Chapter 922: I'll Be Good

Tang Wulin heaved a resigned sigh. "I can't take you with me in your current condition. I heard from the vice-palace master that the army on the Skyend Mountain Ranges is the most mysterious and also the strictest army on the entire continent. I'm worried that you'll be in danger if I take you there. You stay here for now, and if I find a place that is suitable for you to live at over there, I'll come back and take you there, alright?"

After spending so many days with Gu Yuena, she had developed basic skills that would allow her to survive. The only issue was that she was far too beautiful, and that was a constant source of concern for Tang Wulin. In order to counteract this problem, he'd bought some tools along the way and made her a mask. The mask would conceal her stunning beauty, and after dying her hair black, she wouldn't be anywhere near as eye-catching as she currently was.

Gu Yuena lowered her head. She would always do this whenever she was unhappy about something, and Tang Wulin would always succumb to this trick. This was the best way that Gu Yuena had devised to get what she wanted from Tang Wulin.

"Be a good girl now. I really can't take you with me this time. Hmm? Do you smell that? It smells like roast meat!" Tang Wulin's eyes suddenly lit up as he gently nudged Gu Yuena's arm.

"Where? Where?" As expected, the little foodie that she was immediately raised her head with an excited look on her face. She had been extremely displeased with the dried rations that they'd been eating in the desert for the past few days.

Soon, they found a very traditional rotisserie in the Scorching Basin. Roast meat was sold in large chunks here, and the food was extremely appetizing, especially when paired with the fruit wine that was brewed by the locals.

The meat here was roasted with great skill, resulting in a crispy exterior around a soft interior. Not only was the meat extremely delicious, the juices of the meat had also been sealed to perfection. Both Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena were extremely satisfied with this meal.

Tang Wulin no longer required large amounts of food to support his bloodline power, but having been a seasoned foodie for so many years, his digestive abilities were still very astonishing. The two of them finally ended the meal after eating enough food for five people.

"You see? There are many types of delicious foods here in the Scorching Basin. If you stay here, you can eat roast meat every day, but if you go to the Skyend Mountain Ranges with me, you'll only be able to eat dried rations every day like we did in the desert. You won't like that, and I'll also feel bad, so be a good girl and stay here, alright?"

He finally managed to convince Gu Yuena to agree after much effort, and after that, it was time to find her a place to live. He certainly wasn't short on money at the moment, so he took Gu Yuena to the best hotel in the basin and rented a room for three months.

The hotel had all types of facilities, and after leaving her with a large sum of money, he lived here for two days with her to help her grow acclimatized to this new environment. Only then did Tang Wulin leave as he set off for the Skyend Mountain Ranges in his Tang Sect battle vehicle.

Driving alone was a horrible feeling. After driving for less than 100 kilometers, the thought of returning to Gu Yuena had already flashed through his mind on more than 10 occasions. Only through tapping into the immense reserves of his willpower was he able to repress his impulsive urges.

"Beep beep!" The ringtone of his soul communicator suddenly sounded. This was a new communicator that Tang Wulin had bought in the Scorching Basin, and his original one had always been shut down this entire time.

"What is it, Gu Yue?" Tang Wulin didn't even need to look to know that it was her as she was the only one who knew this number.

"Father, I miss you." Gu Yuena was clearly about to burst into tears.

"Be a good girl, Gu Yue; I'll be back soon. Make sure to meditate lots so you can absorb the energy of the Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum and get well soon. Call me if you miss me, and I'll make sure to call you regularly as well, alright?"

"Ok." Gu Yuena was virtually sobbing at this point.

"Alright, I'm going back! Wait for me." He couldn't take this any longer!

He immediately made a U-turn and returned to the Scorching Basin. As soon as he parked outside the hotel and got out of his car, Gu Yuena had already rushed into his arms.

She didn't say anything, and all she did was hold him tightly in her arms.

Tang Wulin felt as if his heart were about to melt. How could he bear to leave her behind? A myriad of emotions welled up in his heart at once.

