Chapter 913: Despised...

The Beautiful Silk Tulip looked on with a stunned expression at the four kids standing before him, and his lips twitched uncontrollably. The five other Great Beasts behind him were also in complete disbelief.

He had been despised and looked down on...

The Beautiful Silk Tulip, the monarch of the immortal plants, was being looked down on.

Zang Xin almost laughed out loud, and he couldn't help but urge, "You can't think like that. Orange soul spirits are extremely rare and can only be given by Great Beasts. Even if the soul skill is a little lackluster, you'll at least end up with an orange soul ring that'll be really good for intimidating people."

The Beautiful Silk Tulip couldn't help but interject, "That's beside the point! I am the monarch of the immortal plants; I can discern all the special properties of all of the spirit items in this world, and I can command all spirit items! All plant system soul beasts will have their combat prowess halved in my presence."

"Well, plant system Soul Masters are pretty rare, so that's not really useful, either," Ye Xinglan said in a serious manner.

Xie Xie nodded and chimed in, "Yeah, that doesn't really appeal to me. I just want to find an immortal plant that'll enhance my speed; ultimate speed is my pursuit."

Yuanen Yehui said, "I want something to enhance my strength or something that can improve some other physical property. I have no use for a soul spirit that has no practical combat abilities. Also, if it ends up taking two of my soul ring spots, it's going to drastically hamper my combat prowess in the future."

Yue Zhengyu shrugged and spread his hands open in a resigned manner. "I want a light attribute spirit item. All of us have learned soul ring disguise techniques, so if we wanted to bluff our opponents, we could even fabricate nine orange soul rings at once. If you're not useful in any practical way, then I'll pass."

"I..." The Beautiful Silk Tulip wanted to jump into the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well and commit suicide! He was being looked down on by a bunch of snobbish little brats!

"You don't know sh*t, you little bastards! Even the founder of the Tang Sect, Tang San, chose my predecessor; do you think he'd make the wrong decisions? My uses aren't just limited to this! I..."

The Beautiful Silk Tulip immediately flared up with rage and began to roar with fury.

"Don't get angry, Tutu; if you ask me, I think they're doing this on purpose to make you lose your cool," the Delicate Inferno Apricot Flower hurriedly said.

"How about you become my soul spirit?" Yue Zhengyu's eyes immediately lit up at the sight of her, and he said, "My martial soul is the Holy Angel, and light and fire have always been a perfect match. If you're willing to become my soul spirit, I'd welcome you with open arms. With your powers, my holy flames will most definitely be elevated to a new level."

The Delicate Inferno Apricot Flower faltered slightly upon hearing this before immediately replying, "Don't even think about it! I can live for another 3,000 years; why would I go and take a risk with you humans? That Huo Yuhao took my essence 10,000 years ago and severely dented my powers. Otherwise, I'd perhaps have a chance at transcending my second heavenly tribulation. I hate you humans; there's no way I'll go with you!"

Yue Zhengyu heaved a resigned sigh at the sight of the stubborn Delicate Inferno Apricot Flower. "The one we want is unwilling, but the one we don't want is practically throwing himself at us."

The Beautiful Silk Tulip was so enraged that he almost threw up a mouth of blood! HE was throwing himself at THEM?!

Zang Xin immediately stepped in to mediate, "None of you know just how important an orange soul ring is; it'll enhance every aspect of your bodies, and just those enhancements alone would benefit you far more than any soul skill would. Hurry up and apologize to Brother Luo."

All four of them wore different expressions, and they reluctantly apologized to the furious Beautiful Silk Tulip.

"I'm not going with them no matter what! I've never met such insolent and ignorant beings in my entire life!" The Beautiful Silk Tulip was still in a fit of thunderous rage.

Right at this moment, a voice suddenly rang out.

"Senior, can your fragrance alter one's aura?"

