this path; everything also depends on our own abilities. We've already conducted a preliminary examination of your abilities during the trial, and in the coming month, I'll be assessing your abilities even further in order to be able to assign you the missions that will suit you the most. The main advantage of our special service department over the battle units is that we can enter the abyssal passageway to conduct missions and battle whenever we want."

"I understand now." Tang Wulin nodded in response.

Following Long Yuxue's introduction, he'd finally gained a rough understanding of the Blood God Legion. The existence of the abyssal plane naturally evoked a grim feeling in his heart, but it also presented him with an opportunity.

During his battle with the Ba'an, his Golden Dragon Spear had devoured its energy, and that had been immensely beneficial to his bloodline. As such, it appeared that even though abyssal creatures were filled with destructive intent, the energy within their bodies was very pure, and he could absorb this energy for himself after it was extracted and purified by his Golden Dragon Spear.

Under normal circumstances, there was no way that his Golden Dragon Spear would be able to absorb the life force of other living beings to assist him in his cultivation. That didn't work with humans, and there weren't any soul beasts for him to kill, so neither of those options were viable. However, in the face of these destructive abyssal creatures that were endangering the entire human world, Tang Wulin had no such qualms.

Through his battles with abyssal creatures, he could use his Golden Dragon Spear to absorb their energy into his own body. This didn't enhance his soul power much, but it was considerably beneficial for his bloodline power, and it was even comparable to consuming spirit items. Where else could he find such a brilliant opportunity?

Being part of the Blood God Legion naturally placed him in more danger than if he were in another legion, but it also presented him with a brilliant opportunity.

From a money-saving perspective, if he could continue to enhance himself by absorbing the energy of these abyssal creatures, he may even be able to break his future Golden Dragon King seals without having to purchase any spirit items for consumption.

This was an extremely rare situation for him as he always had to face an extremely massive risk whenever he broke one of those seals. Furthermore, the second nine Golden Dragon King seals were far more perilous than the previous nine, and he had no idea what to expect. Only after breaking his 10th seal would he be able to gauge just how fearsome the rest of the Golden Dragon King seals would be.

Old Tang had been hibernating this entire time, and he'd prepared most of the spirit items required to break the 10th seal. Furthermore, he had also eaten close to a third of a Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum, but he was still feeling rather concerned. After all, breaking the 10th seal was most likely going to result in a qualitative change in his bloodline power.

However, at the same time, he was also very much looking forward to the power that he'd attain from it. If he could achieve his objective by absorbing the energy of abyssal creatures, then that would naturally be ideal.

The Amorous Douluo really had sent him to a great place. Not only could he gradually accumulate more influence in the military here, he could also continue to improve himself. The 18 Golden Dragon King seals had made him who he was today, but they were also like sharp swords that were constantly hanging over his head. What would happen if he were to absorb all of the Golden Dragon King essence within those 18 seals someday?

The existence of the abyssal plane undoubtedly provided him with an opportunity to find this out for himself. All four of the super organizations on the Douluo Continent had been severely ravaged during the war against this powerful plane, so there had to be countless abyssal creatures in existence.

What he needed the most now was power!

"What are you thinking?" Long Yuxue suddenly asked.

Only then did Tang Wulin return to his senses, and he replied, "I'm thinking about how I can fight these abyssal creatures as soon as possible."

Long Yuxue said in a serious voice, "You are indeed quite powerful, but I must remind you to constantly keep your ego in check. The abyssal creatures are more fearsome than you can imagine, and battles in the real world are different from those in simulations because you don't get a second life, do you understand?"

"Yes," Tang Wulin replied with a nod.

Long Yuxue's expression eased slightly, and she continued, "Now, I'm going to tell you about the information that we currently have on the abyssal plane, as well as all of the species of abyssal creatures currently known to us."

Long Yuxue was a very good instructor, and she provided very detailed information to Tang Wulin. Tang Wulin was also a very keen student, and he'd immediately raise any questions that he had, all of which would be answered by Long Yuxue.

The more he learned about the abyssal plane, the more awestruck Tang Wulin became by how noble the Blood God Legion was. According to Long Yuxue, less than half of the soldiers in the Blood God Legion managed to survive here for more than 10 years.

Even though human technology was constantly advancing, and they were growing more and more experienced in combating the abyssal plane, casualties were still unavoidable.

The sudden fall of Shrek Academy also dealt an extremely heavy blow to the Blood God Legion as Shrek Academy had been a prominent source of new soldiers for the legion. Without this source of support, the Blood God Legion faced the risk of waning in power in the future, and it was hard to say whether they'd be able to continue to guard the continent against the abyssal plane.

Even though the Battle God Hall and Spirit Pagoda could continue to provide them with new troops, this would entail that the Blood God Legion could very likely gradually fall under the control of one of those two organizations someday, and that was definitely not something the higher-ups of the legion wanted to see. The purpose of the Blood God Legion was to protect the Douluo Continent, not to become a weapon of any organization.

At the same time, Tang Wulin learned that all of the equipment and facilities of the Blood God Legion were virtually the most advanced that the human race was currently capable of creating.

If one wanted to join the Blood God Legion, they had to at least be a four-ring Soul Ancestor. Even the strictest of sects wouldn't set such a high barrier for entry, let alone any other legion. Furthermore, they had to be a Soul Master, rather than purely a Soul Guide Master.

During battles against abyssal creatures, weapons would only prove to be accessories most of the time. If one weren't powerful enough without their weapons, then they'd eventually perish in battle.

Waging battles at such a high altitude and under such cold conditions for extended periods of time was an extremely stern test of one's power and mental fortitude. As such, less than half of the soldiers managed to successfully complete their full military service stints here, but most of them were actually disqualified in advance as they couldn't take this lifestyle anymore.

Disqualification was different from retirement. Retired military officials from the Blood God Legion were exceptional military personnel that all other major legions would welcome with open arms, but those who were disqualified had no right to proclaim that they'd once been a part of the Blood God Legion.

10 years was a very long time, and many major families would try everything they could to get their most exceptional young talents into the Blood God Legion. They were doing so in order to put these young talents through a trial by fire.

If they could complete the 10 years of military service, then there was a very good chance that they'd become pillars that the entire family could rely on in the future.

Among the higher-ups of the federal military, there were many from both the Eagle Faction and the Dove Faction who had once served in the Blood God Legion. The current federal military minister had never served in the Blood God Legion, but his son was serving in the Blood God Legion right now.

Even though Long Yuxue hadn't put it in such blunt terms, Tang Wulin could read between the lines and deduce from her words that the Blood God Legion was a cradle for the higher-ups of the military. Of course, the prerequisite was that they had to be able to survive for the entire duration of the military service.

10 years?

Tang Wulin couldn't help but heave an internal sigh. The Amorous Douluo had most likely sent him here so that he'd have enough time to accumulate power and influence. 

What kind of heights would he scale to within 10 years?

Tang Wulin clenched his fists tightly and set a goal for himself; during these 10 years, he was going to become a high-ranking commander no matter what. At the same time, he had to reach the Titled Douluo level during this time.

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