Chapter 921: Scorching Basin

The voice that had rung out in Tang Wulin's mind belonged to the Beautiful Silk Tulip, and Tang Wulin was very astonished to hear this. One square kilometer was 1,000,000 square meters! There were several hundred Demonic Sandbugs here, and if they could reduce one square kilometer of forest into desert in a day, then they were definitely some of the worst offenders contributing to destroying the ecosystem. In fact, they were almost as abhorrent as humans in this respect.

With the Beautiful Silk Tulip's explanation, Tang Wulin didn't say anything else. He stepped forward and stomped heavily down onto the ground, propelling his body directly toward the leader of the Demonic Sandbugs like a speeding arrow.

The gigantic Demonic Sandbug let loose a strange cry and flapped its wings to counteract the increased gravitational force that had instantly spread toward it. At the same time, it stabbed its sharp front limbs toward Tang Wulin and released a plume of dark green mist as it flapped its wings.

All of the other Demonic Sandbugs also began to flap their wings to release a vast expanse of dense dark green mist.

"This is a paralyzing mist. It doesn't inflict much damage to the target's body, but it has very powerful paralysis effects, and even direct contact with skin alone could quickly knock out a living being. This is something that Demonic Sandbugs regularly use to great effect, but in my presence, all poisons and toxins are ineffective," the Beautiful Silk Tulip said in a proud manner.

A layer of pink light had already begun to spread from Tang Wulin's body during its explanation, and the dark green mist was instantly dissolved upon coming into contact with the pink light. When the pink light came into contact with the huge Demonic Sandbug, it suddenly let loose a distressed screech and immediately tried to flee the scene. At the same time, its aura had been severely debilitated.

Tang Wulin wouldn't be fit to be the leader of the current generation of Shrek’s Seven Monsters if he were to miss out on an opportunity like this.

His Golden Dragon Spear came crashing down with mountainous force, and the 10,000-year-old Demonic Sandbug's body was instantly shattered into countless pieces by his devastating attack.

With the enhancements of his Dragon Moon battle armor, his strength definitely exceeded 200 tons. Even a Titled Douluo wouldn't dare to take a direct attack from him without releasing their suit of battle armor.

After destroying the leader of the Demonic Sandbug with one strike, Tang Wulin unleashed his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track and swung his Golden Dragon Spear, killing one Demonic Sandbug after another in a completely unstoppable manner.

No Demonic Sandbug was able to last more than an instant against him, and one body after another exploded in the desert.

Seeing as they were pests, there was naturally no need for him to hold back.

The poisonous mist being emitted by the Demonic Sandbugs were completely ineffective in the face of the Beautiful Silk Tulip, yet the Beautiful Silk Tulip could inflict backlash onto these Demonic Sandbugs. Tang Wulin flapped his massive golden wings, and in conjunction with his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, his body transformed into a golden streak of light that whizzed over the desert sand.

When these Demonic Sandbugs finally began to flee, less than half of their original numbers remained, and Tang Wulin was urged to hunt them down by the Beautiful Silk Tulip. He was extremely fast, and even though he wasn't adept at unleashing long-distance attacks, he was still able to kill several dozen more of these Demonic Sandbugs.

If it weren't for the fact that he was worried about Gu Yuena, who was sitting in the car alone, he would've been able to chase down even more of these pests.

After returning to the Tang Sect battle vehicle, a series of soul rings had already risen up from the bodies of the dead Demonic Sandbugs, and they were very eye-catching in the night.

"Everything's alright now, Gu Yue." Tang Wulin opened the car door before getting into the vehicle.

However, Gu Yuena was in a rather sour mood. "They already ran away, why did you continue to hunt them down?"

Tang Wulin replied with a smile, "They're pests, so it's only right for me to hunt down as many of them as possible."

Gu Yuena lowered her head slightly, and murmured, "Are all soul beasts pests in the eyes of humans."

