Chapter 917: The Flower of Passion and Infatuation

After the true bodies of the six Great Beasts disappeared into Tang Wulin's body, all of their human forms began to turn transparent.

"My Lord, our seeds are all contained in our true bodies, and prior to fusing with your friends as soul spirits, we'll leave our seeds in the seed of nature so all of us can grow alongside the seed of nature when you decide to plant it. As such, you won't need to do anything else. Do you and your friends still need any other spirit items?"

Tang Wulin turned back toward his friends, all of whom had excitement shimmering within their eyes, and Yue Zhengyu said, "I don't need anything else. It's already a brilliant opportunity for me to be able to attain one of the seniors as my future soul spirit. A man needs to learn to be satisfied with what they have. Otherwise, they'll be punished by the heavens."

Everyone else nodded in agreement. Tang Wulin smiled, and said, "They're right. It's just as you said earlier Senior; a wise man would never kill the hen that lays golden eggs for him. Plants can enjoy an accelerated rate of growth here in the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well, but they still require time to grow. We can't ask for too much as we have to leave some resources for our successors."

They had already taken the most precious Great Beasts here, so they really couldn't take anything else. If they were still dissatisfied with what they've received, then they really were going to be punished by the heavens.

The Beautiful Silk Tulip's smile widened even further, but after a brief moment of contemplation, he said, "My Lord, I'd still like to suggest that you consider one of the other spirit items here. If you can obtain its approval. then it's very likely that it could save your life in the future or give you an additional life."


Tang Wulin appraised the Beautiful Silk Tulip with a surprised expression. It was undoubtedly the case that after this Beautiful Silk Tulip had been chosen as his soul spirit, it was solely committed to doing everything for his benefit.

The Beautiful Silk Tulip made his way over to another direction, and all of the plants parted to reveal a huge inky-black rock. This rock was very eye-catching among all of the surrounding spirit items. There was a flower growing on the rock, and it was predominantly pristine white in color with a patch of red on its surface. It was beautiful in a tragic way, and it completely drew the attention of the onlooker.

"What's this?" Tang Wulin asked.

"This is the Yearning Heartbreak Flower. It's already reached over 100,000 years of age, but it'll never become a soul beast as it's eternally trapped within its own spiritual world."

A surprised look appeared in Tang Wulin's face. "Yearning Heartbreak Flower? Is this the same Yearning Heartbreak Flower that Tang San used to revive his wife, Soft Bone Douluo Xiao Wu? I've heard that it's the most romantic flower in the world of plants."

The Beautiful Silk Tulip nodded in response. "That's right."

Tang Wulin had only read about this type of immortal flower from the historical records surrounding Tang San, but he didn't think that it could be found here in the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well.

It was said that this immortal flower could essentially bring one back from the dead, but it could only be picked by someone with the utmost dedication to love. Only the most faithful of lovers could obtain the approval of this flower.

Tang Wulin asked, "How do I pick it?"

The Beautiful Silk Tulip replied, "You have to think of the person that you love the most, then expel a mouthful of blood that's closest to your heart onto it. If it detaches of its own accord, then you've obtained its approval, but if it doesn't, then you won't be able to pick it no matter how hard you try. If you have someone you love, then it's a good idea to give this a try, my Lord."

Tang Wulin reflexively turned toward Gu Yuena, who was still meditating in the distance, and a burst of gentle emotions welled up in his heart.

Everything that they had experienced together instantly flashed before his eyes.

When they had first met, she had only displayed benevolence and friendliness toward him. She was clearly far more talented than he was, but she constantly stayed by his side and was willing to allow him to outshine her. Their relationship gradually blossomed, and she became more and more important in his heart.

All of a sudden, her attitude toward him began to change. She seemed to be trying to drive him away, but he knew that everything that she was doing had only been done to protect him.

In the end, his confession on the Sea God's Lake finally shattered her facade, and they sealed their happily ever after.

However, the happily ever after proved to be an extremely short-lived one as she left the very next day, but she also left him one of her silver dragon scales.

He loved her with every particle of his being, and she also loved him just as much.

When he was on the brink of death in the face of that ninth-grade soul missile, she'd appeared before him out of thin air and shielded him from that lethal explosion.

A lot of the time, love didn't need to be articulated. Instead, it could be perfectly conveyed through actions.

