Chapter 936: Second Lieutenant Advisor Tang Wulin

"Good morning, Superior." Tang Wulin extended a military salute toward Jiang Qiyue.

Jiang Qiyue hurriedly said, "We're all comrades and friends here, so there's no need to refer to me as superior. We're not on a mission or anything, so just call me by my name. So, about the bet..."

Tang Wulin said, "I'll make do with a portion of food from the sixth window. I had a lot to eat last night and all that food still hasn't really digested."

"Really?" Jiang Qiyue's large eyes immediately lit up as she turned to Long Yuxue with a grateful expression.

Long Yuxue said, "Don't thank me; he was the one who agreed to this."

Jiang Qiyue immediately latched onto Tang Wulin's arm in an excited manner. "Thank you, handsome!"

Her figure was far more significantly developed in certain areas, and Tang Wulin was immediately struck by the feeling of something soft making contact with his arm. A wry smile appeared on his face as he extricated his arm out of her grasp in an inconspicuous manner. "It's alright, I wasn't really going to eat that much this morning anyway. Please look out for me in the future, Superior."

Jiang Qiyue's expression changed ever so slightly. She had naturally noticed Tang Wulin struggling out of her grasp, despite how subtle he was being.

After breakfast, Long Yuxue took Tang Wulin to the Blood God Legion control center. His inauguration ceremony was going to be held here; this was one of the rules of the Blood God Legion.

The control center was very neat and clean without any ornamental embellishments, and everything looked just as cold as the snow and ice outside. The inauguration ceremony was going to be held in a small hall that could house around 100 people. By the time Tang Wulin and Long Yuxue arrived, a dozen or so people were already waiting for them, and their epaulets were absolutely dazzling.

There were two generals among them, and the rest were all colonels or above. Tang Wulin discovered that all of them were looking at him with a lot of intrigue in their eyes, and that was obviously due to the bloodline power he'd displayed during this trial.

However, Tang Wulin didn't pay any heed to this. The trial prohibited the use of soul power and soul skills, so it was most likely designed to test for certain qualities outside of power among the newbies, such as their willingness to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their comrades. Following his training on the demonic island, Tang Wulin had actually already deduced this back when Long Yuxue had told him that his objective was to protect her during the trial. 

Even so, he had still unleashed his bloodline power, and this was naturally done for a purpose. He hadn't held back as he wanted to integrate himself with this legion as quickly as possible, and displaying his powers was undoubtedly the best way to accomplish this. As such, he had anticipated the scrutiny he was receiving.

Long Yuxue asked Tang Wulin to stand off to the side before making her way over to the military officials and extending a military salute.

"Vice-commander of the special service department, Long Yuxue, reporting for duty with new soldier Tang Wulin. Please give us instructions."

Long Tianwu said, "You may begin."


Long Yuxue turned to Tang Wulin, and said, "New soldier Tang Wulin, please step onto the stage for your inauguration."

Tang Wulin strode to the center of the stage at the front of the hall, then thumped his right fist against his chest as a military salute to all of the officials present.

Long Tianwu stood up and stepped forward while Long Yuxue carried a platter over to them. There were two epaulets on the platter, as well as a pair of golden lapel pins.

One line and one star; didn't that represent a second lieutenant rank?

Tang Wulin couldn't help but falter slightly at the sight of the epaulets. Wasn't he only supposed to be a soldier? He had thought he had a good chance of becoming a first-rank soldier based on his performance, but he didn't think that he'd become a second lieutenant right away.

The second lieutenant rank was above the three soldier ranks, and the main difference between the two was that a second lieutenant was a true military official while a soldier was just a soldier.

As such, it was quite extraordinary for him to be granted this rank right away; the higher the starting point, the faster the progress that would be entailed.

Long Tianwu turned to Tang Wulin, and said, "Tang Wulin, we've seen your trial footage, and you performed exceptionally well. We were truly astonished by what you were capable of even without using your soul power. According to the rules of the Blood God Legion, exceptional new soldiers can become first-rank soldiers, but based on your scintillating performance, the legion has decided to make an exception and reward you with this second lieutenant military rank. We hope you can keep this up and continue to strive for greater accolades."

"Yes!" Tang Wulin replied in a firm voice.

