Chapter 911: Chaotic Element Immortal Herb

This was a spirit item that could only enhance one's soul power and assist one in forming a soul core.

All of the Shrek's Seven Monsters were extremely knowledgeable, and they were naturally aware that the more limited a spirit item's effects were, the greater those effects would be.

Just as there was a limit to human cultivation, there was also a limit to the amount of natural energies that spirit items could absorb. If they manifested too many effects, then the limited energy that they could absorb would inevitably mean that none of those effects would be very pronounced. 

As such, the higher the caliber of a spirit item, the fewer effects it possesses.

"Yuanen, Lizhi, this Chaotic Element Immortal Herb is best suited to one of you. Which one of you wants to take it?" Ye Xinglan asked.

Yuanen Yehui had twin martial souls, so for her, it was very difficult to find one type of spirit item that could enhance both of her martial souls at once. As such, it was best for her to choose a spirit item that could enhance aspects of her own body, such as her strength or soul power.

Not much explanation was needed for Xu Lizhi. He was a food system Soul Master, so he only had to improve in a very limited number of areas. Cultivation was the most difficult for food system Soul Masters, so a spirit item that could purely enhance one's soul power was naturally perfect for him.

Yuanen Yehui immediately said, "I want a spirit item that can increase my strength. You can take this one, Lizhi."

Xu Lizhi made no effort to argue. He knew that this was most likely the spirit item that was best suited to him here, so he immediately strode forward to approach the Chaotic Element Immortal Herb. He reached out with his right hand to touch the pristine white herb.

The Chaotic Element Immortal Herb shuddered slightly, and a burst of bright white light erupted from it. Dense energy spread outward, and Xu Lizhi was forced back several steps. The white light didn't fade after forcing him back. Instead, it adopted a form that was extremely similar to him in appearance. At the very least, it had transformed into a clump of white light with the exact same silhouette as him. 

The alternative "Xu Lizhi" thrust both hands forward at once, sending a burst of powerful natural energies surging toward him.

Xu Lizhi didn't back down in the slightest, and he widened his stance to create a more stable base. His hands then instantly took on a pristine white color as he activated his Mysterious Jade Hands. At the same time, he brought his hands together, and his dense Mysterious Heaven Method soul power surged forth in a frenzy. As soon as the Chaotic Element Immortal Herb's hands came into contact with his body, it immediately swayed and stumbled off to the side.

Xu Lizhi abruptly stepped forward and rammed into the Chaotic Element Immortal Herb with his shoulder. The Chaotic Element Immortal Herb fell to the ground as a result, but around a dozen or so streaks of white light quickly surged forth from it, hurtling directly toward Xu Lizhi's body.

Xu Lizhi chuckled as he unleashed his Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon again, bringing his hands together before sending all of the streaks of white light flying in different directions. At the same time, he stepped forward again before reaching out toward the Chaotic Element Immortal Herb with both hands.

He was wearing his suit of battle armor at the moment, so his soul power had already been enhanced to the pinnacle of the Soul Sage level. 

He was a food system Soul Master, so his martial soul didn't provide him with any combat prowess. As such, he had worked very hard on honing his Tang Sect techniques, and the Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon was the one that he was most skilled at. With his abundant Mysterious Heaven Method soul power as a foundation, he was able to effectively nullify the power of oncoming attacks, and even Soul Masters of the same level would find it difficult to harm him with their soul skills.

Xu Lizhi's Guardian Star battle armor was also the one with the greatest defensive prowess and soul power enhancement abilities among everyone. The Chaotic Element Immortal Herb possessed extremely abundant natural energies, but it was very difficult for it to inflict any damage on Xu Lizhi.

It was blasting forth one burst of white light after another, but Xu Lizhi was also beginning to pull more tricks out of his bag. With the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, Mysterious Jade Hands, Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon, in conjunction with a few of the Tang Sect's grappling techniques, Xu Lizhi and the Chaotic Element Immortal Herb were evenly matched.

The purple-robed man couldn't help but heave a faint internal sigh. A Great Beast like him was naturally able to sense Xu Lizhi's soul power rank, but his suit of battle armor enhanced his powers to such an extent that he was able to match the Chaotic Element Immortal Herb in battle. This was the most terrifying aspect of human technology, and it was an important reason behind why he decided to comply with the Amorous Douluo's demands in the end.

