Chapter 937: The Abyss

Long Yuxue continued, "In the beginning, the spatial passageway in the Skyend Mountain Ranges was very small, and this place is obviously extremely secluded, so no one discovered it. However, as time passed, the passageway widened, and living beings from another plane began to enter our Douluo Continent through it. We refer to these living beings as abyssal creatures."

Tang Wulin's pupils abruptly contracted drastically upon hearing this. "Are you telling me that the beings we encountered during my trial actually exist? Are they the abyssal creatures you're talking about?"

Long Yuxue commended, "That's very smart of you to make the connection so quickly. That is indeed the case. 6,300 years ago, vast hordes of abyssal creatures entered our continent through the Skyend Mountain Ranges, and a massive tragedy ensued. However, the disaster took place in such a secluded region with barely any human population, and the federation kept the incident strictly confidential, so very few people are aware of what happened. Abyssal creatures are characterized by their abilities to destroy and devour. They'll devour all life forms, regardless of whether they're plants or animals, and they're like locusts in that they ravage lands until they're completely barren and desolate.

"All of them are completely deranged creatures, and it only took them a short time to wipe out all of the living beings in the Skyend Mountain Ranges. Thankfully, human technology was already quite advanced at the time, and the federation was able to discover their existence before the disaster could spread further into the continent. The federation then deployed almost two-thirds of the entire military to hunt down these abyssal creatures. With the assistance of Shrek Academy, the Tang Sect, the Spirit Pagoda, and the Battle God Hall, the federation deployed 11 mecha legions and used countless spirit missiles to finally drive these abyssal creatures back into the passageway.

"More than 200,000 people perished during that war, and even the palace master of the Tang Sect's Douluo Palace at the time perished during a battle against one of the abyssal emperors. Four of Shrek’s Seven Monsters also passed away, along with 10 of the 18 Battle Gods of the Battle God Hall. On top of that, three of the four spirit envoys of the Spirit Pagoda were also killed, and among the three chairmen, one of them perished while the others sustained severe injuries. It was an extremely tragic war."

Tang Wulin drew a sharp breath upon hearing this. Looking at the four super organizations now, it was quite apparent how powerful they would've been in the past. According to Long Yuxue's description, there had to have been at least 30 Titled Douluo who participated in that war, and 6,300 years ago, battle armor had already been invented. They weren't as powerful as they were now, but there wouldn't be too much of a disparity. Despite that, so many powerful beings had perished during that war, and that was more than sufficient testament to just how fearsome these abyssal creatures were. Tang Wulin thought back to the Demonic Enchantress he'd encountered in that simulated world, and he felt as if his heart had been filled with lead.

"The sacrifices made by our predecessors weren't in vain; the abyssal creatures were forced back to their original plane, and five of their seven abyssal emperors perished during that war. The leader of the seven abyssal emperors was also severely wounded in the face of the combined efforts from the master of the Tang Sect's Douluo Palace, the master of Shrek Academy's Sea God's Pavilions, and the leader of Shrek’s Seven Monsters at the time. Countless other abyssal beings were also slain in the process.

"After that, our predecessors forcibly sealed the abyssal passageway, and it wasn't completely sealed shut, but it was extremely difficult for abyssal emperors to pass through it. It was also during that time that the Blood God Legion was founded. The legion was founded by the four super organizations, and they only had one objective: to guard the passageway and keep out the abyssal creatures.

"We don't know where the abyssal creatures live, but they're extremely powerful. The Demonic Enchantress that you encountered is an abyssal monarch, while that massive Ba'an is only an abyssal master. During the past 6,300 years, the abyssal creatures have constantly been trying to invade our world, and we've been doing everything in our power to keep them at bay."

Tang Wulin said, "Are accolades earned through battling these abyssal creatures?"

"Correct," Long Yuxue replied, "The cave you saw during your trial simulates an actual abyssal cave, and the situation there also simulates the reality within the abyss. Due to the spatial passageway fluctuations within the abyss, our martial souls are severely debilitated there. We can still use them to some extent, but it really is very close to not being able to use them at all, and that's why you weren't able to use soul power during your trial. We've invented some spatial shielding devices, but those can only allow us to use our martial souls for short periods of time."

Tang Wulin nodded in response. "I see. Does this mean that I'll have to battle abyssal creatures following my special training? Does the number of abyssal beings I kill directly correspond to the number of accolades I'll earn?"

Long Yuxue nodded, and replied, "Theoretically, yes, but you're in the special service department, so your duties will be different from those who fight at the front lines."

Tang Wulin immediately said, "Superior, can you transfer me to a department that would allow me to fight on the front lines?"

Long Yuxue raised an eyebrow slightly upon seeing the scorching battle intent in Tang Wulin's eyes. Compared to handsome pretty boys, she was far more appreciative of powerful and courageous warriors, and it was undoubtedly the case that Tang Wulin possessed all of the aforementioned qualities.

During the trial, everything in the simulated world was virtually the same as it was in the real world. In particular, when facing that Demonic Enchantress in the end, it was so fast that there was virtually no time for them to think. Even so, Tang Wulin was still able to use his own body to protect her, and that was sufficient testament to his courage and willingness to sacrifice. As such, Long Yuxue had no doubt that Tang Wulin was being completely genuine in his request.

"It's not what you think; compared to the battle units, we'll actually have more chances to encounter abyssal creatures. Do you know what duties our special service department is responsible for?" Long Yuxue asked.

Tang Wulin shook his head.

Long Yuxue continued, "Our special service department is mainly responsible for undertaking various types of missions. You saw how I was guarding the outskirts of the legion base on the day that you arrived; at the time, I was substituting for one of my friends. Under normal circumstances, that's not part of my job. Our most important missions are reconnaissance and to provide all types of information and biological samples for our research department. The battle units have to substitute everyone once in a while in order to replenish their supplies, and it's not like abyssal creatures are constantly pouring into our world. The main duty of the battle units is to keep abyssal creatures from coming out of the abyssal passageway, rather than actively hunt them down.

"However, our special service department is different. Due to the nature of our duties, we'll enter the places that are closest to the spatial passageway, and some missions will even involve traveling to the abyssal plane in order to collect more information. If you can discover a new species of abyssal creature and return to the base with a corresponding biological sample, you'll receive a lot of accolades for that. As such, if you want to progress up the ranks quickly, our special service department is definitely the best place for you in the fledgling phase of your military career."

Tang Wulin asked in a curious manner, "Why only the fledgling phase?"

Long Yuxue explained, "Prior to reaching a certain military rank, personal accolades are extremely important for progression, but after becoming a lieutenant colonel, your leadership abilities will also be taken into consideration as high-ranking military officials must possess a certain level of leadership skills. Otherwise, they won't be granted any promotions. Even if they do get promoted to higher ranks, they'll be more like advisors and won't be able to directly lead the army. Jiang Wuyue was originally placed in the special service department, and only after becoming a major was he transferred over to a battle unit. He then took two years to become a lieutenant colonel, so he's been accumulating accolades very quickly. If I had made that bet with you in his place last night, I wouldn't even have enough accolades to pay for your feast."

Tang Wulin's eyes narrowed slightly as he said, "So you're saying that it's best for me to become a major here in the special service department, then transfer to a battle unit, right?"

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