All of a sudden, Gu Yuena raised her head with a determined look on her face, and said, "Go, Father; I'll be good."

Tang Wulin was rather taken aback to hear this.

However, Gu Yuena merely smiled at him before getting up on the tips of her toes to plant a kiss on his cheek. She then pushed him back onto the car, and said, "Make sure to come back soon."

Tang Wulin was at a complete loss, and he was feeling rather speechless at the sight of the smile on Gu Yuena's face. "Gu Yue, how about..."

"Go, Father. I'll grow up, and I'll wait for you like a good girl," Gu Yuena insisted as she waved farewell.

However, Tang Wulin was unable to repress his emotions. "What if we..."

Gu Yuena closed the car door for him with a smile on her face before he could finish. "Father came back for me, so that means I'm really important to you! I'm a good girl who knows what's important. Don't worry, Father, I'll look after myself."

A smile immediately appeared on Tang Wulin's face, and he was feeling slightly more reassured. He slowly drove away from the hotel, looking into the rearview mirror from time to time to see that she was still waving at him from afar. His heart was completely filled with love.

Were the conditions at the Skyend Mountain Ranges supposed to be harsh? So what even if they were? Gu Yue was waiting for him...

Tang Wulin rounded the corner and accelerated toward the Skyend Mountain Ranges with brimming battle intent in his heart.

The battle vehicle had disappeared from view, and Gu Yuena's waving hand faltered in mid-air. Tears instantly began to stream down her face.

"Why you cryin, lil' cutie?" A provocative voice sounded from beside her as a dark-skinned young man in a revealing top approached her.

"Piss off!" Gu Yuena yelled in a ferocious voice.

The young man's entire body shuddered, and he seemed to have seen something extremely terrifying within her purple eyes. His dark face immediately turned deathly pale, and he fled the scene as if he were running for his life.

Within those clear purple eyes, the vertical pupils gradually reverted back to their original form.


Tang Wulin looked on at the distant scenery, and there was only astonishment in his heart.

He was greeted by the sight of snowy-white mountain peaks that stretched as far as the eyes could see, and the further away the mountains were, the taller they stood, with the tallest of the mountains protruding all the way into the clouds.

The distance from here to the sun had to be many times shorter than it was in most other places. Tang Wulin could sense that the light elements here were far too abundant, and that would negatively impact one's body, but he naturally didn't have to worry about that with his immensely powerful physical constitution.

There was no longer a road up ahead. If he wanted to get to his destination, then he had to enter this snowy mountain range.

This was the first time that Tang Wulin had visited a place like this. The air was very thin here, and one could walk for a long time without seeing another human being. However, the beauty of nature still had him completely entranced.

He turned around to see that he'd passed through a world of greenery to get here, but everything up ahead had been covered under white snow.

Standing here, he was like an impossibly tiny and insignificant little raft on an ocean. This was the allure of nature! How could something so beautiful be allowed to fall into ruin?

The seed of nature in his glabella seemed to have tremored slightly, as if to resonate with his thoughts. Tang Wulin took a deep breath before striding toward the snowy mountain up ahead. At the same time, he pulled out the GPS that Amorous Douluo Zang Xin had given to him before switching it on. 

This GPS could only be used to find his destination, and he'd been led all the way here from the Scorching Basin by this device. The GPS was currently instructing him to advance toward that snowy mountain.

The air temperature was already very low here, but Tang Wulin was still dressed in his normal clothes. His footsteps were brisk and stable, and the bloodline vortex within his body was rotating naturally to ward off the cold.

Soon, he entered the snowy mountain, and the going had become quite tough, but he didn't release his battle armor. Zang Xin had told him that he had to make himself seem like a normal person after coming here as every single person who joined this army had to travel through this leg of the journey on foot. This was a rule that was set in stone, and even Soul Masters with flight abilities were no exception to this.

In fact, he couldn't even use his martial soul or he'd be disqualified right away.

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