Chapter 929: Battling the Ba'an

At this moment, his entire body had been covered in golden scales, and golden dragon claws had emerged from his hands. Four golden rings of light emerged from beneath his feet before revolving around his body and gently pulsating in a rhythmic manner.

Golden soul rings? Im, impossible! Humans can't use their martial souls in this simulated realm! 

The major was already completely flabbergasted. She was then greeted by the sight of Tang Wulin springing up into the air again, and his speed was at least doubled. He shot forth like a golden cannonball, hurtling directly toward the Ba'an.

The Ba'an clambered up from the ground, and its body was also astonishingly powerful. Tang Wulin had used his Golden Dragon Body and Golden Dragon Tyrant Body to force his way through its Demonic Abyssal Flames, and only then had he been able to catch it completely off guard before sending it flying.

At this moment, there was a clear indentation on the Ba'an's head, and that had just been inflicted by Tang Wulin.

However, Tang Wulin was still feeling rather remorseful. If he had just used his Golden Dragon Spear, then the Ba'an wouldn't have just been sent flying.

The Ba'an let loose a roar of fury as it lashed out at Tang Wulin with its massive dragon claws, while dark green light began to radiate from its scales. Even in this world, it was an extremely powerful being, and the fact that a puny human had managed to harm it sent it into a fit of deranged fury. Its terrifying aura was causing the entire space to tremble in its wake.

Right at this moment, a loud dragon's roar erupted from Tang Wulin's mouth, following which his third golden soul ring lit up. A massive golden dragon head radiated outward with his body at its center, and the Ba'an's deranged roar was instantly drowned out. Immediately thereafter, the dragon head surged forward, and Tang Wulin pressed forward with both hands, transforming his Golden Dragon Roar into Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens.


Golden and dark green light clashed violently in mid-air, and Tang Wulin's body faltered for an instant before he was hurled toward the roof of the cave. Meanwhile, the Ba'an was sent flying toward the distant rock face again.

Right at this moment, even as Tang Wulin was flying upward, a streak of golden light erupted from his body like a bolt of lightning that was threatening to pierce through heaven and earth. 

It caught up to the Ba'an in the blink of an eye, and the monster reflexively raised one of its massive paws to shield itself, but the golden light merely punctured through its paw and plunged itself right in the center of its four eyes.

Tang Wulin was a disciple of the Tang Sect; even though the Golden Dragon Spear was a little too large to be referred to as a hidden weapon, the same hand techniques still applied.

A bloodcurdling howl erupted from the Ba'an's mouth, and countless streams of dark green energy rapidly converged toward the golden spear, having been forcibly drawn out of its body.

Tang Wulin descended from the sky, and he was panting heavily. The battle had been extremely brief, but he'd unleashed everything he had during those few attacks, and he was now being struck by a sense of overexertion.

During that clash, the Ba'an's strength had been far superior to what he'd imagined. After unleashing the full extent of its power, its strength wasn't inferior to Tang Wulin's by much. If it weren't for the fact that Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Roar had intimidated his opponent, it would've been impossible for him to land that killing blow with his Golden Dragon Spear without being injured by the Ba'an during that clash. 

Tang Wulin landed on the ground, and the Ba'an's giant body was still trembling spasmodically as it tried to struggle away from the Golden Dragon Spear, but it was already too late.

The dark green streams of energy turned the Golden Dragon Spear into a dark green color, but the Ba'an's gigantic body was beginning to disintegrate, and it soon disappeared into nothingness.

Golden light flashed from the Golden Dragon Spear, and all of the dark green color faded before it returned to Tang Wulin's grasp into the next instant.

Tang Wulin instantly felt an extremely pure burst of energy inject itself into his body. This energy couldn't replenish currently non-existent soul power, but his bloodline soul rings shuddered violently before accelerating in their rotation. A burst of pure essence had appeared in his blood essence, and it was kind of like the Golden Dragon King essence that he absorbed after breaking his Golden Dragon King seals. The quantity was far inferior in comparison, but it was still energy of an extremely high level of purity.

He knew that this was a simulation as opposed to reality, but he was still quite alarmed by this. With his current physical constitution, it was not easy to grant him a noticeable increase in his blood essence power!

Meanwhile, the major was already completely speechless. She was staring at Tang Wulin with a completely blank look in her eyes.

He had bested a Ba'an in close-quarters combat?! Those mysterious golden soul rings and his freakish strength... Was this guy really a human being?

Right at this moment, another dark green figure emerged from the central cave in a flash before hovering mid-air.

Tang Wulin's brows furrowed slightly upon seeing this. There really was no end to these things! However, he was feeling very confident. He had just been reciprocated by his Golden Dragon Spear, which had instantly fully replenished his blood essence power and even taken it above its original peak.

Compared to the Ba'an, this dark green figure was clearly a lot smaller. It only appeared to be around two meters tall, so only slightly taller than a normal human. It had a pair of special wings on its back that resembled bat wings, but the bones within them were clearly a lot more massive. The connective tissue wasn't just normal skin, either, and those areas were covered in dark green scales.

The creature possessed a figure that was very similar to that of a human woman, except everything was a lot more exaggerated. She had an extremely voluptuous chest and backside, but her waist was so thin that they were almost disproportionated to her backside. She had scorching green flames burning within her eyes, and the tips of her hands and feet were riddled with sharp spikes.

Tang Wulin's eyes narrowed slightly. He couldn't sense any threat from this creature, but deep within his mind, there was a hint of indescribable fear that was originating from the deepest parts of his bloodline.

Could it be that this humanoid creature was even more fearsome than the Ba'an from before?

The major's expression instantly changed drastically at the sight of this creature, and a horrified look appeared in her eyes. All of her astonishment from witnessing Tang Wulin's abilities had completely vanished, and it seemed that fear was the only thing in her heart.

"That's a Demonic Enchantress!"

"Die, human!" The Demonic Enchantress's voice sounded directly within the deepest part of Tang Wulin's soul.

A rune of light emerged before her as her voice rang out, and immediately thereafter, Tang Wulin felt his entire body stiffen. His life force was fading at an alarming rate, and a dark green rune of light had suddenly appeared around him before rapidly seeping into his body.

Was this a curse ability? On the Douluo Continent, only Evil Soul Masters were able to use soul skills of this nature, but this Demonic Enchantress clearly wasn't an Evil Soul Master.

"Hmph!" Tang Wulin let loose a cold harrumph as his bloodline vortex began to rotate in a frenzy. The most powerful unyielding will that originated from deep within his heart combined with his spiritual power before proliferating outward as a layer of golden light. At the same time, the rainbow gemstone on his wrist flashed, and a burst of powerful will erupted from his body.

A muffled groan escaped from the Demonic Enchantress's mouth, and the green flames in her eyes jumped violently. In the next instant, Tang Wulin had shot forth like a speeding arrow with his Golden Dragon Spear in his hand, forcibly struggling free of her curse before hurtling directly toward her.

The Demonic Enchantress flapped her wings, and pulled out a strange weapon seemingly out of thin air. The weapon resembled a bone, but also a war saber, and she descended from the sky before sending the weapon crashing down toward Tang Wulin.


The two of them clashed, and Tang Wulin was forced back down onto the ground, but the Demonic Enchantress was also sent flying backward for several dozens of meters.

A grim look immediately appeared on Tang Wulin's face. Despite his opponent's relatively small body, she possessed an extraordinary amount of strength. Most importantly, he knew nothing about this thing.

In the instant that the Demonic Enchantress arrested her momentum, light flashed from her body, and she seemed to have flapped her wings as she appeared right before Tang Wulin in the next instant.

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