Chapter 934: I Won't Waste This

There was naturally a reason why there were no people lining up at the first, second, and third windows. The accolades in the Blood God Legion were recorded as number values, and one portion of food from the first window cost the same number of accolades one could expect to earn from a low-intensity battle. To put it in simpler terms, the cost of one portion of food from the first window was enough to promote a third-rank soldier to a second-rank soldier. The number of accolades required to promote one up each successive rank was vastly different, but this was still sufficient testament to just how expensive the food at the first window was.

Even though accolades were required to purchase food at the cafeteria, there was always enough for everyone, and just one portion of food from the first window was enough to feed a big eater. However, over 10 portions had already been prepared, and even as a lieutenant colonel, this would take a sizable chunk out of Jiang Wuyue's savings.

"What the hell are you doing?" Jiang Wuyue asked in a furious manner.

Tang Wulin turned to him with an innocent expression. "Superior, didn't you say that I can eat until I'm full?"

Jiang Wuyue's fury immediately abated slightly. "I did indeed say that, but you can't waste food! Don't you know that embezzlement and waste are the biggest crimes?"

Tang Wulin immediately replied in a serious manner, "Don't worry, Superior, I definitely won't waste this."

"You're telling me you can eat all of this? Let me remind you that the dishes from the first window have spirit items included, so they're extremely nutritious. There's no way that you can eat this much, and even if you can, you'll die from indigestion!"

Tang Wulin smiled, and suggested, "How about this, Superior? Let's make another bet; if I can finish all of this, then my next meal..."

"Piss off! I'm not making such a stupid bet with you! Hurry and return all of this food!" Jiang Wuyue was starting to get angry now.

An indifferent voice sounded from inside the first window. "No returns allowed. Pay up, Battalion Commander Jiang. You said it yourself; you lost the bet, so you have to pay for his meal."

Jiang Wuyue's lips twitched upon hearing this. An extremely enormous amount of accolades was required to be promoted from lieutenant colonel to colonel, and he'd already been saving up for more than a year, but he was still only around a third of the way there. This meal alone would cost 10% of all of his savings, so he was naturally very reluctant to pay for it.

However, Tang Wulin didn't care about that. He was already digging in to his meal while still standing in front of the window.

He didn't know what kind of ingredients had been used in these dishes, but they were definitely not inferior to Teacher Mu Ye's cooking. In particular, there was a fowl dish with extremely delicious and juicy flesh, and the soup was so delicious that he almost swallowed his own tongue in his eagerness to gulp it down.

Jiang Wuyue reluctantly paid the bill before turning to Tang Wulin with a furious look on his face, but his expression then immediately stiffened.

During the time it had taken him to pay the bill, three portions of food from the first window had already vanished, and Tang Wulin was working on the fourth dish.

That massive bowl of Snow Spirit Bird soup was made using an entire Snow Spirit Bird! One drumstick entered Tang Wulin's mouth right before Jiang Wuyue's astonished eyes, and in the next instant, the bone emerged, completely clean without any flesh hanging to it. The bowl of soup also vanished within the span of just a few breaths.

He was eating extremely quickly, but his table manners weren't barbaric at all. Instead, he was like a smooth machine that was working methodically yet rapidly through the food. Before he had a chance to return to his senses, another portion of food had been eaten.

Jiang Qiyue and Long Yuxue were also completely flabbergasted.

"Does this guy have a bottomless pit for a stomach? No matter how handsome he is, no one can afford to feed him!" Jiang Qiyue gulped in astonishment.

An amused smile appeared on Long Yuxue's face. "If I recall correctly, someone stepped in on the bet and promised him another meal. Do you have enough accolades? If not, I'll give you a loan. I thought about what you said, and I decided that you're right; I shouldn't be breaking everyone's rules. Hence, I'll be offering you a loan with a monthly interest rate of 100%."