"Of course not," Tang Wulin chuckled, "However, it's true that the vast majority of soul beasts are aggressive toward humans."

He failed to notice the subtle changes in Gu Yue's expression as he asked internally, "Senior Tulip, you've been living in the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well your entire life; how do you know about the abilities of these desert soul beasts?"

The Beautiful Silk Tulip answered his question with a question of his own. "What do you think is the scope covered by nature?"

Tang Wulin faltered slightly upon hearing this. "It has to be an extremely massive scope, right?"

The Beautiful Silk Tulip replied, "It's not that simple. In the beginning, there were only life forms of the lowest level in nature. After that, plants like us gradually began to appear. In terms of combat prowess, a plant system soul beast would definitely be inferior to a normal soul beast of the same level. We don't have the agile bodies that normal soul beasts possess, and our innate abilities are also far inferior in comparison. As the Son of Nature, I'm sure that you've already sensed that when you're situated within a forest or any other place with a vast amount of plant life, those plants can assist your spiritual power to sense things in the larger area.

"I am the monarch of the world of plants, and also a spirit plant myself. I can also gain an understanding of the outside world through plants. As such, I can learn about the outside world through word of mouth from other plants. Back when we'd signed the contract with the Tang Sect, we'd already been made aware of just how terrifying the human world was; we just weren't aware of the exact scope of things.

"Many plants have brought information to me about these Demonic Sandbugs, informing me of how damaging they are to nature, and only then did I learn all of this information about them. If we'd faced another type of soul beast, I most likely wouldn't know anywhere near as much about them. Of course, plant system soul beasts are an exception to this."

Tang Wulin was enlightened by this explanation. "I see, it's a good thing that you informed me."

The Beautiful Silk Tulip smiled, and said, "You've done a great service to nature by killing so many Demonic Sandbugs today, my Lord. It's a pity that we can't leave the seed of nature as we please. Otherwise, we really wanted to help you hunt down all of those Demonic Sandbugs."

Tang Wulin replied, "If I ever get the opportunity in the future, I'll be sure to travel around the outskirts of the desert to hunt down these pests."

After his conversation with the Beautiful Silk Tulip, Tang Wulin discovered that Gu Yuena had already fallen asleep in the car. He adjusted her blanket before lying down by her side and encircling his arms around her body.

Power always evoked awe and veneration within others; that night, no other desert soul beasts dared to attack them. The next day, they continued in their journey and finally arrived at the Scorching Basin at around noon.

The place really lived up to its name as the air temperature was very high. As soon as they entered the basin, they had no choice but to change into some summer clothes.

The roads in the basin were quite primitive and rugged, and the basin itself was like a massive city. Even though this place wasn't known as a city, it was the most populous place in the entire western region of the continent.

Most of the buildings here were constructed from stone and clay, and the attire worn by the people here was completely different for the clothing worn by those on the other side of the desert. Many of them wore veils that shielded them from the wind and dust, so their facial features were completely obscured.

Tang Wulin found a discreet place to stow his Tang Sect battle vehicle, then entered the basin with Gu Yue's hand in his.

He wasn't planning to take Gu Yue to the Skyend Mountain Ranges. He'd heard that the conditions there were very harsh, and that it wasn't habitable to normal people. However, the Scorching Basin was different; there were many locals who lived here all-year-round, and at the same time, this was the most important trade city on the entire western region of the continent, so all types of day-to-day necessities could be found here.

"Gu Yue, I'm going to join the military now; can you live here on your own? I'll try to visit you as regularly as I can," Tang Wulin said in a gentle voice.

Gu Yuena faltered slightly upon hearing this. "How long will you be away?"

A wry smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face. "I'm not sure at the moment; that'll depend on the situation over there, but once I join the military, it most likely won't be easy for me to leave. I'll do my best to come back and see you as regularly as possible."

"No! I'm going with you!" Gu Yuena immediately said in a stubborn manner.

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