Chapter 927: Commencement of the Trial

The major continued to rush directly toward the center of the cave as if she couldn't even see these bats. Tang Wulin waved his staff through the air, using it like a spear and vanquishing at least one four-clawed bat with every single strike. One staff projection after another flashed beside the major, and not even a single bat was able to reach within two meters of her.

The surprise in her eyes became even more pronounced. She had seen many newbies undertaking this trial, and there were some exceptional snipers who could control the situation, as well as some who used all types of advanced soul weapons to resolve this predicament, but it was extremely rare to see someone protect her at such close range using nothing more than their own strength and battle experience.

There was naturally a reason behind her decision to oversee Tang Wulin's trial in person. After taking Tang Wulin to the lieutenant, she had pulled up the surveillance footage near the snowy mountains and witnessed the process through which Tang Wulin had reached their base.

Her first thought after seeing the footage was that he'd completed the journey far too quickly! He'd done so in less than a third of the time it had taken her to complete the same journey for the first time. In her eyes, this guy didn't even seem like a human being anymore. He was able to use his bare hands as ice picks and propellers to launch himself up the mountain without using any soul power, and that was truly astonishing.

As such, her curiosity had led to her decision to oversee Tang Wulin's trial. Under normal circumstances, the general contents of the trial had to be introduced to the trial-taker in advance, but she had refrained from doing so. Furthermore, after reaching this point, she was supposed to travel quite slowly, but she had chosen to run through this area instead. She had intentionally raised the level of difficulty of this trial because she wanted to see just what this newbie was capable of.

As it turned out, Tang Wulin wasn't just a brute with nothing more than explosive power. The ramming force of these four-clawed bats could reach as high as 500 kilograms, and even four-ring Soul Masters with remarkably powerful physical constitutions would have a hard time keeping them at bay. However, in the face of Tang Wulin, these bats were dropping like flies.

After the major reached the center of the cave, more than half of the four-clawed bats here had already been killed by Tang Wulin.

However, he also realized an issue; these four-clawed bats didn't seem to have any sense of fear! So many of their brethren had already perished, but they were still flying toward Tang Wulin and the major in a bloodthirsty frenzy.

Even soul beasts wouldn't do something like this! Their attacks were extremely decisive, and Tang Wulin could only see ferocity in their eyes without any sense of fear or hesitation.

What kind of living beings were these? Had they been created by the Blood God Legion just for these trials?

While these thoughts were running through his mind, the vast majority of the bats in this cave had already been killed by him. With the large quantity of four-clawed bats that had been slain and the dim light in the cave, Tang Wulin was able to catch sight of wisps of energy rising up from their bodies before gradually converging together, then drifting toward those holes.

Tang Wulin turned to the major. "Is that it?"

A smile appeared on the major's face once again. "Of course not!"

Right at this moment, a low snarl abruptly rang out, and a massive bat suddenly flew out of one of the medium-sized caves.

This bat was more than twice as large as the previous ones, and it had six claws as opposed to four. It spread open its wings and abruptly let loose a sharp screech.

Tang Wulin's expression changed slightly at the sight of the ripples in the air being created by its screeching. Was this a soundwave attack?

He immediately released his spiritual power in response. He knew that this kind of soundwave attack couldn't be nullified just by blocking his ears. At the same time, he raised a hand and drew the major into his arms. He wound his left arm around her waist, and golden light erupted from his eyes.

Due to the fact that she's been caught in Tang Wulin's embrace, the major was oblivious to the golden light emanating from his eyes.

This was a solid and warm embrace, and after being pressed against Tang Wulin's body, the major instantly felt her heart rate begin to quicken. The anticipated soundwave attack seemed to have been blocked by something and didn't strike her as she'd expected.

The six-clawed bat in the air let loose a vicious screech, and it suddenly withdrew its wings before hurtling directly toward Tang Wulin like a speeding arrow. At the same time, it was letting loose one sharp screech after another to unleash a relentless barrage of soundwave attacks.

Tang Wulin harrumphed coldly, and two beams of light suddenly erupted from within his eyes like purple lightning. The major just so happened to raise her head at this moment, so she caught a glimpse of the purple light shooting out of his eyes.

Right at this moment, Tang Wulin rose up into the air with his left arm still locked tightly around the major's waist, but he'd already lashed out with his right hand using his alloy staff.

The six-clawed bat was quite powerful, as evidenced by the fact that it was still able to react even after being struck by the Purple Demon Eyes's spiritual attack. It spread open its wings again, and its six claws, which were clearly far larger than those of the four-clawed bats, grabbed toward Tang Wulin's staff.

"Thump!" The six-clawed bat's body was over two meters in length, but it was still sent flying like a cannonball. Right before the major's astonished eyes, it suffered the same fate as its four-clawed counterparts; its body exploded into countless pieces that flew in all directions. 

He destroyed that six-clawed bat in just one strike without using any soul power? 

The major felt as if her brain had begun to short circuit.

However, Tang Wulin didn't think much of this. He released the major in an apologetic manner, and said, "Sorry for encroaching on your personal space; it's just that I may not have been able to protect you from that bat's soundwave attacks if you were too far away from me."

The major didn't say anything, but her expression had clearly changed. Her original curiosity and intrigue had grown even more pronounced.

In the beginning, she had thought that Tang Wulin was too conceited as he'd chosen a staff as his weapon. However, that thought was completely dispelled after she witnessed him destroying a six-clawed bat with just a single staff strike. With the close-quarters combat ability that he'd displayed, he was definitely powerful enough to earn a pass in this trial.

However, the trial of the Blood God Legion wasn't just a test of power. What was more important was one's personality and moral code. There were many people in the Blood God Legion, but all of them were true comrades that could entrust one another with their lives. The trial for newbies involved protecting someone as it was a test of whether they'd be willing to sacrifice themselves to protect others in a dangerous situation

However, the prerequisite for this was that a dangerous situation had to be created! How was this test supposed to be conducted without a sufficient level of danger?

The major couldn't just stop this trial here, so he chose to remain silent.

The six-clawed bat had been slain, and the steady streams of four-clawed bats that had been rushing out of the caves finally stopped. However, only a short while later, three more massive six-clawed bats emerged from within the caves.

Three bats at once didn't just entail three times the power. Not only did these creatures resemble bats in appearance, they also fought in a very similar manner to bats. Not only did they possess extremely powerful combat prowess, they were also very adept at teamwork. As such, this was going to be a far more rigorous test than just facing one six-clawed bat.

Just as the major was looking forward to how Tang Wulin was going to handle this situation, he had already sprung into action.

On this occasion, he didn't wait passively for their opponents to come to them. Without the harassment from the four-clawed bats, he didn't have to worry about the major's safety. As such, he sprang into action as soon as the three six-clawed bats began to emerge.

His alloy staff transformed into a black shadow, and a sharp whistling sound rang out as it hurtled directly toward one of the six-clawed bats. At the same time, he completed a run-up before stomping both feet into the ground, propelling him toward the second six-clawed bat.

The staff was the first to reach its target. A resounding boom rang out, and before the six-clawed bat had even fully emerged from its cave, its body had already been pulverized. The other two six-clawed bats had only just emerged, and Tang Wulin was already right in front of one of them.

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