"Don't do this, Yuxue!" Jiang Qiyue howled with grief, "I don't wanna go broke! I've been saving up accolades for a long time so I can become a major! My God, where the hell did you find a freak like him? What am I going to do? You have to save me, Yuxue. How about you beg him to let me off the hook? You're the one who brought him in here, so you have to take responsibility!"

Long Yuxue shrugged in response. "You brought this upon yourself; I can't do anything. I suggest you go back and pray for yourself."

Jiang Wuyue's jaw had already dropped to the ground after witnessing Tang Wulin consume all of the portions of food that he'd ordered. He was then greeted by the sight of Tang Wulin making his way over to the first window again, and asking, "Is there any more?"

"That's all we have for today," the chef inside the first window replied.

Jiang Wuyue exclaimed, "You can STILL eat more?"

Tang Wulin made his way over to the second window. "I guess the second window will do."

He hadn't eaten like this in a very long time, and this meal had been extremely enjoyable to him. He didn't want to force Jiang Wuyue into bankruptcy, but he was seriously struggling to control his appetite.

The food was fantastic, and there was a sufficient quantity being served. Following the meal, all of his exhaustion had been wiped away. His entire body was feeling very warm and indescribably comfortable. the blood essence vortex on his chest had reached its maximum rotational speed, and there seemed to be a shimmering crystal at its very center. He required a large amount of energy to replenish himself, so the food that he'd just eaten was quickly digested and absorbed.

Only after eating more than 10 portions of food from the second window as well did Tang Wulin finally stop. He then gave the dumbfounded Jiang Wuyue a toothy grin. "Thank you, Superior."

Jiang Wuyue stood rooted to the spot, looking completely defeated. After bidding farewell to Jiang Qiyue and Long Yuxue, Tang Wulin departed from the cafeteria and returned to his living quarters.

He was only a soldier, so his room wasn't exactly extremely luxurious. It was only around 10 square meters in size, and the bathroom was also quite crude. However, Tang Wulin was already quite content with this. At the very least, he had a room to himself.

Gu Yue, what am I going to do now that I can't contact you? Tang Wulin was feeling rather concerned. What if he had to take four years to become a major as well?

During the upcoming month-long special training, the first thing that he had to figure out was how to earn accolades.

He sat down on his bed with his legs crossed and began to meditate. He had to pour all of his time into cultivation now. After making a breakthrough to rank 60, he'd immediately be able to attain an orange soul ring, and his powers would undoubtedly be significantly enhanced. During his battle against the Demonic Enchantress earlier today, Tang Wulin had been made aware of his current flaws. He had sufficient strength, but his skills in converting strength to speed was still quite lackluster. He had to improve in that area. Otherwise, his strength would be useless if he couldn't even hit his enemy.

Just as Tang Wulin was meditating, there were over 10 people huddled in front of a screen in the third battle room of the Blood God Legion control center.

The images being displayed on the screen were none other than those depicting the process through which Tang Wulin had traversed through the Skyend Mountain Ranges. 

Long Yuxue was also present, but she was standing at the back. All of the people who were seated in this room were at least senior colonels, and there were even two generals sitting at the front.

The two of them were both men who appeared to be in their forties. One of them was very tall and broad with large eyes and thick eyebrows. He was quite intimidating even when sitting still without doing anything.

The man beside him was quite tall and slim, and he bore a strong resemblance to Long Yuxue, indicating that the two of them were clearly related.

"His physical constitution is quite good," the burly major general remarked.

Long Yuxue replied, "Indeed. I checked the statistics, and it only took him eight days to get to our base through the Skyend Mountain Ranges, and he didn't use any soul power, nor his martial soul in the process. However..."

"What is it?" the other major general who bore a strong resemblance to her asked.

Long Yuxue continued, "However, he seems to possess a type of special power, and I've deduced that it most likely stems from his bloodline. He displayed this power during his trial, and it's very unique, and also very powerful."

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