Chapter 93 – I Want to Become Strong!

Chapter 93 – I Want to Become Strong!

Mang Tian simply held onto Tang Wulin’s shoulders without giving him any more advice. At this time, letting him vent all of his emotions was the best solution.

After crying for some time, the sounds of Tang Wulin’s weeping gradually died out. He raised the letter in his hand and read it over once more.

Whenever he read the words ‘Your mother and father loves you’, his tears would once again begin to flow out uncontrollably.

Mom and dad are gone, and I don’t even know where they went or when I’ll see them next. Na’er is gone too. My whole family—gone.

“Do you want to search for them?” Mang Tian’s pensive voice called out.

Tang Wulin raised his head, facing his teacher with tearful eyes.

Mang Tian said, “If you wish to find them, then you must first become powerful. Your father is an outstanding mecha designer, but because he is too outstanding, he was threatened by others. Of course, his excellence also secures his safety. But someone with the power to take him away is definitely not someone you can match up to right now. If you want to find them, then you must first become strong enough. The current you is simply too weak.”

“Teacher,” Tang Wulin shouted, “I want to become strong!”

Tang Wulin proved strong in the end. After venting his feelings, he was gradually able to steady himself.

Mang Tian spoke with him about some matters regarding the Thousand Refinements before leaving. Tang Wulin also returned to the academy shortly after.

Within his storage ring were two new cards. His identity card allowed him to go anywhere on the continent, while the bank card carried the money his father left him, a hefty million federal coins.

Tang Wulin’s wealth already surpassed 1,300,000 federal coins and he wasn’t too far off from being able to afford both the Ice Crystal Fruit and the Scarlet Flame Fruit. For the current him, spirit souls were no longer the most important thing. The most important thing was for him to ensure his own survival by absorbing the soul of the Golden Dragon King sealed by the first seal before he reached ten years of age.

“Wulin, what’s the matter?” When he ate dinner with Xie Xie and Gu Yue that night, they both discovered that there was something off about him.

Even though his powerful physique had already gotten rid of the puffy eyes from his crying, his dull expression clearly revealed his sorrow. He was still a child and didn’t understand how to hide his own emotions yet.

Tang Wulin shook his head. “Nothing’s wrong. That’s right, what have you found out about class one?”

Gu Yue and Xie Xie exchanged a glance, both of their expressions seeming to grow serious.

Xie Xie heavily said, “We’ve run into some trouble.”

“En?” Tang Wulin was roused from his dispirited self. He understood how arrogant Xie Xie usually was, so something that would make him utter the word ‘trouble’, meant that their opponents would be difficult for them to handle.

Xie Xie said, “Our class one this year is actually called the strongest new class in the last hundred years. It’s no wonder that the director could throw me into class five without batting an eye.”

Strongest new class?

Tang Wulin said, “How strong are they? Don’t tell me they have three people with two soul rings?”

Xie Xie looked at him in shock, while Gu Yue had a meaningful look in her eyes. The two of them spoke in unison, “How did you know?”

Tang Wulin was equally as dumbstruck. “No way? All three have two soul rings? Are they really new students?”

Gu Yue said, “We’re certain. We saw Wei Xiao Feng today, and we found out that he isn’t even the most powerful of the three. I don’t know if Teacher Wu picked us three to battle because of those three students in class one or not, but I know for certain it will be hard for us to win this upcoming battle.”

Tang Wulin’s expression seemed to have froze. All three of them only had one soul ring. Even if Xie Xie had twin martial souls, Gu Yue was still an ordinary one ring Soul Master. Either way, all three of them only had one soul ring each.

The gap between one ring and two rings was simply huge. When they faced Guang Long that time, all three of them had to work together to match him. Even then, they had only prevailed due to Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon King power. But now, they were about to face three two ring opponents. How could they fight this kind of battle?

Gu Yue said, “All for the sake of that class, the academy recently issued out some new rules for the Class Promotion Tournament. Classes can no longer skip grades anymore, they can only climb up to a better class number. Clearly, they’re afraid that this year’s class one will sweep away the upper grades and influence them negatively. Right now, class one has the most qualified teachers. Clearly, the academy values them highly. Reportedly, they’re considering letting them skip grades right now.”

Their opponents were actually so powerful! Tomorrow, they would be facing these powerful opponents on stage. This was simply too sudden.

In the face of such powerful opponents, did they even have a chance of securing victory?

He could tell from Xie Xie and Gu Yue’s expressions that their confidence had already been shaken. As for himself? Among the three of them, he was, in reality, the weakest one.

The three of them sat there silently. Tang Wulin was so disturbed, that he had actually lost his appetite.

Right at that moment, a piece of news was suddenly broadcast in the dining hall.

“Teachers and students, pay attention! Teachers and students, pay attention! The following announcement is an emergency announcement. Our meteorology department has notified us that a strong tropical storm will be passing by tonight. This storm is an extremely powerful typhoon and is forecasted to persist for a whole week. Thus, for the next week, students are advised to not leave the academy and all classes will be suspended during the typhoon. Please wait quietly in your dorms. The Class Promotion Tournament will be temporarily suspended until the typhoon has passed.”

A typhoon struck?

Eastsea City was a coastal city, and encounters with typhoons was a normal occurrence. But they never expected that a typhoon would strike at such a fortunate time. The typhoon had arrived.

What Tang Wulin payed the most attention to was the last few words. The Class Promotion Tournament was suspended.

The trio looked at one another.

This meant they had another week to improve themselves and investigate their opponents.

However… it didn’t make much difference. What could they possibly accomplish in only a week’s time? Even for Xie Xie, who was the closest one to reach two rings, it was virtually impossible to cultivate to that level in a week!

Tang Wulin’s expression suddenly froze as he suddenly stood up and walked away.

“Wulin, where are you going?” Xie Xie hastily chased after him and asked.

Tang Wulin didn’t even bother to turn around as he answered, “I’m going to go settle a small matter. The typhoon is about to hit, so I need to leave quickly.” Having said this, he quickly rushed out of the dining hall.

As he watched Tang Wulin’s departing figure, Xie Xie turned to Gu Yue and doubtfully asked, “I’ve always felt that there’s been something bothering him these last two days. Have you felt that too?”

Gu Yue said, “I think so too, but he’s still much calmer than you. You should change yourself for the better.”

Xie Xie furiously said, “Is it even possible for you to not pick on me?”

Gu Yue leisurely responded, “Not possible. You’ve always been a bad example anyway. Arrogant, prideful, and not particularly strong either. Wulin is different. He’s steady, reserved and has unlimited potential.”

Xie Xie stood up in indignance. “I won’t argue with a girl.” His voice had been a bit loud, drawing the attention of all of the girls within the dining hall.

“Eh…” Xie Xie suddenly sped away, disappearing quickly like a wisp of smoke.

Tang Wulin hadn’t just rushed out of the dining hall, he had even rushed out of the academy. His heart had been set ablaze and now, a powerful voice unceasingly resounded in within his heart.

I want to become powerful! To become mighty!

I wasn’t strong enough, so Na’er left!

I wasn’t strong enough, so mom and dad left!

I’m not strong enough, so I’m a burden to my teammates!

I want to become strong!

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