Humans had indeed already become far too formidable for soul beasts to contend with.

However, this Chaotic Element Immortal Herb was certainly no slouch. It was releasing one white halo after another, and injecting rich natural energies into them to bolster the powers of the projections it was manifesting. At the same time, it was constantly absorbing the natural energies before transforming it into chaotic elemental energy. Each successive attack it unleashed was more powerful than the other, and it seemed to be growing accustomed to combat.

The Chaotic Element Immortal Herb had no intelligence, but it still possessed the power of a 100,000-year-old soul beast, after all, and as time passed, Xu Lizhi was gradually forced onto the backfoot.

The Chaotic Element Immortal Herb's attacks were far too overbearing, and in this clash of pure energy, Xu Lizhi was struggling to keep up.

However, this didn't mean that he was out of tricks. After all, he was still a Soul Master! He was able to continue persisting as he fed himself a series of steamed buns such as Recovery Pork Buns, Agility Mini Soup Buns, and Sturdy Crystal Buns.

Yuanen Yehui, Xie Xie, and Yue Zhengyu all looked on with furrowed brows. If things continued in this manner, was Xu Lizhi really going to be able to defeat this Chaotic Element Immortal Herb? According to what the purple-robed man had said, if he couldn't defeat the herb, then he had no right to obtain it. If he were to fail, then he'd be missing out on a massive opportunity.

The only one who remained calm and collected was Ye Xinglan. Her expression was extremely placid, and she seemed to be completely unconcerned.

"Hehe, it feels really good to have an opponent like this," Xu Lizhi chuckled before hurtling backward in retreat, temporarily opening up some distance between himself and the Chaotic Element Immortal Herb. At the same time, he tossed two steamed buns into his mouth, one of which was a Bloodthirsty Red Bean Bun, while the other was a Puncture BBQ Pork Bun.

Both of these steamed buns were designed to temporarily enhance one's combat prowess, and he had refrained from consuming them throughout this entire battle thus far. In particular, Bloodthirsty Red Bean Buns were very effective, but a period of feebleness would inevitably follow after its consumption, so it was not to be used lightly.

After consuming the two steamed buns, Xu Lizhi's aura instantly swelled drastically, and a sense of overbearing pressure began to emanate from his body. At the same time, his hands had turned into a deep purple color.

He lunged forward before thrusting both hands forward at the same time, reaching out toward the Chaotic Element Immortal Herb's chaotic elemental energy in the most straightforward of attacks.

A resounding boom rang out, and Xu Lizhi stumbled back several steps before arresting his momentum. Both of them had unleashed their full power during that clash, and the Chaotic Element Immortal Herb seemed to have been enraged by the prolonged battle as well, prompting it to unleash nine white halos at once.

Xu Lizhi was forced backward, but something strange was happening to the projection manifested by the Chaotic Element Immortal Herb. Purple light flashed, and over a third of the projection quickly dissolved away. Furthermore, it was continuing to disintegrate at a rapid rate.

The Chaotic Element Immortal Herb let loose a sharp cry, and its body abruptly swayed as close to half of what remained of its body was forcibly detached, leaving only a small portion of the projection intact. The portion that had just been ejected was quickly engulfed by purple light before vanishing into nothingness.

"That's destructive energy!" the six Great Beasts exclaimed in unison.

Sunlight and water were the keys to plant growth, and all plants, regardless of whether they were normal plants or plant system soul beasts, required life force energy as a basis for survival. However, destructive energy was the exact polar opposite to life energy.

If Xu Lizhi had been facing a Soul Master, then perhaps that attack wouldn't have been so effective. However, life energy was the core for all plant type soul beasts, and the destructive energy that he'd unleashed was working even better than he'd expected.

Xu Lizhi stabilized himself and chuckled as he quickly strode toward the Chaotic Element Immortal Herb again. With the enhancements from the Bloodthirsty Red Bean Bun and Puncture BBQ Pork Bun, as well as the potency of his destructive energy against the Chaotic Element Immortal Herb, his victory was already sealed.

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