In the instant that she appeared in the air to shield him, Tang Wulin's heart had already completely melted. No other woman could possibly barge their way into his heart during this lifetime.

Perhaps their love would face countless trials and tribulations in the future, but he wasn't fearful in the slightest. As long as he knew her feelings for him, he was willing to face even the most perilous of situations by her side.

She had given her strength in his hour of need. Even in the aftermath of Shrek Academy's destruction, she had given him the strength to ward off his pain and despair.

He was going to continue to stay strong for her, all in an effort to better protect her and their love.

He slammed a palm into his own chest, and his blood churned within his body. He opened his mouth, and a mouthful of blood that was closest to his heart gushed forth, spraying onto the Yearning Heartbreak Flower along with all of his passion and love.

His blood trickled down the flower petals, and the Yearning Heartbreak Flower shuddered in response. All of a sudden, Tang Wulin's blood slowly began to seep into the pristine white flower, transforming it into a vibrant red color.

It then gently hovered into the air before landing on his palm.

"You are truly a man with the utmost dedication to love, my Lord!" The Beautiful Silk Tulip was ecstatic. The fact that Tang Wulin had obtained the approval of the Yearning Heartbreak Flower meant that he had essentially earned himself a second life! As Tang Wulin's soul spirit, this was obviously fantastic news to him as well. This was going to drastically increase the likelihood of the seed of nature coming into fruition one day.

During the discussion between the six Great Beasts, the Beautiful Silk Tulip had managed to convince everyone with one single reason.

The reason was very simple and also very direct; if the Son of Nature could successfully plant the seed of nature one day, then they would become the patriarchs who had revitalized the natural world on the Douluo Continent. Only by following Tang Wulin would they be given such an opportunity.

Conversely, if the seed of nature couldn't be planted, then that would mean the world of plants on the Douluo Continent would face complete destruction. In that case, even the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well would inevitably fall into ruin one day, and all of them would also be destroyed as a result.

The fact that the Son of Nature had appeared was sufficient testament to just how severely nature had been damaged. Only by pooling their efforts together to assist the Son of Nature could they strive for a future for the world of plants on this continent. Perhaps they would even be able to follow in the footsteps of the previous Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and ascend to the Divine Realm with this Son of Nature.

This was why they were willing to become the soul spirits of Shrek’s Seven Monsters. As long as they could continue to stay by Tang Wulin's side, they would continue to reap great benefits.

On top of that, there was also an underlying reason. They'd been living here for tens of thousands of years, and even though the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well provided the perfect environment for plants like them, they had become highly intelligent beings, so how could they not be curious about the outside world?

The Ice Fire Pact had only been forged after all of these factors had been taken into consideration.

Tang Wulin carefully stowed the Yearning Heartbreak Flower away in a jade box, and as opposed to excitement, there was only a soft and gentle expression in his eyes.

The Beautiful Silk Tulip said, "My Lord, we've completed our mission. Our true bodies have fused into the seed of nature, and our souls can't leave our bodies for too long, so we'll also be fusing into your body now. You and friends can do as you please here."

After his voice trailed off, he and the other Great Beasts vanished into Tang Wulin's glabella one after another as streaks of light.

During the upcoming period of time, Tang Wulin's seed of nature would continue to nurture them. At the same time, they would also be reciprocating Tang Wulin in a subtle manner, just as how they'd elevated his soul power by one rank not long ago.

Tang Wulin's current soul power had already reached rank 58, so he wasn't very far away from rank 60.

"This is a perfect outcome," Zang Xin said with a smile, "This is the most confident I've been since the disaster that befell the Tang Sect half a year ago. I'm sure that you'll be able to resurrect Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect in the future. Take a rest for now, and we'll leave after Gu Yue wakes up."

At this moment, the Rainbow Miasma that had been dispersed by Zang Xin's sword intent had returned, basking the beautiful valley in a glorious rainbow glow.

In the air above, the two dragon souls were still revolving in the air above Gu Yuena's head, acting as her guardians.

Compared to Tang Wulin, they were clearly closer with Gu Yuena.

Tang Wulin returned to Gu Yuena's side before sitting down with his legs crossed again. The natural environment here was unmatched and there were so many spirit items around; this was the perfect place for him to cultivate with his Bluesilver Emperor martial soul.

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