Chapter 935: Astonishment

The burly major general burst into laughter. "Great! He must be quite a bright young talent to receive such high praise from Little Xue. Let's skip this and watch the footage of his trial instead."

Long Yuxue stepped forward and brought up another image on the screen.

Light flashed, and the scenes depicted now were of her and Tang Wulin in that simulated world.

Long Tianwu turned to glance at his daughter with a slightly peculiar look on his face. He'd heard from his wife that their daughter had overseen this newbie's trial in person, and had given him the highest praise. Only the newbies that were given such glowing praise were worthy of having so many high-ranking military officials assess their trial footage to determine their grade.

The image began to change, and Long Yuxue and Tang Wulin jumped into the abyss one after another.

Tang Wulin walked up ahead with purple light occasionally flashing through his eyes.

"He was recommended here by the Tang Sect, but he comes from Shrek Academy? Looks like there were survivors from Shrek Academy after all," Long Tianwu mused as his eyes narrowed slightly.

"That does appear to be so," Major General Xu Weitao nodded, and said, "Who would've thought that such a major disaster would befall Shrek City? After we received the news, it took a lot of convincing to prevent the Shrek Academy alumni among our ranks from storming back to Shrek City. Looks like the continent is going to be plunged into turmoil soon."

Long Tianwu nodded in response. "Things definitely aren't as simple as they seem, and in my opinion, the military isn't entirely innocent. Our legion commander has already gone to the military headquarters; he should bring back some more specific details for us. I hope the military wasn't actively involved in this. Otherwise, I would be severely disappointed. How could they weaken the continent like this by targeting Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect?"

Xu Weitao sighed, "There must be some people of the opinion that our Douluo Continent is already powerful enough for global conquest. Shrek Academy has always been a neutral entity, so it'll always be a thorn in the side for the overly ambitious figures on the continent. No matter what happens, this can't just be allowed to pass. We'll wait for a verdict from the legion commander."

"Hmm?" Just as the two major generals were speaking, a startling turn of events had already unfolded within the image on the screen.

Long Tianwu was the one who had uttered that faint cry of surprise as Long Yuxue was suddenly running toward the center of the cave. Wasn't she artificially increasing the difficulty of this trail?

They were then greeted by the sight of Tang Wulin following close on her heels, waving his staff through the air and killing one four-clawed bat after another.

"He has brilliant melee combat skills that are enhanced by the Tang Sect's Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, and he's very calm and steadfast. It's quite remarkable that a 21-year-old like him is able to do all of this. On top of that, he possesses immense strength. He's only using a metal staff, but he's killing those four-clawed bats with ease. With the skills that he's currently displaying, he's at least good enough to become a second-rank soldier."

Long Yuxue didn't say anything, and the image changed again as the six-clawed bat emerged before pouncing directly toward Tang Wulin.

Serious expressions appeared on the faces of Long Tianwu and Xu Weitao in response. Six-clawed bats were more than 10 times more powerful than their four-clawed counterparts, and they also possessed soundwave attacks that had caused a lot of trouble for the Blood God Legion in the past. Wide-range attacks like those were very annoying under many circumstances.

In the next instant, Long Tianwu's expression stiffened slightly as he witnessed Tang Wulin catching Long Yuxue in a tight embrace before destroying the six-clawed bat.

Long Yuxue blushed slightly as she explained, "He possessed immense spiritual power, and he used that to protect me from the soundwave attacks."

Long Tianwu didn't say anything. For him to be able to kill a six-clawed bat with just his strength alone definitely placed him among the best newbies that he'd ever seen.

However, the events that unfolded next gradually cast them into a higher and higher degree of astonishment.

After the three six-clawed bats fell by Tang Wulin's hands, the military officials sitting behind the two major generals were beginning to rise to their feet, and loud conversations quickly rang out.

Immediately thereafter, Tang Wulin fell backward along with Long Yuxue before lashing out with a kick that could only be described as the perfect culmination of exemplary technique and terrifying power. The giant snake was sent flying as a result, and two of the senior colonels present also couldn't help but rise to their feet.

"Nicely done!"

"Is that a Ba'an? Why would a Ba'an appear in a trial like this? The difficulty is way too high! What a shame, I wanted to see more of what the little guy was capable of."

Even Long Tianwu and Xu Weitao's brows had furrowed slightly at the sight of the gigantic paw that had just appeared. 

"It's not over yet, Superiors," Long Yuxue couldn't help but interject.

It still wasn't over? But this was a Ba'an!

They were then greeted by the sight of Tang Wulin besting Ba'an in melee combat. This was the purest clash of strength, but what were those golden rings of light?

