Chapter 930: Shielding Her With His Body

She was simply far too fast, hurtling toward Tang Wulin like lightning before bringing the strange blade in her hand directly down toward his shoulder.

Even Tang Wulin was caught off guard by her speed, which was virtually as fast as instantaneous teleportation, and it was already too late for him to evade. Under these circumstances, Tang Wulin made a very direct decision.

He didn't try to take any evasive measure, nor did he even attempt to defend himself. Instead, he reached out toward her chest with his left hand while lashing out with his right hand unleashing his Golden Dragon Annihilation Claws.

A long weapon like his Golden Dragon Spear would only prove to be cumbersome in this situation, so he could only relinquish it for now, dropping toward the ground before catching it with his right foot.

He was going to fight fire with fire!

Tang Wulin was very confident in his own defensive and regenerative prowess, so he was retaliating in a very aggressive manner.

The Demonic Enchantress gave a disdainful harrumph, and her saber was slashing through the air so quickly that it was leaving a string of afterimages in its wake. Before Tang Wulin's hands reached her, it had already crashed heavily into his shoulder.

Blood splattered everywhere, and Tang Wulin could feel that his left collarbone had been chopped in half by the devastating strike. However, his powerful physical constitution really shone through at times like this.

Even though he couldn't use any soul skills, he still had the defensive abilities of his Mountain Dragon King torso bone, and in the instant that his collarbone and scapula were broken, he abruptly withdrew his bones to trap his opponent's weapon.

A burst of energy that was filled with despair and destruction erupted from the saber. However, during his military training on the demonic island, Tang Wulin had attained destructive energy of an even higher level of purity than this, so he remained largely unaffected.

His left hand wasn't able to grab onto his opponent, but he still managed to unleash his Golden Dragon Annihilation Claws.

The Demonic Enchantress was clearly very confident in her own speed, but much to her surprise, Tang Wulin's claws encompassed an area with a radius of several tens of meters.

Five dark golden streaks of light flashed past, and the Demonic Enchantress had managed to retreat for over 20 meters, but she was still struck by the attack.

In the instant before the attack landed, she abruptly withdrew her wings.


Her body shot back like a cannonball for over 100 meters before crashing into a rock face in the distance. One of her wings had been severed by Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Annihilation Claws, and he forced himself to ignore the agony spearing through his body from his shoulder as he flicked his right foot forward. His Golden Dragon Spear was hurled through the air as a result, and it flew directly toward the Demonic Enchantress.

He naturally couldn't squander this opportunity, and in the instant that he landed on the ground, he ran toward the major as quickly as he could.

The Demonic Enchantress was simply far too fast, and he'd only be able to protect the major from nearby.

Dark Green light flashed as the Demonic Enchantress crashed into the rock face, and in the instant before the Golden Dragon Spear reached her, she abruptly slid downward and landed on the ground to evade it. However, it was quite clear that she'd been severely wounded. Not only had she lost one of her wings, five deep gashes had also been inflicted onto her body.

The flesh around the wounds was squirming violently in an attempt to heal, but the sharp intent from the Golden Dragon Annihilation Claws was tearing at her wounds in a frenzy. Streams of dark green liquid began to flow down her body, and as soon as the liquid dripped down onto the ground, it immediately permeated in all directions as dense dark green energy.

"Humans! Your souls will be tortured within the abyss for all of eternity!" The Demonic Enchantress's voice sounded within Tang Wulin's mind again. At this moment, Tang Wulin had returned to the major's side and also pulled out the saber that was protruding from his shoulder.

He sealed off his bloodline to prevent excessive blood loss, and even though he'd already turned quite pale, there was no hint of pain etched on his face.

He had always been extremely mentally strong.

Golden light flashed, and the Golden Dragon Spear returned to his hand. He took a deep breath to adjust his blood essence vortex, sending rich blood essence power surging toward the wound in the frenzy. He held his spear in his left hand and pushed his shoulder a few times with his right hand to ensure that the bones were correctly connected.

The major was standing right behind him, and she could even hear the spine-tingling sound of his bones grinding against one another in his body, but Tang Wulin didn't even tremble in the slightest.

He had to possess a will of steel!

"Ah, I should be ending this!" The major patted her own body to search for something in a panicked manner.