Long Tianwu put on his epaulets and lapel pins for him in person. Following the addition of those accessories, his pristine white military uniform had transformed once again, making him look as if he were brimming with heroic spirit.

"Second Lieutenant Tang Wulin, you'll be assigned to the special service department as an advisor. You'll immediately adopt your role after a month-long period of special training."

From that instant onward, Tang Wulin became a second lieutenant advisor of the special service department. This meant that he'd officially joined the federal military and become an official soldier, as well as a military official. A brand new world was opened up to him.

But what exactly did a second lieutenant advisor do? Tang Wulin wasn't really sure. However, he was presumably going to have his duties made clear to him during the coming month. Seeing as he'd been assigned to the special service department, the vice-department commander, Long Yuxue, was going to be a colleague of his.

Following the inauguration ceremony, Long Yuxue and Tang Wulin departed from the control center.

"Superior, does my special training begin now?" Tang Wulin asked.

Long Yuxue nodded in response. "I will be your instructor for the coming month, and you'll listen to everything I say during your special training. Firstly, I'm going to fill you in on some theoretical knowledge."

Much to Tang Wulin's surprise, Long Yuxue didn't take him to a classroom or anything like that. Instead, she brought him to a two-room dormitory suite, and no matter how he looked at it, this place seemed to be Long Yuxue's personal living quarters.

"Take a seat; this is my dormitory suite," Long Yuxue said in a nonchalant manner.

Tang Wulin didn't ask any questions, and he sat down on the couch in the guest hall.

Long Yuxue said, "You're the only newbie, so we don't need to go anywhere special. You have to make sure to commit everything I tell you next to memory."

"Yes, Superior."

Long Yuxue glanced at him, and said, "There's no one else around, so you can refer to me by my name. We'll be colleagues from now on."

"Er, is that a good idea?" Tang Wulin was rather hesitant.

A cold look appeared on Long Yuxue's face. "That's an order."

"Al, alright then..."

Long Yuxue continued, "You must be curious about why our legion is situated here in the Skyend Mountain Ranges, where the terrain is so precarious and the conditions are so harsh, right?"

Tang Wulin nodded in response. The Skyend Mountain Ranges was situated on the westernmost region of the continent, and according to the map, after passing over the Skyend Mountain Ranges, one would quickly be able to reach the western shore. That was the most bleak and barren place on the entire continent, and that was exactly because it was separated from the rest of the continent by the Skyend Mountain Ranges.

Compared to the other regions of the sea surrounding the continent, there weren't many sea soul beasts beyond the western shore, and there were no humans living over there at all, but no matter how one looked at it, the Blood God Legion was one of the most elite legions out there.

Why had such a powerful legion been placed here? Tang Wulin was also very curious, and now, Long Yuxue was finally going to reveal the secrets of the legion to him.

Long Yuxue explained, "The Blood God Legion was founded 6,300 years ago, yet there are extremely few people on this continent who are aware of our existence as we're different from normal legions. We all have a unique responsibility and burden on our shoulders, and the men and women of the Blood God Legion have been protecting the entire Douluo Continent behind the scenes for generation after generation."

Tang Wulin listened with rapt focus.

A reminiscent look appeared in Long Yuxue's eyes as she continued, "We are guarding this place as a massive disaster once took place here. You should be aware of the fact that these mountain ranges didn't belong to the Douluo Continent once. Instead, they became connected to our continent due to the continental shift connecting the Sun Moon Continent to ours, which means that this place once belonged to the Sun Moon Continent. After the connection between the two continents, our Douluo Continent almost doubled in size to what it is now. Around 10,000 years ago, a war finally broke out due to various differences in culture and ideals, and in the end, the entire continent was unified. After that, the current federation slowly took shape.

"Perhaps the clash between the two continents warped space in a strange way, but a peculiar spatial passageway appeared within the Skyend Mountain Ranges. To put it in simpler terms, a new space was connected to our continent. There are many other worlds in outer space, and on many of those planets are different life forms. This spatial passageway can shorten the distance from one world to another, and it can even connect two worlds situated trillions of kilometers apart. Thus, beings on the other side of the passageway would be able to reach our world in a very short time. Are you following what I'm saying right now?"

"I am." Tang Wulin nodded in response. After his trip to the Dragon Valley, he had developed a certain level of understanding of spaces and worlds outside of the Douluo Star.

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