The Beautiful Silk Tulip turned with a puzzled look on his face, and he was greeted by the sight of Tang Wulin, who had completed his meditation and was making his way toward them.

The Beautiful Silk Tulip replied in a proud manner, "I possess all abilities related to fragrances and aromas."

Tang Wulin made his way over to his friends before extending a slight bow. "I would be honored to become your host, and I sincerely invite you to become my soul spirit after I make my next breakthrough."

The Beautiful Silk Tulip's brows furrowed slightly as he appraised Tang Wulin. "You're willing to take me?"

Tang Wulin was adamant. "I am."

The Beautiful Silk Tulip continued, "But your Golden Dragon King aura doesn't seem to have great synergy with me. As a plant system soul beast, I'd prefer a host with light or water elemental powers. Of course, it would be best if you had a plant system martial soul. If the synergy between us were really bad, then I may not even be able to convert into an orange soul ring."

Tang Wulin immediately smiled upon hearing this.

He had managed to awaken so quickly partially because he'd only eaten about a third of the Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum, but also because of his incredibly powerful physical constitution. His Golden Dragon King bloodline power was activated to a very high degree by the Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum, thereby allowing him to rapidly absorb the energy within the flower petals. As a result, Tang Wulin's soul power had increased by one rank, and his blood essence power had also improved. He was already beginning to sense an inkling of crystallization within his blood essence vortex.

He had chosen this Beautiful Silk Tulip because it was indeed extremely powerful, and in this current world, it was very difficult to attain a true 100,000-year-old soul ring, let alone one from a Great Beast. 

A Great Beast could at least bestow upon him two orange soul rings, and those soul rings would undoubtedly enhance his body to a massive extent.

The final nine Golden Dragon King seals were like ticking time bombs within his body, and they could easily take his life at some point in the future.

He had just awoken from his meditation and overheard Zang Xin talking about how orange soul rings could vastly enhance one's physical constitution, and he was immediately very intrigued by this prospect. Furthermore, if this spirit item could alter his aura, then he'd be able to better conceal his powers in the future.

In response to the Beautiful Silk Tulip's question, he couldn't help but smile. His martial soul wasn't the Golden Dragon King!

A series of vines began to erupt from his body, and he also immediately released the aura of the Bluesilver Emperor. Bluish-golden vines unfurled behind him before coming into contact with all of the surrounding spirit plants, and gentle energy fluctuations immediately began to radiate from his body, allowing him to almost instantly assimilate himself with everything in the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well.

"This is..."

The Beautiful Silk Tulip stared at the Bluesilver Emperor vines that Tang Wulin had released in a dumbstruck manner, and his body abruptly shuddered as he sensed the aura emanating from his body. In particular, as soon as he caught sight of Tang Wulin's greenish-golden soul ring, he couldn't help but exclaim, "You're the Son of Nature!"

Tang Wulin released his will slightly, and he could immediately sense that all of the plants in the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well had formed a spiritual connection with him. In contrast with the other plants he'd formed connections with in the past, all of the plants here were far more intelligent and could directly transmit their emotional fluctuations to him.

All of them were expressing their extremely positive and intimate emotions toward him, and much to his surprise, with the enhancements of all of the plants in the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well, his aura had begun to swell at a rapid rate. In particular, his greenish-golden soul ring looked as if it were being set alight.

He had once used the soul skill bestowed upon him by this soul ring, and at the time, his spiritual power had encompassed an area comparable to the sensory scope of the most powerful of radars. Furthermore, he could control all of the plants within this area and temporarily draw upon their powers! In that state, he could even fight on par with a Titled Douluo.

"Pick me, I'm willing to become your soul spirit with no strings attached." A streak of light flashed through the air, and a figure appeared directly before Tang Wulin.

This was one of the six Great Beasts who had stood at the back of the group and remained silent this entire time. His skin was quite dark, and he was very handsome in appearance. His entire body was exuding a faint gleam, and his eyes were as bright as a pair of stars.

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