After the Ba'an was pinned to the rock face by the Golden Dragon Spear, the entire battle room had fallen completely silent.

He had no access to his martial soul or soul power, but he'd managed to kill a Ba'an in a one-on-one battle. He didn't even have access to his battle armor or a mecha! Had he achieved all of this with just his strength and bloodline power?

It would be a severe understatement to refer to him as a prodigy at this point!

There were very few people present, even among the senior colonels, who could accomplish the same feat.

"This is extraordinary," Xu Weitao muttered under his breath.

"A Demonic Enchantress?!" Long Tianwu abruptly rose to his feet as the footage still hadn't concluded; that Demonic Enchantress had finally appeared.

After that, the scenes of Tang Wulin battling the Demonic Enchantress and protecting Long Yuxue with his own body in the end set the atmosphere in the entire battle room alight...

The next morning.

After Tang Wulin awakened from his meditation, the sky was still pitch-black outside. The days here were clearly far shorter than the nights. Tang Wulin cast his gaze out toward the world of ice and snow through the window while he basked in the comforting warmth of his own room, and he kind of enjoyed this feeling.

He had distanced himself from all of the chaos on the continent, and the burden on his shoulders had been significantly lessened. He still couldn't completely put down those burdens, but at the very least, he didn't have to worry about all that pressure for now.

His initial impression of the Blood God Legion was quite positive, and the Amorous Douluo had to have his reasons for sending him here. His two objectives for this stint of military service were to grow stronger and also accumulate influence in the military.

It was undoubtedly the case that the Blood God Legion was quite isolated from the federation, and it was almost a completely independent entity. It wasn't a neutral entity like Shrek Academy, but it was most likely quite a high-ranking organization nonetheless.

As for why the Blood God Legion was situated here, the Amorous Douluo didn't provide any explanations. He merely told Tang Wulin that he'd soon be able to figure things out for himself.

The massive feast that he'd enjoyed the night before had replenished his body to a great extent, and not only was he feeling completely reinvigorated, his blood essence had been bolstered yet again.

After getting up and doing some stretches, Tang Wulin brushed his teeth before exiting his room.

In the early hours of the morning, the temperatures on the Skyend Mountain Ranges were extremely low, and even Tang Wulin couldn't help but shudder. He had already put on his white military uniform, and it fit him very well, complementing his tall and well-built figure, as well as his handsome appearance.

This was going to be the day on which his special training commenced, and he was wondering what the training would entail.

After enduring the training on the demonic island, Tang Wulin wasn't concerned in the slightest about the special training that the Blood God Legion would throw at him. What could be more torturous than the experiences he'd suffered on the demonic island?

The distant sky was rather murky as the air was filled with powdered snow. It was a pity that he didn't possess an ice attribute martial soul. Otherwise, his cultivation would benefit immensely under such an environment.

Right at this moment, a pleasant voice sounded. "Tang Wulin."

"Good morning, Superior!" Tang Wulin turned to discover that it was Long Yuxue, and he asked, "Do you live near here as well?"

Long Yuxue shook her head, "No, I don't live in this area. I'm here for you. Your trial has been graded, and I'll take you to accept your military rank after breakfast. At the same time, the department that you'll be going to will be announced."

"Yes!" Tang Wulin thumped his fist into his chest as a military salute.

Long Yuxue stepped forward and laid her left hand on his elbow while adjusting the position of his arm with her right hand.

"Your fist should strike slightly above your heart, understood?"


"Let's go get some breakfast first. By the way, Qiyue wants me to beg you to let her off the hook..." Even Long Yuxue herself was quite amused as she spoke. Thinking back to the pitiful beseeching display Jiang Qiyue had put on the night before, she was struck by a rather twisted sense of satisfaction.

"Oh? Sure thing, I'll just eat one portion of food then," Tang Wulin replied.

"How can you eat that much?" Long Yuxue couldn't help but ask.

Tang Wulin replied, "Well, I guess it's a talent of mine. I don't actually have to eat that much all the time, but eating more is beneficial to my cultivation."

Long Yuxue turned to him with a surprised expression. "You can cultivate through eating? That's related to your bloodline ability, right?"

Tang Wulin's heart stirred slightly, but he still nodded in response.

They met Jiang Qiyue at the cafeteria again, but as opposed to her energetic and impish appearance from the day before, she had braided her hair into twin pigtails today, and she also wore a pitiable look on her face in a display of vulnerability.

Tang Wulin couldn't help but chuckle internally upon seeing this. Such crude tactics weren't going to work on him! He's seen absolutely everything from the seven old demons of the demonic island.

Of course, he wasn't going to actually call her out for this.

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