Right at this moment, the Demonic Enchantress in the distance suddenly sprang into action again. Her body swayed and split into two identical figures. Immediately thereafter, countless streams of dark green light poured out of the caves behind her in a frenzy before injecting themselves into her body.

Her severed wing grew back, and her terrifying speed allowed her to reach Tang Wulin in virtually the blink of an eye. The two identical figures rushed toward him from either side and the one on the left manifested another battle saber that she brought down toward Tang Wulin's body, while the one on the right abruptly stopped in mid-air. The rune from before appeared again, except on this occasion, it was targeting the major rather than Tang Wulin.

The Demonic Enchantress was far too fast, and both its strength and curse abilities were also extremely staggering.

In this dire situation, Tang Wulin didn't have time to think. All he could do was make a split-second decision.

He paid no heed to the Demonic Enchantress on the left, and he almost instantly turned around before spreading open his arms and throwing them around the major's body. At the same time, a burst of golden light erupted from his body as he unleashed his Golden Dragon Roar.

The major felt an incredibly scorching burst of energy fluctuations surge toward her from Tang Wulin, and her body had completely stiffened in the face of the Demonic Enchantress's curse, but it had suddenly regained its mobility.

"Thud!" The sound of blade piercing through flesh and bone rang out so close to her, but all she could feel was an overwhelming sense of security.


The entire world spun around her, and the major only caught a brief glimpse of Tang Wulin sending both of the Demonic Enchantress clones flying with a sweep of his Golden Dragon Spear. The roar of a golden dragon had erupted, but at the same time, she saw a shimmering golden arm fall onto the ground along with half a shoulder.

She closed her eyes with all her might and pressed the button that she'd already fished out of her pocket.

Their entire surroundings immediately warped and twisted, and the only sound that could be heard was a ferocious howl from the Demonic Enchantress. In the instant that they disappeared, two droplets of tears descended from above, only to be completely pulverized into water particles by another fearsome attack from the Demonic Enchantress.

Tang Wulin's body shuddered violently, and he slowly opened his eyes. He was breathing rather heavily, and only after taking a few deep breaths did his breathing gradually slow down.

He reflexively laid a hand on his left arm. Thankfully, it was still attached to his body in the real world, but the agony that he'd just experience was still fresh in his mind. It had been far too realistic!

He heaved a faint internal sigh. If he hadn't been protecting the major, he would've had a chance at securing victory. As long as he could use the Golden Dragon Spear to puncture the Demonic Enchantress's body, there was a chance that he could've turned the tables. However, that Demonic Enchantress truly was extremely powerful; he didn't know how the Blood God Legion had managed to create such a fearsome creature for this trial.

The glass cover was opened, and all of the equipment that was holding Tang Wulin's body in place were also withdrawn. He rotated his shoulder and did some stretching as he emerged from the glass cover.

The major still hadn't awakened at this point, and through the glass cover, he could see that her brows were tightly furrowed as if she were experiencing some kind of immense pain.

All of a sudden, her body shuddered violently before falling still again. Was she about to wake up?

From the major's aura, Tang Wulin had managed to deduce that she seemed to be a five-ring Soul King. He didn't know what her background was, but she was already extremely outstanding to have reached such a high soul power rank in her mid-twenties.

It would be unfair to use Tang Wulin and the others as comparison as they were Shrek’s Seven Monsters; they were supposed to be the very best among people of their age.

Moments later, the major slowly opened her eyes, and it took a few more seconds for her eyes to regain focus, upon which she caught sight of Tang Wulin, who was appraising her from outside the glass cover.

A complex look flashed through her eyes as she opened her glass cover and undid her bindings.

However, after she stepped out of the glass cover, her legs suddenly gave out from under her, and Tang Wulin reflexively stepped forward to catch her.

Tang Wulin hadn't noticed this in the heat of battle, but he could now clearly sense that this major's body temperature was a little high. However, she had an exceptional figure that was very supple, and it was quite clear that she regularly exercised and worked out.

"Thank you." The major blushed slightly as she struggled out of Tang Wulin's arms and stood up straight.

Tang Wulin said, "So about my trial..."

The major faltered slightly before immediately recovering her usual cold facade.

"You've passed. Come with me." She made her way out of this special testing facility as she spoke, and she was walking very quickly. At the very least, she was leaving this place far quicker than she'd come, and it was as if she were trying to escape from something.

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